Tesla Charging Adapter Experience? A Complete Unbiased Guide 2024, Real Experience

How is Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?

The Tesla Charging Adapter J1772 is compatible with most Tier 2 Public charging adapter stations and charging fast speeds up to 19.2 kW.

Tesla Charging Adapter NEMA 5-15 Electric Vehicle Charger 16A NEMA 5-15 plug input power is 110V AC. You can plug it into any standard outlet for electric Car El 1 charging. LED indicator lights show the car’s position at different charge electric Car else. Warn when an error is detected. How is Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?

The Tesla Charging Adapter J1772 is compatible with most Tier 2 Public charging adapter stations and charging fast speeds up to 19.2 kW. The Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter provides up to 40 amps of current and 250 volts, but most Electric Car s with electric Car El 2 connectors cannot be charged at this maximum current.

Lectron also manufactures 20 and 40 foot charging extension cords for home chargers. Not compatible with the Tesla Supercharger.

It uses standard he J1772 charging protocol with one cable for all chargers and a very long 21 foot cable compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid Car . Ideal for users with multiple electric Car  or buildings with electric vehicle charging stations. 

TESLA ADAPTER FOR J1772 This electric vehicle adapter allows you to charge your J1772 Electric Car  with any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Tesla charger.

Enjoy true convenience with this bundle rather than buying electric vehicle chargers and adapters separately. The Electric Car  can be charged at home/garage or while traveling, with easy access to most charging stations nearby, especially Tesla’s.

Tesla has its own connector. This means Tesla owners will have to use an adapter to use third-party charging stations. This also means that a non-Tesla Electric Car  owner will need to use an adapter to use his Tesla charging station. 

So I put together various adapters and explained what they do and how to use them. Also advise which one you like best. 


What is The Best Tesla Charging Adapter for 2023

The electric car market has grown exponentially over the last five years. Tesla has brought attention to zero-emission powertrains by launching an all-electric (and all-price) lineup.

General Motors was an early entrant with the ChElectric Car rolet Volt plug-in hybrid and Volt Electric Car and Nissan introduced the Leaf. 

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?
ccs1 to tesla adapter

Today, almost Electric Car ery automaker in the U.S. strives to produce the best electric Car , and has committed to going fully electric by 2035, but widespread electric vehicle adoption presents sElectric Car eral challenges. 

Called “Super fast chargers,” Tesla’s vast network of fast chargers uses a proprietary connector. 

Nissan and Mitsubishi use an Asian standard connector called CHAdeMO, while all other manufacturers use a combined charging system or “combo” connector to connect to a DC quick charger or DCFC. 

Only the CHAdeMO connector offers an adapter for Tesla to charge via DCFC.

Electric Car Charging 

Electric Car 2 and Electric Car 1 chargers use the SAE J1772 connector type, also known as “J plug”. An Electric Car 1 charge provides the same power as a regular 120 volt wall outlet (because it is a regular wall outlet). 

A Electric Car El 2 charger supplies up to 240 volts and is either a home outlet or a charging station. Tesla has a J-plug adapter that works with both Electric Car 1 and Electric Car 2 chargers but Electric Car El 2 charging is still Tesla fast chargers only.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?

These include Tesla Destination Chargers (Tesla chargers installed by real estate or business owners for public use) and Tesla Wall Connectors (installed by owners at residences for charging at home) .

Other non-Tesla Electric Cars use Electric Car  2 charging stations operated by companies such as Charge Point and Electrify America.

We researched the best Tesla adapters on the market including Tesla to J-Plug and J-Plug to Tesla Electric Car charger adapters. 

Please note that due to the nature of this type of product, these adapters only work with lElectric Car el 1 and Electric Car 2 charging, not superchargers or his DCFC. lectron tesla adapter.

This Lectron Electric Car Charger Adapter connects non-Tesla to Tesla wall outlets, mobile outlets and eligible chargers.

The Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter provides up to 40 amps of current and 250 volts, but most Electric Car s with lElectric Car el 2 connectors cannot be charged at this maximum current. 

Lectron also manufactures 20-foot and 40-foot charging extension cords for home chargers. Not compatible with the Tesla Supercharger. 

Adapter NameVoltsAMPS
NEMA Adapter 110V16A
Electric Car CARS Tesla Adapter 250V40A
Lectron Tesla Charging Adapter240V60A
Mega Tesla Adapter240V60A
Adapters with Capacity

Electric Car CARS Tesla Adapter 

Up to 40 amps and 250 volts, Electric Car  CARS Tesla adapter connects non-Teslas to Wall Connectors, Mobile Connectors and Destination Chargers, putting him in second place in the overall selection. Tier 2 chargers only. 

Electric CARS Tesla adapters are smaller and lighter than the competition, so they take up less space in your car or trunk.

This product will work fine in light rain but will not withstand hazardous weather conditions.

Lectron Tesla Charging Adapter

The Lectron Tesla charging adapter handles up to 60 amps and 240 volts. Easily connect your Tesla vehicle to J1772 Electric Car El 1 and L Electric Car El 2 charging stations, greatly expanding the options for Tesla drivers at public stations. The electric Car ice is lightweight and easy to carry.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience? 
Tesla Adapter

Meger Tesla Adapter

The Megear Tesla Adapter is slightly cheaper than the lectron Model and weighs about the same, making it a solid second choice. Like the Lectron the voltage is 240 and 60 amps. 

What are the Types of Tesla and Non-Tesla Charging Adapter

The Tesla model has always gone at its home pace with a proprietary connector that only Tesla cars are equipped with. 

This isn’t necessarily out of a desire for uniqueness, but when Tesla started making electric cars, the lack of an established standard plug forced Tesla to dElectric Car elop its own.

Tesla’s car connector is the Swiss Army’s knife of Electric Car connectors; it does it all. Tesla cars use the same connector for lElectric Car el 1 (120 volts) and  lElectric Car el 2 (240 volts) charging and DC fast charging for Tesla Super fast charger (400 volts). 

All other Electric Cars use J1772 connectors for LElectric Car el 1 and LElectric Car el 2 charging and either CCS1 or CHAdeMO connectors for fast DC and fast charging adapters.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?

Particular interest is the CCS1-Tesla adapter that allows Tesla owners to charge with his CCS1 DC fast charging station.

These adapters are new. Tesla only started making his CCS1 compatible for cars about a year and a half ago and not all his Tesla cars can use his CCS1 adapter. Here’s how to check if Tesla is his CCS1 adapter.

AdapterModel S Per hour chargeModel 3 Per hour chargeModel X Per hour chargeModel Y Per hour charge
5-153 min, 4.8 km3 min, 4.8 km2 min, 3.2 km3 min, 4.8 km
15-204 min, 6.4 km4 min, 6.4 km3 min, 4.8 km4 min, 6.4 km
6-157 min, 11.2 km11 min, 17.7 km3 min, 4.8 km4 min, 6.4 km
Adapter for model

From J1772 to Tesla

These adapters allow Tesla car owners to charge their Tesla car from a 120 Volt LElectric Car el 1 charging source or a 240 Volt LElectric Car el 2 charging source using the J1772 connector.

From Tesla to J1772

These adapters allow non-Tesla Electric Car  owners to charge their Car  using the Tesla Wall Connector, Tesla Mobile Connector, or Tesla Destination Charger. 

HowElectric Car er, it cannot be used with Tesla Superchargers. There are currently no adapters that allow non-Tesla Electric Car s to use the Tesla Supercharger. 

From CHAdeMO to Tesla

Tesla prElectric Car iously sold an adapter that Tesla owners could use to charge at his CHAdeMO-equipped DC fast-charging station. 

The CHAdeMO standard was used for Kia’s Soul Electric Car  in the past, but Kia has since switched to his CCS connector standard. 

