Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X-Complete Guide 2024

What we need to know about Tesla low voltage battery warning model x? 

The Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X typically indicates an issue with the 12V auxiliary battery.
Tesla model x

Although some gas-powered vehicle drivers may be tempted to ignore a low-fuel alert, doing so is not recommended while operating an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles’ range is limited compared to gas-powered cars, and charging facilities are still in their infancy compared to petrol stations. If your battery life alerts lights up on the dashboard, it is time to locate a charging station before you are left waiting for a tow for quite some time. What we need to know about Tesla low voltage battery warning model x?

The Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X typically indicates an issue with the 12V auxiliary battery. To resolve this, you can try charging the battery, checking for corrosion on the terminals, or replacing the battery if necessary. But, fear of the firing range may be overcome with enough research and practice. You can get the most out of your Electric car, save stress, and better plan your travels if you know how much range it has and what to do once the battery indicator lights up.


Understanding Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X

You will likely be behind the wheel of a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or fully electric vehicle (EV) in the not-too-distant future. Fear of being out of range is no longer an issue. You no longer have to choose between helping the environment and avoiding being trapped in it.

Governments across the globe provide substantial financial benefits to help you afford an Electric car, despite its higher initial cost compared to a conventional internal combustion engine car. Others have put a clearer line in the sand, with Germany, for example, actively trying to prohibit ICE cars by 2030.

Other governments have gone so far as to mandate automakers create and sell Electric cars in the hopes that they would ultimately control the market.

Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X
Tesla battery
tesla battery

What is the Low Voltage Battery Warning in a Tesla Model X?

During a large portion of the automobile’s development, engineers have worked to reduce pollutants and increase fuel economy in the internal combustion engine (ICE). Nevertheless, most of the latest changes in ICE vehicles are the product of developments in electronics; they include enhancements to chassis systems, power trains, autonomous and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), entertainment, and safety systems.

In addition to the drive train, electric cars include many of the same electrical systems as internal combustion engine vehicles. Micron Technology estimates that the value of an EV’s electronics may reach 75%. That figure is expected to rise as the price of semiconductors continues to fall and new electronic modules and subsystems become more affordable.

Understandably, the electric vehicle’s battery system receives the most attention from manufacturers and customers. The lithium-ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable battery and the battery management system (BMS) are both part of the battery system, which aims to optimize battery use and safety. Analogue Devices’ BMS solutions are the industry standard for keeping tabs on them.

Model X’s battery system is among the most advanced available. Leaving your vehicle plugged in while you are not using it is the best approach to protect the high voltage Batteries. This is crucial if you will not use Model X for a while. There is only use in putting off charging the Battery once it’s critically low. In reality, charging the Batteries regularly improves their efficiency.

The Battery’s peak charging rate may decline during repeated DC Fast Charging sessions, such as those at Superchargers. When the Battery is excessively cold, when the Battery is almost fully charged, and when the Battery conditions vary with use and age, the charge rate is slowed to guarantee optimal driving range and Battery safety. These changes in Battery health, driven by battery physics, may gradually add a few minutes to the entire Supercharging time.

Common Reasons For Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X


The added mass of extra accessories negatively affects an electric car’s range and battery life. Compared to their gas-powered counterparts, electric cars are cumbersome. The batteries, which often contain high levels of lithium and lead, are mostly to blame.

The typical electric vehicle battery weighs 450 and 500 kilograms (kg). However, certain models may weigh as much as one tone. The power output of a battery is the primary factor in determining its weight. However, the type and manufacturer will also have an effect.


The battery life of an electric car as a whole is dependent on how its owner’s drive. Overfrequents charging and improper storage are only two of the many poor habits that may shorten the life of an electric vehicle’s Battery.

Although there is plenty of information to assist automobile owners in maintaining their vehicles correctly, accidents may still happen occasionally. Regularly discharging a battery to a low state might destroy it over time. Repeatedly discharging a battery to less than 5 per cent may shorten its useful life.

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Tesla Model X Low Voltage Battery

Minimize Air Resistance

In most cases, aerodynamic performance increases the fuel economy of a vehicle. That’s why shorter vehicles like sedans and hatchbacks have better gas mileage than longer ones like trucks. Even with Electric cars, the principle is the same.

Do Not Speed Up Too Much

This is a further critical strategy for maximizing Tesla’s battery capacity. While driving an electric car, such as a Tesla, it is essential to avoid flooring the accelerator. The immediate torque delivery of Electric cars makes them fun to drive, but sustained high acceleration causes the batteries to discharge quickly. Accelerating quickly decreases your vehicle’s range and accelerates Tyre wear.

Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X
Do not speed up the car
Dark stylish speedometer
ModelBattery warranty
Model 3 Standard Range8 years or 100k miles
Model 3 Long Range/Performance8 years or 120k miles
Model Y Long Range8 years or 120k miles
Model Y Performance8 years or 120k miles
Model S8 years or 150k miles
Model X8 years or 150k miles
Model With Battery Warranty

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tesla Model X Low Voltage Battery?

You should spend little more than $300 to replace the 12-volt Battery in your Tesla Model X. Tesla’s warranty could cover the expense. The Tesla Model X is a high-end SUV with innovative features that can be accessed via the vehicle’s front and back displays.

