How To Precondition Tesla Battery for Home Charging?

You Precondition Tesla Battery for Home Charging by Using the regenerative braking option with the use of this feature, a cold battery can be warmed up.

Tesla makes charging the electric vehicle in the winter efficient & easy with the preconditioning feature. Preconditioning the Battery of your Tesla before charging assists the Battery of your charge more efficiently. The colder weather can cause the electric vehicle to lose range, limit essential features such as regenerative braking, & charge at a slow rate. So here is how you can precondition tesla battery for home charging?

You can Precondition Tesla Battery for Home Charging by Using the regenerative braking option with the use of this feature, a cold battery can be warmed up. When you are driving in cold conditions, just depress the accelerator pedal to activate this feature. By doing this, you’ll assist the battery get ready and extend its range.

Toyota is making a lot of money by selling hybrid cars that reduce emissions by 30–40% at a moderate price increase across their whole line of products. However, its top officials are vocal opponents of a quick transition to electric vehicles. This strategy has drawn criticism from many analysts and for a good cause.

The regenerative braking function can also be used to prepare your Tesla battery. When the battery is cold, this feature aids in warming it up. Simply push the accelerator pedal while driving in chilly weather to activate this feature. By doing this, you can extend range and condition the battery.


Preconditioning: What Is It?

Preconditioning the battery generally entails warming this to the specific temperature before charging this, as an early indicated. The Battery has less power in colder climates since these processes proceed more slowly. Warming those up makes the optimum opportunity for the supercharge. 

In other words, when this generally takes the Tesla fifteen to thirty minutes to charge at the supercharger station, preconditioning the Battery can position you to get entirely charged in close to fifteen minutes.

“Most of the projects currently going on are either demo projects or learning experiences for the utilities. There is very little direct commercial stuff going on.”

-Phil Hermann

This video will give you details information on preconditioning features of the Tesla model.

Preconditioning battery for fast charging

How to precondition the Tesla battery?

Now that you know which type of Battery the Tesla utilizes, & what preconditioning is, let’s look at how to precondition the Tesla battery. Also, there are four various methods to conserve the main Battery: utilize the Tesla app, the Route battery setting in your vehicle, & utilization of the schedule’s departure setting in your vehicle.

It not only performs well and looks fantastic, but it also has a tone of convenient functions. Preconditioning your Tesla battery is one of these features. You may save a lot of time and energy, especially during the winter, by preconditioning your Tesla Electric car battery to help it attain comfortable temperatures and conserve energy.

Preconditiong Battery

Conserve the Actual Battery

The simplest method to precondition the Tesla battery is not to utilize this. If you know that you will not be driving for a while, and this is cold outside, do not utilize the vehicle.

It will assist to preserve the battery power & keep this warmer while you are required to utilize the vehicle. Maintaining a reasonable speed while being careful to control how frequently and rapidly you use the brake and accelerator is another way to protect the Battery. 

Utilize the Tesla App

Using the Tesla app is an additional option. This contains the actual function which enables you to preheat the specific Battery in your own automobile. Once you’ve done that, a snowflake icon will show up.

 It means that your Battery is being heated so you can use it as much as possible in the cold. Also, this is possible to set this to the appropriate temperature you want inside the vehicle. It will begin preconditioning the Battery as well.

Use your car’s on-route battery warming-up setting.

If you drive a Tesla Model S or Model X, your vehicle has a setting called “On-Route Battery Warmup.” Your Battery will be prepped using this setting for the trip to a Supercharger station.

In other words, once your vehicle determines that you are between 10 and 25 miles from the SC station you selected on the display, it will begin heating the Battery. The time it takes to charge will be significantly decreased by using this method, possibly up to 50%!

When the feature is activated, you will receive a notification saying, “Preconditioning battery for fast charging” as you approach a station. Then, the notification will go as you change your vehicle at the station.

How then do you prepare your Tesla battery? It’s easy to prepare your Tesla battery. When approaching a Tesla Supercharger that you’ve specified in Tesla navigation, the car does it automatically.

Alternately, you can manually turn it on by enabling Scheduled Departure, setting Climate to On or Defrost, or using the Tesla app or touchscreen. The battery is warmed up before to charging when driving or while utilizing the cabin HVAC system (heating or cooling).

Set Your Car To “Scheduled Departure” Mode

You can prepare your Battery for departure using the vehicle’s Scheduled Departure option, which is available at predetermined times. 

To utilize this specific feature, tap on the particular schedule icon on the menu of your Tesla & then choose the Depart option. From there, you can select while you plan to drive your electric vehicle away from your current location.

