Why BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric car?-An ultimate guide 2024

Why BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric car?
Tesla and BMW

Electric car manufacturers are standardizing their models with their idea. But after a few days, it seems like BMW chose the path of Tesla for manufacturing electric cars. Then Why BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric cars?

BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric cars because the technology by tesla is economic and useful. Tesla is a leader in the electric car market and has affordable, economical technology. Tesla and BMW have the same attitude towards e-mobility.BMW is working on new batteries to implement them in its electric vehicles, as part of Neue Klasse EVs. These batteries are said to be tesla like batteries because their size is the same as the Tesla’s 4080 batteries.

Another fact that suggests that BMW is choosing the path of tesla for its electric cars segment is that for every model of tesla, BMW has its model in a similar segment.

Competitor of Tesla Model from BMW Model

Tesla ModelCompetitor of Tesla Model from BMW Model
Tesla Model 3BMW i4
Tesla Model YBMW iX3
Tesla Model XBMW iX
Tesla Model SBMW i5
Competitor of Tesla Model from BMW Model

The competition is the thing that keeps players motivated for their growth of themselves as well as the market. There are several strategies companies apply to beat the competition. This can include an aggressive approach and directly challenging rivals, while other subtle players keep finding gaps and making use of opportunities.

Is appreciating the competitor, and following his strategies, a way to move ahead? Well, that’s something BMW looks like it to be going with.

Recently new sixth-gen battery cells by BMW will be used for its 2025 Neue Klasse EVs, were in the news. But along with the name of the tesla.  The batteries are considered a sign of how BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric cars.

Also, we found an article from 2018, in which it is reported that how the BMW I media relations manager, welcomes tesla and appreciates its moves. Doesn’t BMW consider Tesla a threat?

As we will see how BMW is choosing the path of tesla for its electric cars. Whether it is their batteries or the welcoming of the technology by tesla, BMW is on the path to improvement.

BMW aims to reduce CO2 emissions, trying to use cobalt-free batteries, etc. are the things tesla is also doing. For every Tesla model, BMW has a competing model.

BMW is the Leader in Automobile Industry

BMW is the leader in the automobile industry and is also strong in the electric vehicle segment. It has the BMW I series, the ix series, and other competing models. The sales of the BMW electric models are not less though.

The distribution and production capacity and hold that BMW has is not the USP of tesla. BMW is definitely looking to capture the market of EVs as it is the future. Here we try to conclude the reasons that might be responsible for BMW to choose the path of Tesla.

The first one is that Tesla has mastered electric vehicles. Consistently they are innovating and they are the leaders in the market today. As start with electric vehicles, any other company including BMW has no option other than adopting the technology that Tesla uses.

Technology adoption doesn’t mean copying exact things. And if there are good changes and innovations that help the company to grow, then why should not adopt them? Take examples of the 46 mm battery and cobalt-free battery strategy.

The new batteries that are to be implemented in its upcoming 2025 vehicles are having a size of 46mm in diameter, and allegedly it is said that BMW is trying to adopt Tesla’s 4680 batteries.

Advantages of Tesla Battery

Tesla’s batteries are having the advantage that they can occupy more space and have more energy density also. BMW has improved their batteries is ultimately going to help BMW vehicles to improve.  

Also, BMW is trying to reduce the content of cobalt in its batteries. The cobalt-free battery strategy is something that every company is adopting. This strategy is ultimately helpful for the company as well as the environment. That doesn’t mean BMW is copying tesla, rather we can say BMW is actually appreciating and contributing to the market growth.

German Auto Center reports that there are possibilities that BMW and Tesla might become partners. This can be another reason why BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric cars.


How BMW is choosing the Path of Tesla for Electric Cars?

Here is how BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric cars. Is it a coincidence?

How BMW is choosing the path of Tesla for electric cars?
1. BMW welcomes tesla
2. BMW to have tesla-like batteries 
3. Tesla-like cobalt Free Strategy
How BMW is choosing the path of tesla for electric cars
  1. BMW Welcomes Tesla

There is no surprise that Tesla has disrupted the electric vehicle sector all alone. Who thought a new company in the auto sector will survive? Today, tesla is a competitor of all EV automakers.  Not just a competitor but a strong competitor. The basic concept of the market is that, beat the competition.

Recently BMW I and electric mobility, media relations manager, Wieland Bruch, said that Tesla and BMW have the same attitude towards e-mobility. He said that the technology needed to be emotionally desirable, otherwise it will never work. He actually appreciated the work by tesla on emotionalizing electric mobility.

The BMW I Media Relations Manager continued that, BMW welcomes every member of the e-mobility team. The e mobility is not just the medium of transport that is emission-free, but its emotionalization is necessary.

Wieland Bruch

He appreciated tesla saying “we think tesla is very helpful in pushing e-mobility and we are welcoming everyone member of the e-mobility team.” he said, “This is exactly the development we need to get e-mobility on the screen of everybody.”

This little conversation about the tesla is not the only thing. BMW is actually implementing tesla-like technology in its cars.

The recent news says that BMW is planning to make tesla-like batteries to implement into its upcoming 2025 models. The new batteries will be part of BMW’s  Neue Klasse EVs. The batteries are said to be of longer range, fast charging, and cost-effective.

  1. BMW to have tesla-like Batteries
tesla battery

These cells will last longer when once fully charged. Also, BMWs new batteries will bring in faster recharge time, and that’s an advantage.

Another thing about these batteries is that they will have a cost reduction of up to 50% as compared to current batteries used by automakers in the electric vehicle market.

There is another point other than these promising features, bringing these batteries into the headlines. And that is its size.