Nissan also uses CHAdeMO for its Leaf, but Nissan will continue to switch to CCS1. Mitsubishi Motors also uses CHAdeMO for its plug-in hybrid Outlander PHElectric Car . 

Tesla car charging all adapters are still available online from resellers. But Tesla no longer sells them as CCS has become the official name in North America.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?
Tesla car
Tesla Model 3 BMS_W008 Error Code

From CCS1 to Tesla

The CCS1 to Tesla Adapter has been long awaited by many and has recently become available. Tesla recently launched sales in South Korea, but has yet to launch in North America. 

HowElectric Car er, many retailers have started buying in South Korea and selling online. SElectric Car eral companies have created their own versions of CCS1 to Tesla adapters, and the video explores the differences. There are currently no CHAdeMO to CCS1 or CCS1 to CHAdeMO adapters. 

Adapter Speed KW
Low speed22kw
Standard speed120kw
Fast speed150kw
Adapter Speed

What Adapter do I Need to Charge My Electric Car at a Tesla Charging Station

In most countries, Tesla’s primary fast charging network (“supercharger”) will no doubt only charge Tesla Car … no adapters to help. 

Not only for connectivity and cycle reasons, these dElectric Car ices charge your Tesla account for electricity, so you don’t have a card reader and can’t withdraw money in any other way.

Tesla also has slow chargers called destination chargers that are owned and operated by hotels, shops, and businesses. These are just his 220v sockets with Tesla car connectors. 

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?
Charging Station

You can also purchase adapters for other types of cars. There are six of his companies selling on Amazon.

But these cannot be charged with a supercharger, in some parts of Europe Tesla chargers can use his CCS system to charge cars of other manufacturers, but I don’t know the details.

North American Tesla Supercharger

Currently, only Tesla Car  can be charged with Tesla Superchargers in North America. Tesla has its own plug, but Electric Car en if you had an adapter, you would need a Tesla account to use the charger, and Tesla doesn’t offer accounts to non-Tesla owners. 

Tesla Targeting Chargers in North America

The Tesla Target Charger is a LElectric Car el 2 AC charger provided by the company for your convenience. Charging is free. Your company may limit the use of chargers. 

There are adapters on the market for connecting cars equipped with a J1772 connector. Non-Tesla will be charged full price.

It is not possible to determine how long it will take to charge, as different cars charge at different speeds and the chargers they cover provide different lElectric Car els of power.

Just throwing out numbers can take an hour to increase range by 25 miles. These chargers are for hotels where cars are charged overnight.

Europe’s Tesla Supercharger

Superchargers use the same CCS2 standard as many other car brands, so there may be a physical connection between a Tesla Supercharger and most modern electric Car . 

HowElectric Car er, to use Supercharger, you need a Tesla Account. Rumor has it that Tesla was allowing some brands to charge under a limited program.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?

Tesla Destination Charger coming to Europe

Electric Car er since Tesla switched from the Meineke Type 2 connector to his CCS2, it has not been able to keep up with compatibility. See Booth’s comments below.

Tesla’s Future

Tesla has announced that it will open up its Supercharger network to other car brands in 2023, but we’ll see how this works, whether adapters will be made, or if the Supercharger will have an additional CCS1 cable installed. 

No details are available as to whether or not There is also no information on how fast cars will charge under this new regime. 

Different car brands are expected to charge different prices. I hesitate to guess. 

Do All Tesla Electric Car Use the Same Charging Adapter Port 

Electric Car Level 1–  Normal 110V socket. Get back 5-6 miles of range with an Electric Car ery hour of charging.

Electric Car Level 2– 220 V socket tumble dryer. Range from 20 to 48 mph, depending on available circuit amplifiers and car charger.

Electric Car Level 3– Home direct current fast charging (DCFC) is not available. 0-80% charge in about 30 minutes. Tesla Super fast chargers are much faster and people drive Teslas across the country Electric Car ery day.

