Tesla Error Code Bms_A063-Complete Guide 

What we need to know about Tesla Error Code? 

Tesla Error Code Bms_A063 indicates a fault in the Battery Management System (BMS) of a Tesla vehicle.

Your car has determined that the high-voltage battery is impaired due to a malfunction occurring inside the battery itself. You will need to get it serviced to return to peak performance. Your car’s maximum range may be lowered, and it will take longer to charge than before. As usual, geography, power supply, and charging infrastructure affect the maximum charge rate. What we need to know about Tesla Error Code?

Tesla Error Code Bms_A063 indicates a fault in the Battery Management System (BMS) of a Tesla vehicle. It requires immediate attention as it could affect the performance and safety of the battery pack. Professional assistance from a Tesla service center is recommended to diagnose and resolve the issue. Service appointments should be made as soon as possible.

Without maintenance, your car may lose maximum range and charging efficiency and have trouble maintaining enough power and acceleration. Keep your vehicle charged to at least 30% while this warning is active to prevent a gap between the high voltage battery charge level and the estimated range shown on the touchscreen.


Understanding Tesla Error Code BMS_A063

The “Unable to Charge – Service required” warning will show when the internal charger or charging port malfunctions. A blown fuse or other electrical problem might be at blame as well. The error may indicate a more serious issue, such as a defective battery pack.

How to avoid Tesla Error Code Bms_A063?

These steps should resolve the “Unable to Charge – Service required” problem. In most cases, you can avoid ever calling Tesla support. You can quickly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs by consulting the user guide.

The “Unable to Charge – Service required” warning often indicates a faulty onboard or supercharger. Your Tesla’s built-in charger takes in alternating current (AC) from the charging station and transforms it into direct current (DC) for use by the car’s battery. Your car will not be able to charge if the charging system on board is broken. Error messages or lights that do not match the standard charging method may help you pinpoint the onboard charger as the cause of the problem.

Your Tesla, like any other electrical device, requires a solid connection to charge effectively. It’s possible that a sloppy connection between the charging station and your car is to blame for the “Unable to Charge – Service Required” error message. A defective battery pack may cause the “Unable to Charge – Service Required” error message. You should be aware of this, despite its rarity.

To begin with, a battery pack that has been damaged loses around 20% of its driving range due to its inability to store energy. The error notice might be caused by outdated billing software. This is often not a hardware problem. Instead, there is an issue with the charging method regulation software, prompting Tesla to provide software upgrades.

The software in Tesla cars is often updated. These updates might include new functions, fixed bugs, and improved functionality. It may be necessary to update to work with modern charging stations and gadgets.

You should first see if there are any software upgrades available if the “Unable to Charge – Service Required” error message displays. Check for software updates after seeing the “Tesla Unable to Charge, Service Required” error message. Tesla releases updates regularly that may be downloaded wirelessly and installed.

Whenever Tesla releases an update, the option to install it will show as a pop-up in the centre of your touchscreen display. Select “Software” under “Control” on your Tesla’s screen to see if any new software upgrades are available. A safe connection between the charger and the charge port is crucial for effective charging. If there is debris blocking the connection, your car may not charge. The charging port is often located in the trunk of your vehicle and is concealed while not in use.

Detach the port’s cover and sweep out any dirt, dust, or leaves that may have accumulated there. If dust or other material is blocking the charging port, a can of compressed air can do the trick.

The Importance of Maintaining Tesla BMS to Avoid BMS_A063

Adopting a regular maintenance schedule is crucial for the smooth operation of an automobile since the vehicle’s condition deteriorates gradually without it. If you rely on your car for short and long trips, keeping it in good working order is important to avoid being stranded in a remote area.

Improves Security

Keeping up with basic maintenance will assist with any security risks, big or small. In addition, it aids in maintaining the vehicle’s overall health, reducing or eliminating the likelihood of malfunctions.

Fuel savings

There will be no wasted gas if you keep up with routine maintenance on your car. However, paying attention to your car’s upkeep might force you to fill its petrol tank more often, squandering time and money.

Tesla Error Code Bms_A063

Therefore, keeping up with the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance will help preserve its value by extending the life of the vehicle’s components, such as the battery, and ensuring that its use remains a pleasure for longer. However, Tesla Power USA’s website has the finest automobile battery if you want to upgrade your current vehicle’s battery. Tesla Power USA is right up there with the best of them when it comes to producing automobile batteries. The website has batteries for every make and model of automobile imaginable. Tesla Power USA’s unique and forward-thinking approach to battery technology produces high-quality automobile batteries that can handle even the roughest terrain.

Tips for Preventing Tesla Error Code BMS_A063 from Occurring

Slowly Put On The Brakes

Reverse acceleration of more than 0.3 g is considered hard braking. You may prevent having to use emergency brakes by gradually braking and decreasing your speed. This translates into maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and looking for anything that might force you to use the brakes.

Tesla Error Code Bms_A063

Avoid Tailgating Other Vehicles

Unreliable leaders call this “headway.” When you are following a group of automobiles, your headway is measured. If the car in front of you suddenly stops, it will tell you how much time you must react and brake. There are no reports of unsafe below 50 mph. If you’re going faster than that, it’s best to follow only a little behind other vehicles.

Hold On to the Wheel

Three alerts will appear if the car detects that you are not paying attention when using autopilot. If you disregard all three warnings, the autopilot will be disabled for the remainder of your flight. You will not have to worry about this since a single caution won’t lower your Safety Score. However, familiarity with Tesla’s methods for measuring focus is essential. It’s not always enough to have your hands on the wheel. Your hands should be rotating or providing very mild resistance.

Tesla Error Code Bms_A063
Tesla WarrantyTerms
Basic Vehicle4 years/50,000 miles
Supplemental Restraint System5 years/60,000 miles
Battery and Drive UnitVaries based on model
Parts, Body, & Paint Repair1 year/12,500 miles
Tesla Warranty


While the Tesla Safety Score can improve drivers’ behaviour, the system cannot differentiate between safe and hazardous manoeuvres. Much potentially risky driving behaviour are now illegal. It seems reasonable to deduct points for inconsiderate driving behaviours like following too closely to another car or relying too much on autopilot.

However, if you brake too hard for a stop sign, you might lose points in the Safety Score, but not if you ignore the sign. It would help if you focused more on the road and less on the app.


What causes Tesla error code BMS_A063?

This occurs when the automobile is fully charged, but we continue to do maintenance charges. The error notice probably occurred because the charging mode was changed from one-phase to three-phase.

How can I diagnose Tesla error code BMS_A063?

If you have trouble charging your car, try unplugging the Wall Connector and plugging it back in. If the problem remains after doing this, disconnect the Wall Connector from the car, wait 10 seconds, and then rejoin it while the circuit breaker is on.

What should I do if I encounter an error code on my Tesla vehicle?

If you see an error code displayed on your Tesla’s screen or dashboard, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual or Tesla’s official support resources. In many cases, the manual will provide guidance on the specific error code and any immediate actions you should take.

Can I continue driving my Tesla if an error code appears?

It depends on the severity of the error code. Some error codes may indicate minor issues or warnings that allow you to continue driving. However, certain critical error codes may require immediate attention, and it’s advisable to contact Tesla’s customer support or a Tesla service center for further guidance.

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