Cheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost- A complete guide 2024

Cheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost. | Battery replacement cost of 7 cheapest electric cars.

As per International Energy Agency, electric cars are gaining popularity. EVs generally last quite a long on their stocked battery, but over time they will degrade and need to be replaced.

The cheapest electric car battery replacement cost is $2900, which is for Nissan Leaf (ZE0).


Why Would Electric Car Battery Packs Need to be Replaced?

The driving range may significantly decrease over time. Electric car batteries can be maintained, and if any of the battery’s cells become faulty, they can be changed. However, there is a chance that the complete battery pack may need to be replaced if it has too much degradation after many years of use and many hundred thousand miles.

Processes like thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations, Operating electric cars at a high and low state of charge (time spent at high or low states of charge), high current charging way, and also Charging and discharging cycles of electric car batteries create issues with an electric car battery and then to need to replaced electric car battery packs.

Reasons behind replacing the electric car battery
Reasons behind replacing an electric car battery
  1. Lack of Power.

Power is proportional to how easily a car battery can discharge its energy. It also impacts the acceleration of the vehicle. 

As the electric battery discharges, so does the car’s ability to accelerate. And with time, it is impossible to reach the right speed with a degraded battery.

2. Lower Capacity.

Lower capacity signifies that the original capacity of the car’s battery has dwindled with time. Due to this, the car can lose its range. 

What does the Cheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost?

Electric Car Battery Replacement

The price of electric car batteries is increasing day by day and thus considering the overall increment we should know the cheapest electric car battery replacement cost.

If you are looking for a car with the cheapest electric car battery replacement cost in it then check out Nissan Leaf (ZE0) as they offer electric car batteries for as low as $2,900.

There are many other ways to get a cheap electric car battery. Suppose you are looking for the most affordable option for car battery replacement.

In that case, there is the battery from the car involved in accidents, and there is a ready supply of used car batteries becoming available for private firms. 

Due to this, most companies have begun to give aftermarket electric car battery replacement cost options along with enhanced battery packs in a few scenarios.  

Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost for Different Electric Cars

The cost of an electric car battery pack depends on various factors like labor costs, tax policies, supply chain issues, etc. Here is the data on different electric car battery packs.

BrandBattery CapacityBattery Replacement Cost
Nissan Leaf30kWh$3,500 to $4,500
Hyundai Ioniq1.56kWh$2,000
Chevy Volt19kWh$8,000
Tesla Model 375kWh$14,000
Tesla S100kWh$15,000
BMW i322kWh$16,000
VW e-Golf35.8kWh$23,500
  1. Battery replacement cost of Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

For a 24 kWh battery, the replacement cost is around $5,500 (including the labor cost). The charge of individual batteries is $4,500, which makes it $187/kWh, which is expensive compared to the average battery cost. 

Also, based on your location, the price of battery replacement for Nissan Leaf can go up. However, users can select from various options for battery capacity.

Battery CapacityCost
30kWh $3500 -$4500

It concludes that paying money for a large battery pack for Nissan leaf is cheaper per cost-to-capacity ratio.

  1. Battery replacement cost of Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai Ioniq

For $2,000, you can get the battery replacement of the Hyundai Ioniq. The car battery size is only 1.56 kWh, equating to a whopping $1829 /kWh. 

The charging cost of the Hyundai Ioniq is comparatively more expensive than average car batteries.

  1. Battery replacement cost of Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

For 75kWh capacity, the battery replacement cost is $14,000 (excluding labor cost, which starts from $2,300). 

So, the entire battery replacement cost for the Tesla Model 3 is around $16,300. The ratio comes down to $180 /kWh and is very expensive. 

  1. Battery replacement cost of Chevy Bolt
Chevy Bolt

The latest battery pack price of the Chevy Volt is $467 per kWh at $8,000. However, you can get a used but cheap car battery for $3,000 on eBay. These electric car batteries have a capacity of around 19kWh.

  1. Battery replacement cost of Tesla S
Tesla S

Replacing the Tesla S battery costs start from $12,000 and may increase to $15,000. The cost also depends on the driver’s location and includes battery parts and labor costs. 

As per the tesla forum, the cost of a Tesla S battery may be a whopping $22,000. Because the car was launched in 2012 and the battery replacement is not covered under warranty

  1. Battery replacement cost of BMW i3
BMW i3

Used batteries for the vehicles cost $2,500 on eBay. So, a battery pack of 22kWh capacity is about $145 per kWh. 