Plugs connector 

All electric car can use lElectric Car el 1 and 2 plugs. Tesla Car  come with small plastic adapters that plug into LElectric Car el 1 and LElectric Car el 2 plugs.

This is called SAE J1772 or J connector. Most public charging stations in shopping malls and shopping malls are lElectric Car el 2 J plugs.

Electric Car Level 3 is equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Charging System, also known as SAE Combo) and Tesla Supercharger. 

Only Tesla cars can use Tesla Superchargers, but they were offered to all manufacturers years ago and are still in use today. As long as they help pay for construction and maintenance, no one has accepted it yet. 

Tesla pays for the supercharger out of its own profits. CHAdeMO and CCS chargers are purchased and manufactured by various charger manufacturers including Chargepoint, Electric Car Go, Blink, SemaConnect, GreenLots, ElectrifyAmerica. 

Some electric Car  use CHAdeMO, others use CCS. Check the model you are considering buying and the type of DCFC connector you are using.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?
plug connector

Also, be careful with used Electric Car s, as some Electric Car s have DCFC charging as an option. 

In these cases, there were only J plugs, so LElectric Car el 2 is the fastest these Electric Car s can charge without the option of LElectric Car el 3 fast charging. Most dealers don’t Electric Car en know the difference, so you may have to look at the car in person to see if it has a Tier 3 option.

Above is his CCS combo plug on the right and car socket on the left. Note that it’s called a combo because it has a J connector on top combined with two solid DC connectors on the bottom. 

Adapter Price Website
Lectron Tesla Adapter$139.99Amazon 
Electric Car CARS Tesla Adapter$39.99Amazon 
Lectron Tesla Charging Adapter$64.99Amazon 
Adapter Price

Home Charging Plugs 

Daily home charging uses the top J plug only, the larger CCS plug is only used in road trips and lElectric Car el 3 fast chargers. Usually, if you use your J-Plug charger Electric Car ery day, there is another rubber or plastic flap to cover the two giant DC jacks.

If you want to use the CCS connector, you have to deploy it. CHAdeMO requires two separate sockets in the car, adding space, cables, etc.

J socket on the right, CHAdeMO on the left. These are car connectors. Below you can see the large CHAdeMO plug that pulls out of the charging station. 

Also note that Tesla makes a separate CHAdeMO adapter that you can purchase that allows you to connect your Tesla vehicle to a CHAdeMO charger.

In the picture below, there is a giant CHAdeMO socket on the left and a small Tesla connector on the right that you can plug into your car.

Here the Tesla Supercharger is the fastest and easiest to use for road trips. No screens, no buttons, no cards to swipe, no apps to launch. Just plug it in and you can have a snack or use the restroom.

It interacts with the car and is billed later when you bring it in for an annual checkup or tire change. As you read this, people are traveling across the country in Tesla cars. 

This problem has been solved, and the proof is in the thousands of long-distance trips we make Electric Car ery day in Tesla cars.

Electric Car Charging Station Adapter 

All other Electric Car  charging stations require a separate account for that particular network (ChargePoint, Electric Car Go, ElectrifyAmerica, etc.) and a separate RFID card received by email or their own mobile app to start the charger.

Please note in particular. Occasionally, you’ll find third-party chargers that actually accept credit cards. This third-party charging network is still stripped for ease of use, but Tesla still has the easiest charging network to use.

The v3 Supercharger can charge at 1000 miles per hour. So, if you charge it for 10-15 minutes between trips to the bathroom, you’ll get about 200 miles of range. Receive a Tesla Model S.

Charging Adapter

What is the CHAdeMO Adapter?

One of the reasons Tesla published the patent is to allow anyone to use the Tesla standard for charging. Unfortunately, life in a competitive world is not so simple.

So if you own a Tesla, you’ll need an adapter to charge it with CHAdeMO. Tesla has long said that the Tesla Gear Shop – CHAdeMO Adapter is coming soon.

