How Long Can a Tesla Car Keep its Fully Charged Battery if Not Used?

A Tesla car loses approximately 1% of its battery charge per day when not in use. This means it can keep its fully charged battery for about 90 days before losing about 90% of its charge. Yes, with the wrong settings the car could lose 2%-3% more per day and in 28-32 days of driving he could mean 100% losses.

A typical example is long-term parking at an airport for a two-week vacation or business trip. A Tesla car is expected to use about 2-3% charge per day while parked. In some cases, consumption can be high. How long will a fully charged Tesla car’s battery last if it is not in use?

A Tesla car loses approximately 1% of its battery charge per day when not in use. This means it can keep its fully charged battery for about 90 days before losing about 90% of its charge. Yes, with the wrong settings the car could lose 2%-3% more per day and in 28-32 days of driving he could mean 100% losses. We recommend leaving features like preconditioning, wake mode, and climate on, and disabling all his accessories when you don’t need them. 

Tesla Battery Low Without Use 

DayBattery Percent Low
1 day2-3 %
13-15 day50-50 %
28-32 day100%
Tesla Battery Low Without Use


Tesla never goes completely to sleep. From monitoring battery health, to hearing if your Tesla is trying to wirelessly connect to your car, to when your car is ready to open its doors, to recording who is approaching your car. 

It contains a number of computer systems that perform a range of functions, such as running Sentry Mode to run the It depends on what you tell the car. 

There is a tradeoff between how many things you need to do and how much power your car consumes.

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Why Does the Tesla Car’s Fully Charged Battery Get Depleted When it is Not in Use?

If you propose no longer the usage of your car for a while, you’ll want those guidelines on retaining an Electric Car  battery charged whilst now no longer in use. 

A battery is an important part of your Electric Car  due to the fact, without it, there are structures that won’t work, and also you won’t also be capable of using your ignition or beginning the Electric Car . 

A car battery sitting unused for a long term should cause a few issues or maybe die completely. 

These car battery guidelines underneath will assist maintain your battery sturdy and charged throughout.

Battery Heating and Cooling

After the Electric Car of the drivetrain, heating and cooling the battery pack (and the cabin) of an electric powered Electric Car are the largest drains on its energy reserves, says Ashley Fly, a lecturer in car electrification at Loughborough University within the UK. 

The electricity required relies upon numerous outside factors, like temperature and sunlight. 

Heating and cooling energy intake may want to range from some hundred watts while the ambient temperature is near optimal, 1-2 kW.

While the surroundings may be very warm or bloodless, or maybe as much as 5+ kW if the car is starting up very bloodless and the battery desires to be warmed up through a resistive heater.

Why is battery temperature so important? When you’ve got a chilly battery, unique chemical reactions set overall performance limits. 

Battery Temperatures

The mobile ulnar chemistry presently used with inside the car enterprise does now no longer take care of excessive currents, charging or discharging, thoroughly at low temperatures. 

If exposed, a phenomenon referred to as lithium plating will happen. This is something just like corrosion and could motivate getting older and degradation of battery overall performance. 

Fly stresses that the great route of movement is to continually preheat an electric powered Electric Car  at the same time as its miles plugged into the charger. 

That way, grid power is used to warm the battery and cabin, in preference to sapping electricity from the auto itself.

What Does a Tesla Car Battery Do for the Car

Even though you may assume a Tesla Electric Car battery to be mundane, it plays many jobs for your car. 

Try beginning your Electric Car  without a battery, and also you’ll see how crucial it is; your Electric Car  won’t begin, and if with the aid of using a few miracles it does, it won’t cross very far. 

Now that motors have become greater electric powered and feature greater features, those features are being delivered to the listing of factors your battery has to do. 

A useless or a vulnerable battery should cause you to be stranded inside the center of the road. 

Tesla battery Model Capacity 

ModelBattery Warranty 
Model 3 Standard Range 8 year or 100k miles
Model 3 Long Range/ Performance 8 year 120k miles
Model Y long Range8 year 120k miles
Model Y Performance 8 year 120k miles
Model S 8 year 150k miles
Model X8 year 150k miles
Tesla Battery Model Capacity 

Here Are Some Roles of Tesla Electric Car Battery

 Starting the Engine

A battery’s maximum essential feature is beginning the engine. A battery consists of acid and plate substances interacting in a selected order to create bad and fantastic costs, consisting of byproduct substances. 

