Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk 

Tesla Model S Depreciation in the UK
Tesla Model S Depreciation in The UK

While most electric and plug-in hybrids depreciate rapidly, the Tesla Model S performs very well as an alternative fuel car. This may be because, in the past, the government has offered substantial subsidies to buyers of new Teslas for purchasing an electric car, often worth as much as $7,500 at the time of purchase.  However, you will only qualify for such discounts if you buy a used model. The Model S is hard to match if you are looking for a high-end electric vehicle with serious performance chops. What is Tesla Model S Depreciation in the Uk?

Cars often lose between 15 and 35 percent of their value in the first year. According to the AA, a brand-new car’s value drops by around 60% after three years, assuming annual usage of 10,000 km. Residual value, which refers to the vehicle’s worth after Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk, is closely related to the concept of depreciation. For example, if the average Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk  rate on a new automobile is 60%, the residual value would be 40%.

YearDepreciationResidual ValuePercent LeftValue Rating
Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk 

Minimizing Tesla Model S Depreciation in the UK

“We saw at the end of 2022 that the market for new Teslas was saturated, and the company had to heavily discount and pre-register to try and move stock. That will naturally push down the value of older examples,” said Tom Barnard, editor of Electrifying.com, speaking to Car Dealer.

When purchasing a significant purchase like a vehicle, it’s crucial to consider the Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk rate, typically disregarded by shoppers. While this is often not a primary concern for more reasonably priced and moderately priced automobile models, it is a different story for more expensive cars and electric automobiles.

Reduce Tesla Model S Depreciation in the UK to What Extent? In recent research measuring car value retention, the Tesla Model S outperforms gas-powered competitors, including the Audi A8, Mercedes S-Class, and BMW 7 Series. Autolist has just published its latest report.

Over 1.6 million data points were analyzed by the buyer intelligence organization to examine the Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk in each sector over the kilometers traveled from January 1, 2012, to August 31, 2016. Considering the $7,500 tax credit provided by the federal government, this is an outstanding accomplishment.

On the first day alone, a used Tesla Model S loses $7,500 in value because no one would purchase it without a discount equal to the federal tax refund. If they wanted the rebate, they would buy a brand-new Tesla instead. State subsidies exacerbate Tesla’s disadvantage.

The research found that the Tesla Model S had much higher value retention than gasoline-powered vehicles in its class. Buying a Tesla shows you are willing to embrace change, electricity, and cutting-edge technology that breaks the rules and motivates competitors to do the same.

Whether you are driving a brand new Tesla or ten years old, it does not apply to a gas-powered luxury vehicle. Many new-car buyers will automatically write you off as poor if they see you driving a model-year-old BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla is the only carmaker to gradually improve the Model S year after year instead of unveiling radical generational redesigns every few years. The modern Model S has the same fundamental design and styling as the original but offers far greater range and more sophisticated driver-aid features than vehicles from 2012. This allows the previously owned Model S to benefit from the same prestige as the newest models. It is unlikely that your neighbor would notice that your 2012 Tesla basic model has a range of just 150 miles without recharging.

Whether you buy it second-hand or brand new, a Tesla Model S is a statement about your financial security and willingness to spend (presumably wisely) in a car that can be updated wirelessly with new features. While the original 2012 Model S could not support Autopilot once it was released in 2015, it did get improvements to its software and firmware that increased its range, improved its throttle responsiveness, and made it compatible with Tesla’s Superchargers for rapid recharging.

Factors Affecting Tesla Model S Depreciation In The UK

Keep an eye on the things that speed up Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk to save costs during the vehicle’s life.

  • Superior mileage

If the mileage on an electric vehicle is significant, consider a reduced resale price.

  • Age

As with conventional automobiles, the value of an EV that is many years old will decline.

  • Status of the Battery

The Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk is accelerated by batteries that are either extremely old or tested as having very low voltage.

  • Generation EV

Hybrids lose value more slowly than petrol or diesel-powered vehicles but quicker than entirely electric vehicles.

  • The Record of Service

You must have the car’s complete service records to get a reasonable price when selling.

  • Aesthetic Flaws

Keeping the outside and inside of your automobile in pristine condition is essential if you want to keep its worth.

Model S vs Other UK Luxury Cars

British researchers looked at the most searched-for luxury vehicles online and discovered that the Tesla Model S ranked first in more countries than any other vehicle.

That is intriguing because the Model S isn’t often considered a premium vehicle. Even though some versions cost over $200,000, the luxury level is nothing like a Rolls-Royce. However, the benefits of buying a Tesla, such as its delicious levels of technology and the fact that it runs silently, are gradually dwindling compared to buying a V8 or V12-powered luxury vehicle.

The autonomous driving technology offered by Tesla, known as Autopilot, is excellent; nevertheless, the systems provided by Volkswagen Group, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are superior in several ways.

BMW i7

The fact that BMW’s all-new 7 Series flagship, the all-electric i7, is the first to enter dealerships indicates the growing dominance of EVs. Batteries take the lead in terms of setting the tone for the future and establishing your luxury car’s stance; plug-in hybrids will follow in due order.

Moreover, the seventh-generation version of its flagship saloon is the first to strike the luxury vehicle bullseye and show a genuine alternative to the otherwise dominating Mercedes S-Class, which is even more crucial for the brand.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Since its 2020 debut, Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan, has seen significant expansions to its range. You can get one with two or four wheels, with a ridiculous amount of power or simply a lot, in a sleek four-door saloon body type or a more unconventional Cross Turismo body. In the United Kingdom, the Porsche Taycan’s many customization options have helped it outsell every other Porsche model combined.