As per the reports it strongly contrasts with the cost of $16,000 for battery replacement which translates to over $700 per kWh for 22 kWh of the battery pack.

  1. Battery replacement cost of VW e-Golf
VW e-Golf

Replacing the battery of the VW e-Golf is expensive as the cost starts from $23,500 for 35.8 kWh. Roughly it equates to $654 per kWh. It is significantly more costly than the average cost of car batteries. 

Factors Affecting Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost 

The battery replacement cost may vary depending on the car make and model and many other factors. 

  1. How large is the car battery pack?
  2. What vehicle do you have?
  3. What battery does the car have, i.e., if the cost is higher / if it has expensive metal?
  4. If the car battery is under warranty

Discounted Cheapest Electric Car Battery Options

Discounted cheapest electric car battery options 
Discounted cheapest electric car battery options 
  1. Used electric battery

You can quickly get used batteries for your car at a cheaper cost. These batteries come with the condition that the car’s battery charging history may affect its condition. 

So, if the previous owner has not followed the proper practice for battery charging, it may last only up to a few miles. But, indeed, it will save lots of money.

  1. Remanufactured electric battery

These are cheaper alternatives for electric car owners. But there are few options available. However, for big brands like Tesla, the remanufactured electric car batteries will also cost $14,000.

How much does a Tesla Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost?

The biggest worry for Tesla electric car owners is the electric car battery replacement cost, as battery replacement is the costlier repair for the Tesla car owner. In all-electric vehicles, the battery pack is both the most crucial and expensive component. Teslas will not stick out.

To deal with it, most Tesla car drivers back their batteries with 100,000 miles or 8 to 10 years warranty. Complete failure is rare and is always covered by the manufacturer. 

Tesla also covers the battery replacement cost if the charge capacity falls below 70%, but the vehicle should be within the warranty period.

Batteries of electric cars tend to remain at most of their charging capacity even hundreds of thousands of miles in their lifetime. 

The company also claims that the batteries can retain 90% of their charge capacity after 200,000 miles. 

In the warranty period, the company will cover any damage to the Tesla car’s battery. But, if the car’s battery is not under warranty, it can cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 or more, based on the severity of the damage.

Remember that the cost of battery replacement includes the cost of labor and any additional parts that need to be replaced. 

It is recommended to read the Tesla warranty documents closely as some battery manufacturing defects are entirely covered by the company.

How Long Does a Tesla Electric Car Battery Last Before Replacement?

You might be concerned that the battery in an electric vehicle (EV) will degrade after only a few years of use, much like the battery in your laptop or smartphone. The good news is that, and we’ll explain why most Tesla batteries survive much longer than that.

Tesla electric vehicles are very popular because of their best electric car batteries and unique battery technology. But these batteries also come with a lifespan of a few years, and various factors affect the battery life.

Answering the question is tricky because if you use effective and intelligent methods, the Tesla battery can last for your entire life. With an estimated 200,000 miles, many Tesla cars claim that the battery pack can outdo the car itself. 

Because of temperature and charging habits, the life of a Tesla battery gets impacted. It is recommended to follow the below tips to maximize the tesla battery to save it from replacement.

Tips to maximize the tesla battery to save it from replacement.
  1. Follow a regular charging routine
  2. Drive your car smoothly
  3. Avoid supercharging unless necessary
  4. Don’t charge the car battery over 80% unless required

How Long will it take to Replace an Electric Car Battery?

The electrical system of a car is powered by a car battery. The car can start and run primarily thanks to this supply of electricity. Here, you will learn more about the battery, including its main problems, how to replace it, and how long it takes to do so.

Replacing an electric car battery is a complicated task and will take some time. Due to this, the labor cost of returning the battery will be high. You can compare it with swapping out the car’s engine.

You should also note that the car’s batteries are very heavy and extremely hazardous as they store so much electric energy. So, experts are trained to reduce the risk of getting electrocuted while replacing electric car batteries.

To get your vehicle’s best service, you should fix an appointment with a qualified mechanic. The professionals will replace the battery with utmost care and ensure proper safety. 

They will also update the car’s software for using the new battery.

Experienced professional needs a day to replace the car’s battery. But if there is some need to order new parts, replacing the car’s battery can take up to a few weeks as the supply chain of the car’s battery is very complicated. 

There are many cars for which battery replacement does not require removing a complete battery module, as some expert mechanics can swap the defective cells which make up modules. Replacing the defective module also helps the owner to save lots of money.