These Electric Car battery additives make a chemical response that produces strength that travels out of the battery to begin your Electric Car. 

So, whilst you switch your key or press the begin button, the battery’s chemical electricity is transformed into strength which then spreads to different components of the auto that want it, and the engine roars to life. 

It is essential to select the scale of your battery relying on your engine’s size.

It Powers The Ignition System

When you switch your ignition key, you’re sending a message to provoke a chemical response just like the one we defined above. 

When the battery begins to evolve the auto’s ignition system, it hyperlinks as much as all of the different functions within the Electric Car , even turning on its protection functions. 

When turning on the auto’s ignition, you’ll discover whether or not there’s something incorrect with the auto’s ignition system. 

An Electric Car battery materials all different digital gadgets with strength even if the engine isn’t running.

Working With the Alternator

Your Electric Car battery works with the alternator to energize different digital tactics for your Electric Car. 

As the call suggests, the alternator alternates the current, turning it into electric electricity. 

If your alternator features correctly, it’s speculated to energize your radio, air conditioning, lights, wipers, airbag system, or even auxiliary linked gadgets. 

Even though the battery is what offers the preliminary burst of electricity, the alternator is what continues the electronics going and costs the battery too. 

While using your Electric Car, the auto battery can’t die due to the fact the alternator continues charging it.

Regulates Voltage

Sometimes, whilst precise structures for your Electric Car get overworked, they produce energy surges which could cause harm in your Electric Car and different electronics. 

Your Electric Car  battery is important because it saves you from those energy surges from happening. 

An Electric Car  battery absorbs all of the greater voltage that different components produce. 

A battery is a great alternator backup because it protects your Electric Car structures, and in case your alternator dies, the battery will take over.

Storing Energy

The identical manner you’ve got an energy financial institution for backup further equates to the function of a battery for your Electric Car. 

A battery guarantees the sustainability of your Electric Car ’s electricity system. Once you begin your Electric Car , the alternator recharges the battery, making sure that each electric part of the auto receives energy and runs smoothly. 

As you maintain using the battery recharged, storing chemical electricity you’ll use the following time whilst beginning your Electric Car.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last On A Charger?

If you’re taking into account taking a prolonged vacation, you are probably thinking in case you’ll come back to a lifeless battery or now no longer. 

How lengthy your battery remains charged relies upon the form of Electric Car , weather, and battery life. 

For example, in case you depart your Electric Car  parking, you ought to anticipate your battery to lose its price within 3 months. 

If it is going beyond months, you’ll be pushing your good fortune due to the fact, in a month and a 1/2 of months, your battery won’t have sufficient energy to start your Electric Car. 

Your Electric Car battery will die even whilst you’re now no longer at the back of the wheel as it nevertheless does a few features even whilst you’re now no longer using it. 

Tesla Battery Temperature Charge 

Temperature 100% Full Charge
Tesla Battery Temperature Charge

Battery Alarm 

When your Electric Car is off, the battery powers the alarm, dashboard clock, alarm, and radio, however in case you depart your Electric Car lighting fixtures in a single day through accident, then don’t anticipate your battery to live to tell the tale due to the fact it’ll maximum in all likelihood die. 

When exploiting how lengthy your battery price will ultimately be, you have to additionally don’t forget the weather. 

Extreme weather, including whilst it’s warm or too cold, will have an effect on your battery.

How should I store my Tesla car if I’m not using it for an extended period?

If you’re not planning to use your Tesla car for an extended period of time, it’s recommended to follow these steps to store it properly:

  1. Charge the battery to at least 50%: Before storing your Tesla, charge the battery to a minimum level of 50%. This will help to maintain the battery’s health and prevent it from fully discharging.
  2. Park in a cool, dry place: Choose a cool, dry, and well-ventilated location to park your car. It’s recommended to park the car in a garage or covered area to protect it from the elements.
  3. Turn off the Sentry Mode: Turn off the Sentry Mode as it can consume a significant amount of battery power when activated.
  4. Set the Energy Saving Mode: Enable the “Energy Saving” mode in the car’s settings to reduce the energy consumption when the car is not in use.
  5. Keep the car plugged in: It’s recommended to keep the car plugged in when not in use. This will ensure that the battery is maintained at an optimal charge level.
  6. Consider a trickle charger: If you plan to store your Tesla for a long period, you can consider using a trickle charger. A trickle charger will help to maintain the battery’s charge level and prevent it from fully discharging.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Tesla remains in good condition and its battery remains healthy even if it’s not being used for an extended period.