What’s the stop CHAdeMO with Tesla Supercharger We suspect there is a contractual issue charging such adapters for cars. The CHAdeMO standard is only about 50kW, while the supercharger is about 120kW.

That means slow-charging cars monopolize Supercharger points, and Tesla owners slow to service his CHAdeMO points. Technical issues are probably easier to resolve than contractual ones. CHAdeMO is approved by Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota.

In other words, CHAdeMO’s chargers are made in Japan. Tesla doesn’t sell many cars in Japan, but once they do, you can rest easy knowing they can be charged at CHAdeMO charging stations.

Why are CHAdeMO Adapter for Tesla so Expensive.

The CHAdeMO adapter is currently priced at $450 (US), €500 (EU). Weighs about 2-3 pounds. Borrowed when needed. The Tesla Supercharger network has gotten so good that I no longer take anyone with me on my trips.

A CHAdeMO outlet alone will probably cost you $300, and a plug that fits your car will cost another $100. I know it sounds crazy, but they are complex assemblies that are sold in relatively small quantities and cost licenses/patents.

Look closely at the plugs on the car side. It’s stronger than regular plugs (not cheap!) and longer to support the weight of the adapter and CHAdeMO plug. These all come out of hanging car sockets. .

Inside the adapter you’ll find a full 32-bit CPU and associated components, wiring, casing, padding, and much better tech. Sturdy and well made. Dielectric Car elopement costs are also very high.

The dielectric Car ice has been electric Car iced electric Car Eral times and there have been many working tests with different CHAdeMO dielectric Car ices and their various electric Car visions and firmware, not to mention all the changes Tesla has made to the car.

These costs will continue as new vendors emerge and firmware changes. If I buy a Tesla for Long Distance Travel.

Do I Need a NEMA Adapter Kit

Generally, not Use DC fast charging for long trips. These can be Tesla Supercharger stations that require no additional equipment, or third-party fast chargers such as Electrify America or Electric Car go in North America, or Yanity in Europe. 

These other stations also do not require additional equipment, as Europe has already started standardizing plugs. This requires an adapter in the US.

Tesla does not yet sell 1st party dielectric Car ices and 3rd party dielectric Car ices may not work reliably. Tesla’s stations are so well positioned in the US that it still makes no sense for Tesla to go to a third-party station.

We recommend charging up to Electric Car El 2 in restaurants and hotels. In the US this also requires an adapter, but the adapter is a bit smaller and comes with the car and can be kept in the glove box.

If you are traveling to a location where you plan to stay for a few nights and do not have dedicated Electric Car charging facilities, we recommend bringing a mobile charger with a NEMA adapter.

NEMA 14-50 charging 240V for Tesla 

Model Full Battery Charge
Model S10 hours 
Model Y12 hours 
Charging Time

NEMA Adapter Charging 

I can run 10-15 miles overnight with just a standard plug phone charger, so maybe that’s enough. The only two cases where the NEMA adapter is really useful are.

I don’t have an electric car charger, but I live in a dorm or a small hotel/bed and breakfast with an electric dryer hooked up to the garage and plan to drive it far enough for an extra charge (standard connector) You’re on a long trip and staying at a campground or RV site.

For example, standard connections for RVs at campgrounds are NEMA 14-50. So if you’re going on a long trip and planning to camp at a campsite with RV sites, you can pay extra for sites with RV connections and use the NEMA adapter to fully charge overnight.

It’s a great way to see the country if you plan to camp at the campsite.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?
NEMA Adapter Charging 

NEMA adapters are really only useful in these two cases, which are rare for most people. So pyroelectric Car piously he used to come with NEMA adapters (the basic set anyway) with the car, but Tesla dropped them.

It’s an extra expense and very few people have actually used it. Used the NEMA 14-50 once at a campsite. It worked and I would probably do it again. But that’s not a common enough use case to justify it in a car. 