Tesla Car

What is this Tesla battery preconditioning?

Preconditioning of the Tesla battery is the method you can utilize to get the most out of your Tesla vehicle battery. By preconditioning the Tesla battery, you can easily optimize the performance of this & extending its life of this.

Preconditioning the Tesla battery also assures that your vehicle has enough range to make this where you must go by charging your vehicle easily utilizing the supercharger. Tesla recommends preconditioning your Battery each time you charge the Tesla with a supercharger, and there are various methods to do this.

How To Prepare a Tesla Battery?

Utilizing the Tesla app is one way to prepare your Tesla battery. You may use the app to manage several aspects of your car, including charging and preconditioning. Use the procedures below to precondition your Tesla battery through the app:

  • Launch the Tesla mobile application.
  • Tap on climate and choose “On.”
Tesla Car

Your Tesla battery will begin to undergo preconditioning, and the app will let you know when it is finished. The charging station’s navigation is another option to prepare your Tesla battery. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Use the maps to find the Tesla charging station.
  • “Preconditioning battery for quick charging.”

Your Battery will begin to be preconditioned shortly with the notice. 

Preconditioning is a fantastic technique to maximize the performance and lifespan of your Tesla battery. Your Tesla battery will always be in excellent condition if you adhere to the aforementioned instructions.

  • With preconditioning peak speed 164kW
  • Without preconditioning peak speed 45kW

TimeRange added.Energy added.Range added.Energy added.
After 10 minutes34 percent points85 miles136.7 km19kWh8 percent points4kWh
After 20 minutes61 percent163 miles262.3 km33kWh20 percent points10kWh
After 30 minutes80 percent after 20 minutes38kWh31 percent points17kWh
Preconditioning Range,Energy,,Time

How Does Tesla Battery Preconditioning Help?

Tesla Battery Preconditioning Help

There are many advantages to preparing your Tesla vehicle’s battery. It is beneficial:

Energy Efficiency: –

Preconditioning your Tesla reduces the overall amount of battery power used during your trip, especially if you precondition while plugged in. This is because the battery doesn’t have to use as much energy to maintain the temperature since it is already operating at its best.

Charge More Quickly: –

Your battery will charge more quickly if you precondition it before plugging it in since it won’t have to work as hard to get to the right temperature first.

Increasing Range in Cold Weather: –

Because the battery will be warm and ready to go when you start driving, preconditioning your battery can help you get the most mileage in cold weather.

Increase the Battery’s Lifespan: –

Maintaining your battery at a constant temperature during preconditioning also helps it last longer. The battery can be warmed up to help it last longer overall and guard against damage from high temperatures.


The automotive batteries made by Tesla are some of the most sophisticated and well-designed ones available right now. The company claims that its batteries can store up to 50% more range than competitor models and are built to last the vehicle’s lifespan.

Tesla’s batteries are also extremely efficient, which means that compared to other automobile battery types, they waste less energy and produce less heat. Tesla’s vehicles can travel further on a single charge and operate more effectively in extremely hot conditions. With all of these advantages, the demand for Tesla’s automobile batteries is high.


Can you Precondition the Tesla Battery in Extremely cold Weather?

In severely cold conditions, you can prepare your Tesla battery. Doing so is advised to guarantee the Battery operates at its peak performance.

What is the Best Time to Precondition your Tesla Battery?

Before a lengthy trip and when it is extremely cold outdoors are the best times to prepare your Tesla battery. When you require the Battery, it will be fully warmed up and prepared. 

What is the Proper Time of day to Precondition my Tesla Battery?

Usually, the morning or the evening are the optimum times to prepare your Tesla battery. This is because the Battery will be the coldest and require the most energy to warm up during these periods.

When Plugged in, can You Precondition my Tesla Battery?

Great inquiry. Your Tesla battery can be preconditioned while it is connected in; thus yes, you can do that. The timing is right to do that. In fact, because it will prolong the Battery’s life, this approach is advised.

Use of Energy During Battery Preconditioning?

You can set your maximum charge level with this option before you go behind the wheel. Like the other preconditioning capabilities, this one will use energy, but it can get your Tesla’s cabin and battery to their ideal conditions shortly before charging and driving.

Battery Discharge During Preconditioning?

The battery will lose its charge more quickly and supply less energy in the cold. Preconditioning uses electrical power from the mains to preheat the battery to the ideal temperature, which will protect the cells. This has the added benefit of extending battery life and maintaining the vehicle’s potential range.

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