If you’re not using your Tesla car for an extended period, it’s recommended to store it with a minimum charge level of 50%. Also, it’s important to park the car in a cool, dry, and ventilated location, away from direct sunlight, to prevent any damage to the battery. You can also enable the “Energy Saving” mode in the car’s settings to reduce energy consumption when the car is not in use.

How Lengthy Ought to a Battery Ultimate Without Using

Your Electric Car can take a seat down parked for 4 weeks to 2 months earlier than your battery dies. 

The cause for the distinction in duration of time is due to the fact how lengthy your battery maintains price relies upon on its condition.

The battery type, the weather, and the country in which you left your battery (whether or not it became completely charged or now no longer). 

The structures on your Electric Car, including the clock, alarms, and others, will maintain draining your battery even whilst you’re now no longer using your Electric Car. 

Your battery dies whilst you don’t force your Electric Car to be too lengthy due to the fact, in ordinary circumstances, the alternator costs your battery whilst you’re going. 

But whilst you’re now no longer, the battery isn’t recharged subsequently the energy tired through different structures inside the Electric Car. 

If your Electric Car sits unused for a prolonged period, your battery may want to take a difficult hit. 

For example, in case your battery is older than 3 years, it can in the long run bring about you are shopping for a brand-new battery.

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Why Does My Electric Car  Battery Die After Sitting for Some Days

If you discover yourself with a useless battery on every occasion you pass without reading your Electric Car for some days, there are a pair of factors that could be causing the problem. 

Some issues may want to end result from a susceptible battery, at the same time as others may want to result in your battery’s death. 

Reasons why your Electric Car battery dies after sitting some days, encompass.

Corroded or Free Battery Connections: –

Loose Battery Connections or corroded wires may want to save your battery from charging sufficiently. 

When your battery concessions aren’t in place, it won’t feel because it ought to while you’re riding. 

Leaving your home and headlights on will drain your battery. Even the dim indoors lighting fixtures are sufficient to empty your battery, leaving you stranded inside the morning. 

Sometimes the motive for those lighting fixtures staying on may be a malfunction on your device. 

A susceptible battery might not keep a fee for long. If you discover that small drains just like the reminiscence feature on your Electric Car radio expend your battery, then it’s susceptible. 

Extreme Climate (both warm or cold) will motivate a susceptible battery to die. 

Severe climate additionally magnifies different underlying troubles that had been on your Electric Car.

Parasitic Drains on Your Electric Car may want to kill your battery. The maximum not unusual ones encompass glove containers and trunk lighting fixtures that stay on or come on after they shouldn’t. 

Charging Device Issues- Let’s say your battery dies while you’re riding, which means your charging device may be at fault. 

Other charging device troubles encompass stretched or free belts stopping the alternator from working.


Most Tesla Electric Car batteries which are in excellent situations will close at the least weeks without having you to begin the auto and power to recharge it. 

But in case you don’t intend to power your Electric Car for a while for any reason, you need to nonetheless begin it up as soon as every week to recharge the 12-volt battery.


Why Does the Envisioned Range Lower in a Single Day Even as My Electric Car is Off?

It is anticipated for a Tesla Electric Car to devour around 1% of rate according to day even as parked. In a few cases, you can note that intake is higher. 
We advocate deactivating capabilities along with preconditioning, Sentry Mode, Keep Climate On and any aftermarket system while now no longer needed.

How Lengthy Do Tesla Batteries Last?

Tesla Electric Car  batteries are stated to be designed to final 300,000-500,000 miles (as purported through Tesla CEO Elon Musk), or approximately 21-35 years, primarily based totally at the common quantity of miles pushed through Americans in a single year, that is normally around 14,263.

What’s the Dimensions of a Tesla Battery?

The battery length additionally influences the mileage range of the Electric Car. 
For example, the Model three has the smallest battery and on a complete rate, it could pressure as much as 272 miles, as opposed to the Model S Plaid, which has a bigger battery, and may journey as much as 405 miles on an unmarried rate.

Can I leave my Tesla car plugged in when not in use?

Yes, you can leave your Tesla car plugged in when not in use. The car will automatically stop charging when the battery is fully charged, and the charger will maintain the battery’s charge level at the appropriate level. However, it’s recommended to unplug the car and charge it to the recommended minimum level (50%) before storing it for an extended period.

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