Should I Get a Long Range Tesla( Worth It? Real Testing done)

Yes, You should get a long range tesla but Depending upon your need, you should choose the Tesla Model because there are many latest and good performer cars of Tesla in the market.

Hey, fellow users are to planning to buy a long-range Tesla Model? If yes, then keep scrolling the page to the last information. I promise to deliver all the information regarding the long-range of the Tesla Model because Range is one of the biggest fear of buyers when dealing with battery-powered cars.

Yes, You should get a long range tesla but Depending upon your need, you should choose the Tesla Model because there are many latest and good performer cars of Tesla in the market. You should be sure to take the Tesla test drive of different models and make yourself clear about the ranges of Tesla.

Sticking to the questions, any model of Telsa is worthy but the thing is you should first clear yourself what is the need of your while buying Tesla. Things get easier if you are going to drive it for long hours, you should go with the Tesla Model higher range.

If you are getting a long-range Tesla model it will not only increase your driving range, it will never hamper you as it gets range losses even in heavy traffic. A long-range Tesla model is very useful in traveling long range without stooping long at the charging stations.


You must be wondering if there are any Models of Tesla which offer good mileage ratings. The answer is hell yes, Most of the Tesla Models come with an effective range and later in the article, we’ll know which Model offers the highest range/mileage if you stick to getting a long-range Tesla.

Tesla Buying Guide


Should I Get a Long Range Tesla, How Worthy It Is?

Not only you, but most electric car buyers also has one of the biggest fear regarding the range of Tesla. They aren’t able to configure themselves between the range and performance of Tesla. Range and performance are almost similar but what to choose let’s see.

Our recommendation is if you are planning to buy an electric car like Tesla, then you should consider long-range as the primary factor because this is the only thing that will take you to the far-off distance and this is what you expect in EVs. Getting a long-range EV is termed as one of the most worthy ones as it saves your time from waiting long at charging stations if you are too tight with your schedule.

According to the reports, every customer looks for the bigger ones even in the battery. Most people preferred a large battery which is supposed to take to longer miles. Genuine buyers always look for the best and bigger one it can be anything like a bigger battery or bigger fuel tank. 

We can’t describe the worthiness of Tesla without knowing what the mission of vehicles means and for what purpose it will be used. If the primary focus of getting an electric car is your family and traveling for short distances like home to office or office to home, then clearly it is not worth it because Tesla has lowers models too to enable you in covering a short distance. Spending more money on the long-range Tesla may not be much effective decision.

Apart from this if your focus is on traveling long highways or long commutes, the long-range Tesla is worth it. A good range of Tesla vehicles may be a good choice. However, the price may be accordingly to your EVs mission, so our decision must consider your Tesla mission first.

It is also true that no one can decide for you what is worth you at least you decide for yourself. Sticking to the query instead of getting a long-range expensive Tesla, is more how you use it. So, I will recommend you take a test drive of different Tesla Models. If you standard a range Tesla, you have to pay extra dollars. 

How To Choose A Long-Range Tesla Model?

Standard Range(SR)50Kwh220 Miles
Standard Range Plus(SR+)62KWh240 Miles
Mid-Range62KWh264 Miles
Long Range AWD(LR)75KWh310 Miles

All the EVs buyers, notably, Tesla, have options to choose different Tesla models. But one of the biggest debates of buyers is the battery size of EVs. The battery size governs the range of Tesla up to a single charge.

Tesla has mainly four model variants standard range(SR), Standard range Plus(SR+), Mid-range, Long range AWD(LR). The price varies accordingly with the variants. SR+ is equipped with all the good technology and has a $4000 difference over SR while LR adds a $130000 difference over SR and a $9000 difference over SR+.

If money is not a big issue must prefer the biggest battery Tesla because it will potentially enable you in performing long-distance trips. A larger battery has the potential to add extra range to the vehicles. You must come up with your values while choosing Tesla Model.

It would be nice to make a larger battery your choice which will add perks of features and personal values. Some of the features of long-range and larger batteries are highlighted below.

  • A long-range Tesla has the potential to charge batteries up to 20% faster than the other models.
  • The larger battery pack offers higher acceleration which is required for power performance.
  • The larger battery pack has a battery degradation of only 2-3%.
  • A large battery pack has a collection of large cells to improve the performance of charging.
Tesla Model 3 Review

How Far You Can Go With Long-Range Tesla?

Tesla’s long-range electric car revolution is performed by the Tesla Model 3. So, if you are looking for a long-range Tesla then you should consider the Tesla Model 3 once. However, all the latest models of Tesla have good range/mileage.

The model of Tesla has the highest range of up to 405 miles on a single charge. This is one of the world’s largest miles covered by electric cars where you spend most of the time driving your car, not at the charging point. It is equipped with a fast charging network.