What is the Lifespan of an Electric Car Battery?

The batteries in electric cars are made to survive for a long time, but eventually, they will fail. Several variables, including how frequently a battery is used, how it is maintained, and the battery’s kind, affect how long a battery will last in an electric vehicle.

An existing car battery can be used for 10 to 20 years. The electric vehicles sold generally have a guarantee of at least 100,000 miles or eight years.

The majority of electric vehicle batteries, nevertheless, will eventually need to be changed after around 10 years.

You can also opt for an extended warranty to eliminate concerns of battery depletion. 

Some companies like Hyundai are one step ahead and cover the battery for its entire life.

How Long Does an Electric Car Battery Last?

When purchasing a gas-powered vehicle, buyers rarely inquire about the engine’s lifespan. However, because the electric vehicle market is still in its infancy, most buyers have a long list of inquiries before they decide an electric vehicle is the best option for them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple solution to the issue of battery life in electric vehicles. Various factors can decrease the lifespan of an electric car battery, but generally, they last for 10 to 20 years.

The life of a car’s battery can be accelerated in a hot climate when it does not combine with the batteries.

Car battery degrades due to cycle, operating temperature, and environmental temperature. Usually, it is expected that the new batteries of the electric car will outperform the drivetrain component in ICE (internal combustion engine) cars and will last longer.

The car, which operates on ICE, will travel up to 133,000 miles yearly. And when proper care is taken, you can run the car’s battery with the ICE drivetrain component. 

You can also benefit from an electric vehicle connected to an extensive selection of charging stations to ensure the car has an efficient charging experience.

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Electric Car Battery

If you own an electric car, you are aware of how crucial it is to maintain a healthy battery. Your car’s performance and lifespan depend greatly on its battery. And it’s being necessary to extend the lifespan of the electric car battery.

By taking the below simple precautions, you can quickly maximize the life of your electric car battery. Here are some tips for the same 

  1. For maintenance, you should check the car’s user manual for specific guidelines and tips.
  2. Refrain from drying the battery at top speed or accelerating it very quickly unnecessarily. Try to keep showiness very minimal.
  3. Cool or heat the car’s interior while charging the battery.
  4. During hotter months, park the car under the shade. It will make sure that the car stays cool.
  5. Always preheat the car’s battery in cold weather before charging.
  6. Use a slow charger at home to charge the battery.
  7. Maintain the charge status between 30 to 80%; else, it can shorten the lifespan of the battery or can reduce the capacity.
  8. If there is no emergency, you should avoid fast charging the battery. Especially in cold weather, as the fast-charging process will deplete the lithium content of the car’s battery.

In addition to the above tips, it is also recommended to take your car for professional service at least once a year. And if you are using your electric car daily, then you may require more frequent servicing.

What Happens to Old Batteries from Electric Cars?

The subject of what happens to the batteries in EVs after they run out continues coming up as the EV revolution gathers steam.

Car batteries are made of very toxic materials. So, these cannot be dumped in landfill. These batteries are used in many mobile power machines or to store solar power. Sometimes the old car batteries are used to produce new cells, which can be used in new battery packs. 

Electric cars are becoming a more viable option for many car buyers, with nearly 100 all-electric models expected to hit the market by the end of 2024.

If the car batteries are completely degraded after multiple uses, elements and minerals like nickel, lithium, and cobalt are valuable and can be extracted from them. 

The entire process is done with utmost safety so that the car’s battery remains eco-friendly.


The cheapest electric car battery replacement cost is $2900, which is for Nissan Leaf (ZE0).

We hope the above guidelines have cleared the picture of expenses related to the cheapest electric car battery replacement. You can also check out the tips to maintain the car battery in good condition for a longer time. 

Make sure to follow the recommendations for keeping the car’s battery in good condition.


Is it worth replacing the battery in an electric car?

Many car owners feel that it is worth replacing the battery of an electric car as it extends the life of the car. However, the cost of replacement can depend on the make and model you are driving. 

How often do you need to replace the battery in an electric car?

Generally, batteries in electric cars last for 10 to 20 years, however, some factors like temperature, wrong charging practices, etc can decrease its lifespan. So, based on your need you can go for battery replacement in an electric car.

Are electric car batteries covered under warranty?

As per federal regulation in the United States, automobile dealers must cover electric car batteries for a minimum of 8 years or 100,000 miles.

Should you charge an electric car battery every night?

Charging electric car batteries every night is not necessary as it can reduce their life. You should charge the battery only when required. 

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