Why Did My Model 3 Range Decrease? 

Tesla model 3 range decrease after a few months, However, the decrease in the range of the Tesla Model 3 depends on many factors including the battery, charging type, mileage, and age of the battery. Sometimes, it is normal for electric cars to lose certain miles after years

The range-decreasing behavior of Tesla Model 3 is normal over time. It takes a natural and gradual decrease in the estimated range. Some Tesla experts also claimed that the range of the Tesla Model 3 may also decrease dramatically by continuous fast charging. However, it is a general loss in Electric vehicles. So why range of tesla model 3 decreases?

Tesla model 3 range decrease after a few months, because, the decrease in the range of the Tesla Model 3 depends on many factors including the battery, charging type, mileage, and age of the battery. Sometimes, it is normal for electric cars to lose certain miles after years.


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There is a sudden decrease in the displayed range of Tesla. Tesla has updated range and mileage on their websites too. You must be thinking about why the range of the Tesla Model 3 decreased.

Will There be a Different Reason for Model 3 Range Decrease?

The range and the mileage of the Tesla Model 3 depend on the power of the battery. Yes, it is normal that Tesla loses range over the interval of time but only the battery is not the problem behind this. There may be issues like driving conditions, charging habits, age of the battery, etc. Accelerated driving pace. environmental factors like wind and extremes of cold or heat. To heat or cool the cabin, use the climate controls. Uphill travel: Driving uphill consumes more energy and quickly depletes range.

Tesla also added a range of degradation factors on their websites. The range of Tesla typically loses 1-2% over the years, and yes, it is normal. But if you find a large gap in the range degradation there may be a problem and you should go for Tesla support.

Not only Tesla, but All the electric cars also lose approx. to 5 % of the range every year. Well, batteries are designed for long-lasting but driving it for a long time like 50,000-100,000 miles, will lose range potential.

Taking Model 3 as an example, the average driver loses approx. to 5% within the first 50,000 miles. The model 3 range after degradation is about 247 miles. A recent report also claimed that the Tesla model can also lose range when parked for a long time.

The problem is termed as Vampire drain caused by long time parking. If you are countering all these changes in the range of Tesla don’t worry, it is natural and normal in electric cars.

But what if you are sure that the above-discussed problem is not in your Tesla?

Another reason may be the chemistry of the battery. It is by experiment that cells require electrolyte reaction to deliver electricity. In the case of Tesla, Lithium-ion cells perform electrolyte reactions which gets slowed down in colder temperatures.

Battery Degradation & Range Test

Which Simple Ways to Increase the Range and Battery of Tesla?

Simple Ways to Increase the Range and Battery of Tesla

By considering some of the precious ways, you can increase the range of the Battery of Tesla. Yes, for the electric car owners’ range and the battery is the two valuable things and they can’t compromise with them. So, to slightly enhance your range and battery some of the ways are highlighted below.

1.Avoid Rapid Acceleration.

The efficiency of the battery can be extended by driving smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving in the city or highway, you should focus on smooth driving.

Any sudden stops and rapid acceleration put a wrong impact on the performance of Electric cars. You should press the accelerator smoothly to attain the full power of Tesla.

2.Avoid Charging Your Appliances.

Tesla battery is not your power bank. So, if you want to maximize the potential of the Tesla battery you have to avoid charging your appliances like phones, etc. charging your phones will consume the car battery which will reduce the overall battery potential.

3.Keep Ac off During the Power Saving.

If you are running out of battery and searching for charging stations, you should turn your Ac off. This will increase a few more KM to look for the charging stations. You all know Ac consumes lots of power. Enabling all these will take you to the nearest charging stations.

4.Don’t Carry Colossal Weight.

If you are willing to bring efficiency to the Tesla electric cars avoid carrying tons of weight. As the car will gain weight, the more will be power requirement. The first will reduce the efficiency and may take you fewer kilometers.

5.Use a Regenerative Braking System.

