Tesla Bms W008 (Model X, Model Y, Model 3)- Complete Guide 2024

tesla model range min
tesla model range min

Sometimes, your Tesla may have a problem and need a restart. The touchscreen may cease working, or an unspecific error message may appear and refuse to disappear. Knowing how to restart or reset your Tesla is essential in these circumstances. After all, Teslas were not designed to be parked outside the Service Center but rather driven. What is Tesla Bms W008?

Tesla Bms W008 (battery management systems) are a crucial component in their electric vehicles and are responsible for monitoring the state of the battery, controlling the charging and discharging of the battery, and protecting the battery from damage. However, without further information about the specific BMS you are referring to, I am unable to provide more detailed information.

In information technology, the age-old “Have you tried turning off and back on again?” It is almost as though computer experts believe restarting may do miracles. They are not completely incorrect; however, rebooting does work like magic. But, Teslas don’t include a conventional reset button, so resetting a frozen display may be difficult. Put your hands in the air and pray for a cure.

Restarting a Tesla is rather simple, and we will show you exactly what to do and when. In this post, we will go through how to do a hard and soft reset on each Tesla model and give some general troubleshooting advice. When restarting your Tesla does not help, we will also quickly discuss the feared eMMC failure and the indications to watch out for.


Tesla BMS W008 Error Code On Model Y

BMS_W008 Error Code On Tesla Model Y
BMS_W008 Error Code On Tesla Model Y

“Here is a company that clearly broke the law and yet it is several years down the road before these workers have achieved a modicum of justice,”

Fain said.

When driving, it is possible for music and sometimes-other screen functionalities to have streaming difficulties. Streaming also makes lockups in navigation or mapping applications or other telematics features possible. The MCU software may freeze up in the worst possible circumstances. Poor mobile service seems to be the root cause of all these very unusual occurrences.

What is the meaning of BMS_W008 error code on Tesla Model Y?

Loading errors might occur in poor cell regions when the reception is lost or excessively distorted/noisy for an extended period. If you do this, the music you are listening to could abruptly end. As the vehicle attempts to reconnect to a network, you may see a loading icon spin, such as on, the audio controls or the LTE screen.

When the Tesla’s cell signal is restored, it will either resume playing the previous song or switch to a new one. The “skip” button on the left side of the steering wheel or the audio control screen may be all that has needed to manually repair the issue if the entertainment system is the only thing holding you up. If it does not work, a manual MCU reboot should.

BMS_W008 Error Code On Tesla Model Y

The screen may be turned off by pushing and holding both scroll buttons on the steering wheel. Turning the screen off for a few seconds while driving will not affect the controls, Autopilot, or FSD because of the MCU. You will not be able to use the manual or automatic controls, view the map, or see the turn signal, but the vehicle will continue to follow the predetermined path.

Buffers in the Tesla’s circuit’s load data ahead of what is required, so the remainder of the music you’re listening to, and the remainder of the map area you’re driving on may already be stored there. But if you go without a signal for too long, your phone will run out of new information. The map’s traffic data, satellite data, and Supercharger locations are the most common types of information that might be lost in this situation. This may cause a song to become stuck in the player. In very unusual cases, this might lead to a simple MCU software fault, necessitating a reset of the MCU.

Even if you lose cell service and GPS (such as while driving through a lengthy tunnel), the dead reckoning will continue to operate on the map so long as you know roughly where you are. The red tracker arrow will be moved in response to the automobile monitoring your speed and steering actions.

You may notify Tesla’s upkeep team through the app on your phone if you’re experiencing frequent streaming issues. Or use the “voice command” button on the right scroll to report an issue.

Tesla Model 3 BMS_W008 Error Code

When communication between the Tesla mobile app and its server experiences an interruption, the BMS_W008 error appears. Since the BMS_W008 message might appear regardless of the programme version in use, updating is not necessary.