The new batteries BMW is working on will be 46 millimeters in diameter along with two different heights. The dimensions of the battery took attention as this is the same as tesla’s 4680 batteries. Germanautocenter reports that there are possibilities that BMW and Tesla might become partners.

  • What are tesla’s 4680 battery cells?
tesla’s 4680 battery cells

On much-awaited Tesla Battery Day, Tesla showed the technologies used them. The 4680 battery is one of them. The battery will be tab-less and will be 46 millimeters in diameter and 80 millimeters in the height. These tab-less batteries can occupy less space and will be more powerful than conventional ones. Currently, Tesla is using 2167 batteries by Panasonic in its electric vehicles.

At the same time, BMWs plan for Next-gen batteries, with similar dimensions, and questions are coming is BMW trying to choose tesla’s path in the electric cars segment?

  1. Tesla-like Cobalt Free Battery Strategy

Let’s come back to the BMW. BMW has been able to reduce the cobalt content in its sixth-generation cells, along with increasing the content of the nickel. This improvement increased its volumetric energy density by 20%.

Frank Weber, a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, told that “The newly developed sixth generation of our lithium-ion cells will bring a huge leap in technology.”  He added that they are reducing CO2 emissions by up to 60% through these improvements.

For the sixth generation contracts are given to EVE energy and CATL for the establishment of the Gigafactories in Europe and China. Tesla also has partnered with CATL in china and also tesla is working on cobalt-free batteries.

BMW doesn’t See Tesla as a Significant Threat?

BMW is an old company with a strong distribution network, brand, and reputation. The level of strong distribution and production that BMW, tesla struggle to match it.

The BMW is a status symbol in society. As long as people trust BMW, they will buy BMW cars, whether they are electric or not, writes Jodi Lai,  Automobile journalist, and editor-in-chief at autoguide.com.

Tesla is Leading the Market and BMW competing

Jodi lai, quotes the data from 2017, in an article, which says, the BMW I brand sold around the same amount of electric vehicles as Tesla did, which is 103000 globally.

And within BMW itself, I brand sold more than the m brand, which is around 76000 globally. But things look changed now.  Tesla is currently leading the electric vehicle market. Let us look at the numbers.

Data has shown that in June, 179,574 Tesla EVs were registered in the unites states. The other competitors fall below the tesla.

The number of registered vehicles BMW vehicles was 133209, and Mercedes have this number as 112,296. Audi settles with 67986 registered vehicles.  

BrandNo. of Registered Vehicles in the US (June 2022)
Various brands and the number of registered vehicles in us in June 2022.

In the above data, if we consider only EVs then the numbers get changed but tesla remains at the same number of electric vehicles registered as it manufactures Electric Vehicles only.

This table shows brands and the respective number of registered electric vehicles in the united states.

BrandNumber of Registered Electric Vehicles in the US
Brands and the respective number of registered electric vehicles in the united states

This data doesn’t deny that Tesla is a strong competitor of BMW and is ahead of it.

Tesla’s  Model 3 became the world’s first electric vehicle to exceed sales of more than 1 million units, in June 2021.  

Another fact that suggests that BMW is choosing the path of tesla for its electric cars segment is that for every model of tesla, BMW has its own model in a similar segment.

This means in competition with the tesla model 3, BMW has a BMW i4. Similarly, For tesla model Y there is BMW iX3, For Tesla Model X there is BMW iX and for Tesla Model S there is a BMW i5. BMW is competing with tesla with strong competing models.

This table depicts the various electric models of tesla and respective competing models by BMW.

Tesla Model 3BMW i4
Tesla Model YBMW iX3
Tesla Model XBMW iX
Tesla Model SBMW i5
Various electric models of tesla and respective competing models by BMW.

The Aggressive Statements by BMW

The statement by the BMW sales manager, Pieter Nota caught the attention. In an interview with Auto News, he said that “Tesla had a quite unique Selling Point for some time. That ended.”  

BMW sales manager, Pieter Nota

Soon BMW targeted to sell 200000 units of its various electric models a year, less than tesla’s 2021 sales. The BMW i4 is a good move in that regard. BMW is trying to capture the market, and its recent activity is the BMW i4.

BMW expects that half of its sales will be from 100% electric vehicles, by end of this decade.  


Here we conclude that if any change is for the good, then it should be adopted. BMW seems to be doing the same with its competitor’s technologies.

BMW is welcoming tesla in the innovations but also improving its technology and telling Tesla that BMW is still a competition. Around that point, BMW and Tesla maybe get partnered, say some reports.

BMW has the advantage of a strong distribution network and production capacity, while tesla has improved technologies, and charging networks. BMW has appreciated the tesla and there are harsh statements too.

Let’s see where these competitors go with this approach. We can say, whether BMW is choosing the path of tesla or not, the EV market needs such competition.


Which Electric BMW has Self-Driving Technology?

The BMW level 2 driving assistance comes with all the newer vehicles. The advanced driving assistance system comes with the standard on the 5 series, x5, iX, and other newer models.

Is BMW a Competitor of Tesla?

BMW is a competitor of tesla. BMW has several models against the models of Tesla. Though Tesla is a leader in the market, BMW has achieved great sales in Electric Vehicles.

Is Tesla Better Than BMW?

Tesla is better than BMW in some features. Both automakers have similar models and similar features and quality. But tesla can be considered as one inch up from BMW.

Will Tesla Motors Partner With BMW?

German Auto Center reports that there are possibilities that BMW and Tesla might become partners. This partnership is more likely to happen, and if this happens then it will contribute to the EV market in a new way.

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