Regenerative braking is one of them. Regenerative braking helps in adding more range to the battery because when a user presses the brake pedal it automatically starts giving power to the battery.

The above-highlighted information may add more power to the battery of your Tesla Car. No doubt, Tesla has included good technology in their Electric cars. 

It will automatically enhance the battery range of all the latest models of Tesla. Tesla is launching one of the most advanced technologies to increase the range of Tesla which is the regenerative braking system.

About Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is described as an executive sedan for users who are looking for large and fully automatic cars. It is a compact battery-powered electric car because we are only talking about tesla and you all know about the Motto of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Tesla Model 3 is a 5-seater sedan car and comes with many impressive features. Some of the main features are quick acceleration performance, dual motor, advanced autopilot mode, and many more.

The Safety of the users is the priority, so let’s talk about how safe the Tesla Model 3 is. The car is designed in a way to exceed the safety standard.

Tesla manufactures their cars by considering all the safety measures and this is the reason behind attaining 5-Star ratings in every category of Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery of 54, 62, 75, and 82 kWh. When we talk about the mileage/range of the Model 3 cars, On a single charge, the standard range of Model 3 is 220 miles(354 km).

Model 3 has high voltage and the most sophisticated battery system in the world. In near future, Tesla will gain potential updates, Reports by Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Review

Tesla Model 3 Battery Degradation

As promised, we have deeply researched the Tesla Model 3 battery degradation and prepared a table of information. The table is created by considering the years and miles of Tesla car batteries.

years/ MilesBattery degradation
2 years/50,0005%
3 years/102k8%
4 years/200k10%
Tesla Model 3 Battery Degradation

After 200,000 miles of use, Tesla vehicle batteries retain an average of 90% of their capacity. A 10% decline in battery capacity (and range) yields a very good outcome of 1% per 20,000 miles (32,200 km).


A sudden decrease is displayed in the range of the Tesla Model 3. Tesla claims it is natural degradation and updated its website with the new range and efficiency.

Tesla suggests that their Model 3 car batteries will only lose 2.2% of battery range after the 4 years of the time interval. You will notice natural degradation in the battery percentage after 80, 468 Km of use.

The range and efficiency are the biggest fear for the Electric car’s buyers but in the coming future, Tesla is renovating their technology to increase the range and efficiency of Tesla super electric cars.


Is it Acceptable to Refuel Tesla Several Times Each Day?

No, charging your Tesla car multiple times a day can reduce the overall efficiency of the battery and you have to spend more hours at the charging stations than before. Repeating the charge multiple times a day put a negative impact on lithium-ion which is why Tesla states that users charge only up to 90%. If you are going for long trips, then you can attain 100% of the charge.

Will the Tesla Battery Last 10 Years?

Well, Tesla manufactures battery for that are long-lasting, but the age period of a Tesla battery depends on certain factors like the driving cycle, charging period, and many more. It is expected that Tesla car batteries can cover approx. to 300,000 to 500,000 miles. It has a 35-year lifespan.

How do You Regain a Tesla Range?

There are many ways to regain the range of Tesla cars. Some of the good ways to gain the range of Tesla are Avoiding rapid acceleration, keeping your Ac off, don’t charge any appliance through the Tesla battery, using regenerative braking, etc. However, we have given deep information to increase the range and battery of the Tesla above.

What are Some of the Environmental Effects of Exceeding the Car Range After 220 Miles? 

Exceeding the car range after 220 miles can have negative environmental effects, such as increased emissions, decreased efficiency, battery degradation, and increased dependence on fossil fuels.

What Should You do if a Tesla Battery dies While you’re Driving?

It is possible to continue driving a Tesla until the battery is fully dead and the vehicle comes to a rest at the side of the road. In that case, you need to request a flatbed truck to come get it and take it to a charger.

How Does Destination Charge Work?

In order to facilitate charging when away from home, we partner with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality-based establishments to install Wall Connectors.

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