Does Tesla Replace Batteries For Free?

Does Tesla Replace Batteries For Free
Does Tesla Replace Batteries For Free

Tesla has established itself as the unchallenged leader in the electric car market. But here’s the thing: although electric vehicles represent the future, they are nevertheless susceptible to the normal effects of time and use. Does Tesla Replace Batteries For Free?

Battery packs in electric cars deteriorate with time, even though electric motor oil and radiator coolant need to be kept the same or replenished regularly. It is important to replace it if it ever breaks, whether from regular use or an accident.

When compared to the iPhone, changing a Tesla battery is a breeze. Alternating the battery in a Tesla is a simple process. However, one major issue is what the business will do with the used automobile batteries. 

If you want to buy a Tesla, there are several things you should know. How long do Tesla batteries keep going? A common question about Tesla vehicles is the price of a new battery pack. Find out all you need to know about Tesla battery replacement right here.

Does Tesla Replace Batteries For Free?

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Yes, as long as the warranty is still valid. The Model S and X batteries are guaranteed for ten years, but the Model 3’s warranty is only good for eight years or 100,000 miles (120K miles for the Long Range model). 

Even though the batteries were no longer under warranty, Tesla has replaced them in certain Model S and X vehicles as a “goodwill” gesture and maybe so that they might be analyzed by the company’s research and development division. 

How much does Tesla charge to swap out a battery? Consider that the warranty only ensures 80% of the original range, not the entire range. All batteries eventually lose their effectiveness. 

To put your mind at ease, the cost of a battery is predicted to be between $5000 and $7000, and its expected lifespan is 300,000 to 500,000 miles. You will not have to spend any more money than you would on a standard engine and gearbox repair in an ICE vehicle.

The Model 3 is intended to have a million-mile range, as Elon has said. A million-mile battery developed by Tesla’s battery research partner was announced yesterday. Initial reports suggest it might be included in certain vehicles as soon as a year from now. 

That has not been verified, but if true, it’s fantastic news. Brakes, suspension parts, and air conditioning units are all examples of high-wear systems that should need servicing well before that time. 

There are not enough vehicles on the road with over 500,000 miles to draw definite conclusions about their durability, but there isn’t a trend of any specific concerns. The most noticeable trend is that brakes should last between 100,000 and 150,000 miles, which is twice as long as is common for most vehicles. The reason for this is the car’s regenerative braking system, which uses the engine to slow down the vehicle. The question of whether or not the new battery architecture could be installed in older vehicles has yet to be resolved.

Size of batteryModelTrim
60 kWhModel 3Standard Range
75 kWhModel YLong Range
100 kWhModel XLong Range
100 kWhModel SPerformance

Tesla’s Method for Replacing Your Car’s Batteries

One’s Tesla battery pack might die for a variety of causes. Possible causes include a faulty fuse or voltage regulator. However, the whole pack would be impacted if a problem occurred in just one battery module. 

This is because all battery modules must have consistent voltages. A failure in the pack might result from even a single module showing an unexpectedly large number.

How does Tesla think you should change out the batteries in your vehicle? Instead of sending the old battery pack back to be repaired and refurbished, they replaced it with a new one. Following maintenance and inspection, the used battery pack is sent back into circulation to be used in another vehicle. 

Tesla service centers will only replace individual cells in your battery if they have determined it’s unsafe. Instead of merely changing a single component, installing it back into your vehicle, and stopping for the day, they have their trained staff inspect the batteries in their factories.

This is a great method for restoring your vehicle to like-new condition after servicing it, but it may become pricey fast. That’s when independent repair companies come in handy.

A Tesla Battery, How Much Does It Cost?

The price to replace a Tesla battery ranges from $600 to $1,200. The average cost to replace a Tesla battery is between $13,000 and $14,000. The cost of replacing the battery in a Tesla Model S luxury automobile is between $13,000 and $20,000. 

How much do Tesla batteries typically cost? The cost to replace the battery on a Model 3 entry-level car or a Model X luxury SUV is at least $13,000 and $14,000, respectively. 

In addition, you may need to spend an additional $20-$200 on things like wires and connections if they break. The hourly rate for workers may be close to $175. When dealing with intricate repairs or issues with the replacement, be prepared to pay a little extra money in labor costs.

Different Dimensions of Tesla Batteries

Over their 15+ years in production, Tesla has used various lithium-ion battery configurations. The 18650-style cell was used in the original Roadster and later Model S vehicles. 

These figures refer to the cell’s width and height in millimeters: 18mm and 65mm, respectively. A Model 3 or Model Y might have 2170- or 4680-style cells, depending on where it is manufactured. About 48% of all 2022-Q1 Tesla cells were the 4680 type, which used the new (LFP) chemistry.

What are the different Tesla battery dimensions? People care more about how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy can be stored in a battery pack than they do about the actual size of individual cells. 

An electric vehicle’s range is proportional to its battery pack’s energy density. As a rule, this is based on the vehicle’s efficiency, often expressed in miles per kilowatt-hour or watt-hours per mile. Different models have distinct trim levels, each of which may have a different battery capacity. The price of the automobile increases with the trim level because of the larger battery pack required for those models.