Model S310 miles
Model X340 miles
Model Y370 miles
Model 3410 miles

Some other Models of Tesla like Model S, Model X, and Model Y have an estimated range of up to 310 miles, 340 miles, and 370 miles.

Tesla is responsible for the next-generation revolution in electric cars because it offers a good range and value for money. Tesla Model 3 has nailed the performance level and attracted customers for the alternative of gasoline-powered cars.

The biggest plus point of the Tesla Model 3 is it can reach 60 mph within 3.1 seconds which is termed as high acceleration capacity. However, Tesla also has some other good range of cars like Model S, Model X, and Model Y but Tesla Model 3 stands out among them because of its extended long range.

Tesla Long-Range Real Testing

The estimated range and real range have gained a difference of Up to 5% in Tesla. The real range is acquired by the real testing of vehicles on road at different driving conditions. However, Tesla is more likely to get close to the stats they promised.  

A Tesla model 3 has an estimated range of up to 410 miles but the real range is only up to 310-350 miles in a fully charged battery. The EPA is described by the battery energy not by the driving conditions so there is a slight difference between the real and estimated.

How much more expensive is a long-range Tesla than a regular Tesla?

Depending on the particular model and features, a long-range Tesla can cost more or less than a conventional Tesla, but generally speaking, it is more expensive. In contrast to the normal Model 3, the Long Range’s starting price is $49,990.

The longer driving range and less recharging requirements, meanwhile, might make up for the extra expense.

The cost of a long-range Tesla vs a conventional Tesla varies depending on the model and amenities, but in general, the long-range variant is more expensive.

A few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars can separate products with different prices. Although the increased cost might be justified by the increased driving range and decreased need for charging.

Do long-range Teslas come with increased maintenance costs?

Compared to normal Teslas, maintenance expenses for long-range Teslas are not noticeably higher. Both vehicles need a comparable amount of maintenance, primarily tire rotations, brake inspections, and cabin air filter replacements on a regular basis.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that because long-range Teslas often have larger battery packs, the price of replacing the battery may end up being more expensive over time, if necessary.

However, the possibility of needing a replacement is slim because the battery packs in Tesla cars are built to last a very long period and have an eight-year or 120,000-mile warranty.

How often does a long-range Tesla need to be recharged?

The amount of time between recharges for a long-range Tesla varies on a number of variables, including driving patterns, the outside temperature, and the Tesla’s particular model.

A fully charged Tesla with a long range can typically travel 300 to 400 miles before needing to be recharged. This range may, however, change based on variables including driving speed, the use of air conditioning or heating, and whether you’re on a slope or in a stop-and-go traffic situation.

In general, it is advised to recharge a long-range Tesla when the battery level falls to between 20% and 30% in order to preserve the battery’s health.

How long is a long-range Tesla’s warranty?

Long-range A four-year or 50,000-mile limited warranty is included with Tesla automobiles, whichever comes first. A guarantee of eight years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first, is also offered for the battery and drive unit. The guarantee includes free repairs or replacements for any damaged parts, and it also covers flaws in the materials and craftsmanship. It’s crucial to remember that the warranty might not cover harm brought on by mistreatment, misuse, or changes done to the vehicle.


Owning a Tesla car has lots of advantages. Some of them exist of carbon emission, increased performance, powerful technology, and social status. The long-range Tesla model may bring lots of advantages to you if you prefer to long drive your vehicle. Yes, Tesla manufactures EVs like Tesla Model 3 which offer high mileage and good performance on road.


Should I get a Tesla Model 3 long-range?

For the long-range Tesla Model S, it is recommended to go with the Tesla Model 3 because it offers an estimated range of up to 410 miles in a fully charged battery. It is equipped with an enhanced battery capacity and a very healthy EPA. You can easily arrange a long drive to the highway. Driving will be full of fun with the Tesla Model 3.

Will a Tesla last longer than a normal car?

You don’t have to worry about the Tesla lifespan because the estimated lifespan of the Tesla is about 35 years which is far more than the gasoline cars. The average life of a gasoline car is only about 15 years but in the case of a Tesla, it is 35 years. With the Tesla car, you can daily cover an estimated range of up to 350 miles.

What is Tesla’s maintenance cost?

According to the reports by Repair Pal, the average maintenance cost of Tesla is nearly about $832 per year. The average maintenance costs also depends on the Tesla Models you are having. You may end up spending more dollars than the average cost if you have SR+ and LR AMD.

Are there any drawbacks to owning a long-range Tesla?

While owning a long-range Tesla has many benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider before making a purchase decision. Some potential drawbacks include:
1.Higher upfront cost compared to a standard Tesla
2.Limited availability of charging stations in some areas
3.Longer charging time compared to refueling a gas-powered vehicle
4.Reduced driving range in extreme weather conditions, especially in cold temperatures
5.Higher cost of battery replacement if needed
6.Reliance on electricity and potential for power outages or grid failures

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