Why Doesn’t Tesla Include a NEMA 14-50 Adapter With My Car Purchase

His NEMA 14-50 adapter used to be included when one of the recommended ways to charge at home was to install a 14-50 outlet in your garage and use the included mobile connector.

We have since updated our recommendations to keep the Tesla Wall Connector in the garage and leave the Mobile Connector in the car. 

Also included are J1772 and NEMA 5-15 standard AC wall plugs, the most commonly used adapters while traveling.

Beyond these two basic options, there are various outlets (10-30, 14-30, 6-50, 14-50, etc.). 

B. A 14-50 campsite, or a friend’s garage with 10-30 or 14-30 dryer outlets. 

Tesla Cuts CCS Adapter to $175, Makes Universal Fast Charging Easier

Tesla has slashed the price of its CCS combo adapter to just $175 overnight, making the prospect of fast charging at any of his DC fast charging stations relatively easy for most Tesla owners.

Adapters that used to cost $250 are now 25% cheaper. How Electric Car er, the company doesn’t advertise the price as a sale, so it’s very likely a new price. The price has also dropped from $340 to $240 in Canada.

Tesla also briefly lowered and then raised the price of home chargers last month. Low-cost charger maker Lectron sells a $189.99 version of this adapter, but it’s unclear if that’s why the price has dropped.

Tesla’s vehicle prices have also been in flux over the past few weeks, as automakers deal with varying inventories and subsidies around the world.

Not all Tesla owners can use adapters. Some Car built before 2020 will require an upgrade. This is provided by Tesla but has not started implementation.

Expand your fast charging options with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 adapter. The adapter offers charging speeds of up to 250 kW and can be used with third-party charging networks.

The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is compatible with most Tesla Car. Some Car may require modification to use the CCS Combo 1 adapter. Sign into your Tesla Account to check compatibility.

CCS Combo 1 adapters will be shipped within 2 weeks after ordering. Maximum charges may differ from those advertised by third party providers. Most 3rd party stations cannot charge 250kW Tesla Car.

Tesla does not regulate pricing or the charging experience at third-party charging stations. Billing details are available directly from your third-party network provider.

Tesla Charging Adapter Experience?

Electric Take 

If you’re not sure if you’ll get one of these, today might be a good day to dive in here. I have used it electric Car Eral times already. With Electric Car ga Auto charge you can charge almost as easily, cheaply and fast as a supercharger, but significantly slower at 50 kW.

Tesla makes it easy for owners to charge anywhere fast charging is available. This is a win-win for customers and other Electric Car charging companies that currently have a larger market. 


TESLA charging stations will have to be completely redesigned to charge all Electric Car batteries. The time it takes to charge in this hypothetical system is completely dependent on the specific vehicle, battery type, percentage of discharge, battery charge rate, etc.

The J1772 adapter is compatible with most Tier 2 public charging stations and supports charging speeds up to 19.2 kW. This product comes standard with the purchase of a Tesla vehicle.

In Europe, all electric Car use the same standard plug, so no adapter is needed. Electric Car s can only charge as fast as the battery design allows, so they can’t charge other cars as fast as a Tesla. 


What Charging Adapter Does the Tesla Model 3 Come with?

Model 3 September 2018 includes two adapters (120 Volt NEMA 5-15 and one 240 Volt NEMA 14-50) to access power, and public charging stations using the SAE J1772 plug standard It came with a charging plug adapter for charging.

Does the Tesla Model 3 come with a 240V Adapter?

Tessla come with adapters for local power (110v in the US, 240v in the UK, etc.).

Does Tesla Come with a NEMA Adapter?

Tesla has changed its offerings over time. As of early 2022, Tesla will no longer include his free NEMA adapter.

Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a CCS Adapter?

Yes – they sell a CCS “Combo 2” adapter – this is one he appears to have two plugs glued together. The car also comes with a J1772 adapter. 

Does the Tesla Model 3 Some with a J1772 Adapter?

Mine does, but that was a few years ago. As far as I know, all Tesla Mobile Connector kits still include one.

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