What we need to know about Tesla Model 3 BMS_W008 error code? There is a significant difference between a BMS_W008 error in Teslas. These error codes indicate that Tesla’s connection to the server was subpar. But, if the server returns an error code of 500, the motorist may be unable to access their car. Error codes 500 from a server usually indicate a problem with the server itself rather than the user’s connection to the website.

Tesla Model 3 BMS_W008 Error Code
Tesla Model 3 BMS_W008 Error Code

When your Tesla shows the Bms W008 error, it’s likely due to an issue on Tesla’s end. It’s possible the server had a problem or was temporarily disabled by the firm. The BMS_W008 error number frustrates Tesla owners since it prevents them from using the Tesla app to start their vehicles. Because Teslas do not utilize regular car keys, the situation is much more precarious.

A key card, fob, or verified smartphone app connects to the Tesla over Bluetooth and starts it up instead. Thus, the user will be unable to operate the Tesla if the BMS_W008 error number appears and he cannot connect his mobile device to the Tesla app to activate the car.

The user will be unable to access their car and left stranded. These are some potential drawbacks of utilizing a fob, key cards, or wireless starting, despite the convenience and impressiveness of such technology.

Tips To Prevent BMS_W008 Error Code On Tesla

Although the Tesla battery is intended to need little care, there are ways to prolong its life and improve its performance. In this part, we will teach you how to take better care of your Tesla batteries so that they last longer and perform better.

Don’t Let Your Batteries Die

Leaving your automobile for extended periods with less than a 20-30% battery charge is not recommended. Sitting still with the car’s computers on will drain roughly 1% of the battery. Keep it from dying too low so these little draws will not be fatal.

Don't Let Your Batteries Die
Don’t Let Your Batteries Die

Battery Temperature Should Be Maintained

When not in use, the ideal temperature to keep your Tesla in is above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Your battery’s stored energy may decrease in cold conditions. It will become warm when charging, so keep it plugged in.

Charge To Full Every Three Months

Once every three months, you should give your battery a complete charge. Battery balancing is the term for this procedure. Your battery’s full capacity will be preserved.

tesla charging

Minimize Air Resistance

In most cases, aerodynamic performance increases the fuel economy of a vehicle. That is why compact cars and hatchbacks are better for the environment than large trucks. A similar idea may be used for EVs. Roof and bike racks should be removed from a Tesla or other electric vehicle when unused.

Tesla Error CodesMeaning
100Hall sensors are activated in TCM.
260Battery maintenance is essential.
261BSM: No smoke alarms are functioning.
263Faulty PEM cables or power train.
401The left front TPMS tyre is soft.
Tesla Error Codes


These Tesla battery care guidelines should be useful, we hope. Visit any Tesla-approved Collision professional shops if you need assistance with your electric car.


What Are The Symptoms Of BMS_W008 Error Code On A Tesla

Starting the vehicle may be quite challenging.
When driving, you may experience a decrease in power.
There is a chance the automobile will not move at all if the idle speed is too erratic.
The dashboard warns of a potential problem.

What Should I Do If I See A BMS_W008 Error Code On My Tesla

The following steps may be taken to rebalance the battery cells and improve the BMS’s accuracy:
Drop the battery percentage to 10%.
Please wait at least an hour before touching it again.
Fully charge the battery and leave the vehicle plugged in until the charger stops generating power.

What Happens if the BMS in a Tesla fails?

If the BMS in a Tesla fails, it can cause a range of issues, including reduced performance, decreased range, and potential damage to the battery. In some cases, a failed BMS can also lead to safety issues. It is important to have any BMS issues diagnosed and repaired by a qualified Tesla service technician.

Can the BMS in a Tesla be Upgraded or Replaced?

The BMS in a Tesla is a critical component that is integral to the operation of the electric powertrain. It is not designed to be upgraded or replaced by the vehicle owner. If there are issues with the BMS, it is important to have it diagnosed and repaired by a qualified Tesla service technician.

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