How, however, are they kept operational? Everything in your Tesla, including the lights, doors, windows, and touchscreen, is powered by this 12-volt Battery. Once every few years, you’ll need to replace it, but your auto insurance won’t pay for it. Find out how much a new one will cost and how to change the batteries if you’re inclined!

Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X
Tesla model x
Tesla model x

The 12-volt Battery in the Model X is a simpler replacement than the main 100 kWh 360 V lithium-ion battery since it is an auxiliary battery that powers the electronics in your Tesla.

Nevertheless, your warranty may be voided if anything goes wrong during the installation or is damaged while replacing the 12-volt Battery. Take your Tesla in whenever maintenance is needed that is covered by the warranty.

  • The 12V Battery in your Model X may be replaced by yourself if the warranty has expired and you are confident in your mechanical abilities.
  • Find a 10mm ratchet and the spare Battery.
  • Shut off the Model X and throw open the blinds or the windows.
  • Cut the power cable if it’s a high voltage (you can find it by opening your back seats and under a black plastic cover). The cable is sturdy and black and finished with silver hardware. To turn off the high voltage, pull the cable. This precaution must be taken to prevent electrocution. Feel free to take your Tesla to the experts if you are concerned about driving it.
  • Pull the plastic cover away from the windscreen and raise the hood.
  • Take off the vent on the side where the passenger sits.
  • First, the bolt on the driver’s side and then the bolt on the passenger’s side must be removed from the battery brackets. Next, take off the main bracket in the centre.
  • To prevent sparking, disconnect the negative terminal before the positive one.
  • Get rid of the antiquated 12V Battery.
  • Get a fresh 12V battery and put it in.
  • Put the brackets back on.
  • First, connect the positive terminal and then the negative.
  • Replace the bolts on the front and back of the Battery.
  • The plastic cover and air vent should be replaced.
  • It’s time to plug in power again.

Signs That Your Tesla Model X Low Voltage Battery Needs Replacement

Cost Concerns

Something is amiss with the Battery if the charge indicator fluctuates. There shouldn’t be any sudden changes in battery life while driving.

Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X


Lastly, if the fan in your hybrid vehicle seems to be running nonstop, the Battery may be overheating. Overheating the Battery and its environs might cause irreparable harm.

How The Tesla Model X Low Voltage Battery Affects Vehicle Performance And Safety

As an electric car’s Battery loses its ability to power the vehicle, it may be recycled into a battery storage system and utilized to provide electricity to a house or business. The energy produced by batteries is stored in a battery energy storage system for later use. Range anxiety, or the fear of what to do if your Battery suddenly dies as a car’s petrol tank does, is a more pressing issue.

Does the electric vehicle equivalent of a smartphone suddenly turn off when the main high-voltage Battery dies? Not. A dead battery is the equivalent of a dry tank in an electric vehicle. Your car will give you plenty of advanced notice by displaying a warning on the dashboard. The notification will be for low battery power rather than low gasoline.

Tesla Low Voltage Battery Warning Model X
safe driving

The vehicle will give the driver plenty of warning before it completely dies, giving them time to locate a safe charging station. With certain Tesla’s, the central screen will begin blinking to draw your attention, giving you more time to locate a charging station. In addition, the navigation systems of many modern automobiles can direct you to the closest charging station.

If your electric vehicle’s Battery dies to zero, what happens next will depend on the brand. You can drive for a few more miles before your Battery dies, giving you plenty of time to find a charging station. To save energy, some cars disable the air conditioner, others reduce the amount of electricity available, while others restrict the vehicle’s maximum speed. You’re living on borrowed time either way.


The Battery should never be allowed to die. The Model X’s onboard electronics still need power from the vehicle’s Batteries even when parked. Discharge rates from the Batteries may be as high as 1% every day, while this number can go up or down depending on variables including temperature, vehicle setup, and touchscreen settings.

Sometimes, you may need to leave Model X unplugged for a long time. Remembering the 1% rule will let you leave the store Battery with a healthy charge. For example, for two weeks (14 days), the Battery can drain by around 14%.


What does The Low Voltage Battery Warning Mean in a Tesla Model X?

The Batteries must be recharged if their charge drops below zero. It may be necessary to jump-start or replace the low-voltage battery to charge or operate Model X if it has been disconnected for a long time.

What are Some Common Causes of Low Voltage Battery Warnings in a Tesla Model X?

There are times when the electrical demands of the vehicle outweigh the generator’s low-speed current (amperage) output, necessitating the use of the battery to make up the difference. When the battery supplies the extra electrical current to fulfil the demand, the electrical system’s voltage will decrease.

How can I Prevent Low Voltage Battery Warnings in My Tesla Model X?

Avoid situations that might result in a fire or battery explosion by keeping batteries clean and clear of extra dust. Incorrect maintenance of an electric vehicle’s battery might result in electrocution due to the high voltages involved.

Can I Drive My Tesla Model X With a Low Voltage Battery Warning?

Leaving your automobile with less than a 20-30% battery charge is dangerous. Sitting still with the car’s computers on will drain roughly 1% of the battery. Keep it from dying too low so these little draws will not be fatal.

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