The Taycan performs at a high level regardless of its configuration. Still, the increased practicality and load capacity of the Cross Turismo model is not diminished in any way by the increased ride height. This vehicle has a level of body control that is uncanny in its ability to absorb and smooth out road imperfections.

electric vehicles work with smooth engines

Although the electric range isn’t the best in its class, most models should be able to go 250 miles under usual driving conditions.

Personal vs Business Use Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk 

Value of an item, such as a vehicle, decreases as it ages from new to used status, a process known as depreciation. The value of most automobiles decreases with time, in contrast to other investments like homes, watches, and even some rare or vintage cars.

Personal Use Depreciation

What is personal use depreciation? One standard metric in the auto business is the “residual value,” or the amount the automobile has depreciated from its original purchase price. A low residual value is a terrible news for owners since it indicates that their asset has declined rapidly.

Using the most typical depreciation figures of three years and 36,000 miles, we get an RV of 40% for a vehicle that loses 60% of its value. If you spent £30,000 on a car in 2021 and it continues to depreciate at this rate, it would only be worth £12,000 in 2024. However, much of this loss will occur when you put your name on the title, and the car is considered “used.”

Of course, there’s another side to depreciation: it’s fantastic for those looking to purchase secondhand. A vehicle that is three years old has likely lost a significant amount of its value, but from that point on, it will depreciate at a slower rate.

Business Use Depreciation

The value of a car will diminish over time due to Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk . Jewellery may increase in value due to scarcity, whereas a home’s worth often increases due to market expansion and renovations. However, the value of an automobile nearly always decreases after the first sale.

Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk rates are something to consider if you’re concerned about the car’s resale value while purchasing. When you sell your electric automobile, it will be much easier if you do this. Although electric vehicles have a higher resale value than petrol or diesel vehicles, all cars eventually lose value. The growing price of fuel and diesel, along with the production prohibition in 2030, has caused an unprecedented surge in interest in electric vehicles.

Resale Value of Model S in the UK

Many have pointed out that the Tesla Model S, which debuted on the market ten years ago, will end up in a junkyard in three years since its Li-Ion batteries will have died. They were mistaken since history has shown that automotive batteries are far more durable and long-lasting than phone batteries.


How long has it been? Ten years ago, a brand-new Tesla Model S could be had for less than $60,000; now, prices begin at $95,000. Only a short time ago, secondhand ones were readily available for much less.

However, this has altered over the last several years, and a Model S from 2012-2015 with over 150,000 kilometers currently costs roughly $30,000. A 2016 Model S with 75,000 miles will cost you around the same as a brand-new Tesla Model 3.

When compared to competing luxury cars, this is a significant departure. The specialists at Capital One’s Auto Learning Center determined that the resale value of a 2012 Model S remains at 38 percent of the initial price of $57,400, which is far higher than the resale prices of rivals like Audi, BMW, and Lexus, which remain at less than 22 percent. A BMW 740iL that used to cost $71,000 is now only worth $7,725, or barely 11% of its original MSRP.

But why would anybody pay that much for a car that’s ten years old? While it’s true that we live in strange times with absurdly high costs for secondhand automobiles, the Tesla Model S does have significant advantages over other vehicles in its class.

Telsa Model S Depreciation in the UK and Improvements for this

According to the CAP Black Book, Teslas have the highest resale value retention in the UK out of all the presently available automobile models (electric, petrol, diesel, etc.). Even though Tesla’s products are more costly than the market average, the company has seen significant growth.

What we should know about Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk and improvements for the same? Anyone who appreciates a fine automobile, not only EV enthusiasts, should consider this. The Model S has been heralded as the world’s finest mass-produced automobile.

This car is popular, which is good news for its resale value. A Tesla is one of the best investments available now for anybody who wants to purchase a luxury automobile with environmental credentials but can deal with the charging regime.


Overall, the Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk rate will remain higher for now. However, when more EVs enter the market, pricing will level out. For the sake of the globe, people are starting to clean up after themselves and reduce their emissions. Internal combustion engine automobiles could soon be a thing of the past. Electric cars, or vehicles powered by some other method, may become the standard.


What factors affect the Tesla Model S Depreciation in The Uk?

Teslas lose value at a more gradual rate than conventional gas-powered automobiles. The many miles a Tesla can keep buyers interested years after they’ve made the initial investment. While the average American travels just over 13,000 miles per year, most Teslas have a lifespan of over 500,000 miles.

Can I claim tax benefits for Tesla Model S depreciation in the UK?

100% first-year capital allowances are also available for vehicles with CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km. This implies that the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle may be deducted from taxable income. This might result in an initial tax savings of £7,600 on a car that costs roughly £40,000.

What are the predictions and trends for Tesla Model S depreciation in the UK in the coming years?

After five years, Tesla’s resale value will drop by 21% to $47,040. These findings apply to automobiles driven on an annual average of 12 000 kilometers while in excellent condition. It also presupposes a brand-new retail price of $59,665.

Should I buy a Tesla Model S for personal or business use in the UK based on depreciation?

Obtaining a VAT refund for the purchase or rental of an electric vehicle (or “EV”). HMRC has said that the VAT is not refundable when purchasing an EV. This rule has several exceptions, such as if the EV will be utilized only for business reasons and not for personal transportation.

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