Do You Need Professional Help to Change a Tesla Battery?

If you fix your Tesla without first investing in the necessary tools and knowledge, you might run into issues. That’s because an accurate diagnosis requires familiarity with the car’s software.

Do you require expert assistance to replace a Tesla battery? As an added complication, rare and specific components, blueprints, and blueprints are required. Therefore, unless you have experience maintaining electric vehicles or are ready to risk ruining your Tesla, you should not attempt to do so. 

However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions related to buying an electric vehicle. We have included details for some of the most often-asked inquiries concerning EVs; have a look if you need more info.

However, if you want to learn how to do maintenance on your Tesla, there are some clubs you can join and YouTube channels you can subscribe to for guidance. Warning: lithium-ion batteries are high-voltage gadgets that may kill you if you’re not cautious. Put, home Tesla battery replacement presents serious health hazards.

Indicators That A Tesla Battery Replacement Is Necessary

The Tesla battery pack is designed to live longer than the vehicle itself. Meaning they will still be functional after 500,000 miles of driving. However, how can you tell whether the battery pack in your Tesla has to be replaced? A few elementary red flags include:

  • Immediate and drastic decrease in range, more than 20%
  • Having a range drop below the 30% threshold set by the warranty
  • Inability to maintain any charge

A Tesla is less likely to have a gradual deterioration in performance leading up to the need for a battery replacement. The good news is that there is evidence that Tesla’s batteries will perform very well over time. Moreover, right now, the battery warranty period for most Teslas has yet to expire.

How Worried Should I Be About a Used Tesla’s Batteries?

If you have yet to hear the story, Tuomas Kaitanen of Finland blew up a 2013 Model S because the cost to fix it would have been over $22,000. He had just acquired the vehicle secondhand and was disappointed that it could have been a better bargain. According to reports, the cost was mostly attributable to a new battery.

How concerned should I be about the batteries in a used Tesla? Katainen’s repair estimate for 2021 is the highest we’ve seen for a Model S, and his experience serves as an excellent illustration of what a potential buyer should keep in mind when considering a pre-owned Tesla. In Katainen’s instance, we have to question whether there were any preexisting Model S repair concerns. 

Who had previously owned it? How had they typically priced it? Was the replacement price given by the repair business reasonable? If Katainen hadn’t chosen to retain his money instead of some fireworks, would Tesla have validated the non-Tesla shop repair (and justified the bill)? Most of these questions have yet to be clear answers at this time.

Of course, the footage of the Tesla explosion tells a thrilling tale that focuses less on finding solutions and more on creating mayhem. Should the battery life of a second-hand Tesla cause you concern? It’s a good idea to ask questions before buying any old car. The truth is that a used Tesla battery should be subjected to the same level of examination as a used internal combustion engine. 

You should check the battery’s condition, inquire about the owner’s charging routine, and familiarise yourself with Tesla batteries. Pre-purchase inspections by a Tesla Service Center may provide great decision-making knowledge on the battery’s health in a used Tesla you are considering buying, giving you the finest peace of mind.

Inexpensive replacement batteries are not available for Teslas or other electric vehicles (it is the most expensive part of the EV, after all). Your search for a used Tesla doesn’t have to be a stressful, nail-biting experience, thanks to real-world evidence demonstrating that Tesla battery packs hold up extraordinarily well over time and that many Teslas are still under the original battery guarantee.

Model 3 Standard Range272 miles
Model 3 Long RangeCurrently unavailable
Model 3 Performance315 miles
Model S405 miles
Model S Plaid396 miles
Model X351 miles
Model X Plaid333 miles
Model Y Long Range330 miles
Model Y Performance303 miles


A new battery for your Tesla will cost you cash, whether you get it from the Tesla Shop, a local repair shop, or install it yourself. Getting your Tesla battery replaced with a factory-remanufactured or brand-new pack is why repairs remain the best choice for Tesla owners. This guarantees that the battery they are installing is in perfect condition and will not cause any problems.

However, if you still need to get the fifteen thousand dollars or more that Tesla wants for repairs, a reliable third-party repair shop is your next best bet. If you choose wisely, these service centers may significantly reduce your costs. You may also do it yourself if you are competent or willing to become so.


How long do you anticipate a Tesla battery lasting?

CEO Elon Musk claims that you may get 300,000–500,000 kilometers out of your Tesla batteries, which equates to 1,500 battery cycles. That is the average lifespan, give or take a few years, from 22 to 37. Discussions have taken place concerning the possibility of Tesla creating a battery that can go a million miles.

What is the lifespan of Elon Musk’s battery?

Musk tweeted that the batteries in Tesla vehicles should last for 300,000–500,000 kilometers or 1,500 charges. The typical automobile driver spends between 22 and 37 years behind the wheel, with an annual average of 13,476 kilometers.

Price of Tesla battery replacement?

Musk predicted a $7,000 price tag for upgrading battery modules in 2019. Due to the high number of battery modules required for operation, a full replacement of a Tesla car may cost anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000.

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