Why Do Some Electric Cars Have A Longer Range Than Others?

Hey, have you guys landed here for the potential information on the range of electric cars? and want to know why some electric cars have a longer range than others. If your answer is hell yes, you are scrolling the right page. Here is the whole article, we’ve deeply analyzed complete information about the range of electric cars. But why do some electric cars have a longer range than others?

Because when we talk about electric car batteries it depends on many factors like the battery efficiency, weight of the vehicles, accelerating power, and the driving conditions. As per the information, all the latest electric cars have a decent range of up to 310 miles on a single charge. The range of electric cars is the deciding factor for all the owners and buyers of electric vehicles. They look for the higher efficiency and mileage of the EVs. According to the analyst and battery researcher, a higher-density electric battery has a higher potential to accelerate to more miles.

If we are talking about electric cars then everyone looks for one of the leading automotive industries of electric cars, Tesla. Tesla is one of the fastest-growing industries of electric cars. Approximately, they have included all the expectations of the customers to make a decent investment in electric cars.

If you are new to the range of all the latest models of Tesla, let me introduce you to the Range of Tesla Models. Tesla still has the potential to go higher on a single charge than several other electric car competitors. It maintains a higher range of up to 370 miles without stopping for a charge. These types of ranges are rare in electric cars.

The table below shows the Top 3 Electric Cars Having a Long Range.

Top Electric CarsRange Of Electric Cars
Tesla 310-370 miles
Nissan149-200 miles
Chevrolet250-300 miles
Electric Cars With Long Range

As you compared electric cars with gasoline cars, it is much more effective in taking you through the city without disrupting the environmental cause. The world has good competitors for electric cars like Chevrolet, Jaguar, Nissan, Tesla, etc which are designing battery-powered cars.

Top 5 longest-range electric cars.

The detailed information about the electric cars range will be highlighted later in the article and we have included some higher range of electric cars models too. So, make sure to read the detailed information.

Reasons Behind Some Electric Cars Have A Longer Range Than Others.

As per the reports, the usage of electric cars is effectively increasing worldwide because of the fire price of gasoline. People are shifting towards electric-powered cars over gasoline cars. Electric cars propel energy eclectic cars powered by batteries.

The market has variations in electric cars. Some automobiles are offering a good range of electric vehicles while others are slightly lower. So, sticking to the query” Why do some electric cars have a longer range than others”.

The reason may be different and can hold some big reasons like the higher battery efficiency, vehicle efficiency, motor, and power electronics. These factors determine the overall range of EVs.

If an electric vehicle is powered by a large battery with higher efficiency it will travel a higher distance than the others. Another factor may be the weight of the vehicles. The higher weight of the vehicles may disrupt the power performance of the electric cars because of the higher power usage in acceleration.

Detailed the range by the example, assuming a battery of 90KWh If a car covers 3.5 miles per kWh, then it can only travel up to 315 miles on a single charge while if competitive cars like Tesla cover 4 miles KWh, it can travel up to 360 miles without charging.

Top 10 Longest range electric cars

The above information determines the power efficiency of the battery. You must be wondering why we have taken Tesla’s competitors. The reason is simple, Tesla is known for the power efficiency of electric cars and this is why Tesla is ruling the electric-powered world.

Bringing you back to the Tesla’s approximate range, It can travel up to 370 miles on a fully charged battery. However, this is completely analyzed information, so there may be little ups or downs in the range.

A report states, Tesla is dominating the most competitive vehicles because of the higher range factor even though the competitor has bigger batteries.

Approximate Range Of Electric Cars

If you are an EV owner or planning to bring electric cars to your home then you must be wondering about the range of Electric cars. Before stepping next to the information let me detail the word” Range”.

A range is referred to the complete distance of the electric cars that they travel without recharging the battery. If an EV can travel 300 miles on a single charge, it has an approximate range of 300 miles.

As the efficiency of gasoline cars is expressed by the size of the fuel tank, the same is expressed in the electric vehicles which is the size and capacity of the battery. A battery supplies the reserved energy to the motor to make the vehicle move.

According to the listed stats most electric vehicles have a range of up to 310-370 miles on a single charge depending upon the model, battery, and driving conditions. If the EVs battery is fully charged, it has the power to accelerate you up to 370 miles.

Electric Car Range: Everything You Need to Know About Drive Distance on Electric Cars

However, you may also see battery degradation capacity over time as it will automatically impact the overall range of electric cars. To avoid this, it is recommended to charge your battery up to 80 or 90%.

About Tesla Car Range

Tesla is one of the biggest competitors of electric cars over the other manufacturers. It delivers premium quality and technology to the users and makes them satisfied with battery-powered cars over gasoline cars.

The estimated range of all the latest Models of Tesla is up to 370 miles without charging twice. This is one of the big factors in the success of Tesla cars. Elon musk Knows People want a good range of electric cars and this is what Elon Musk did.

The Truth About Tesla’s Electric Car Range

Tesla is constantly surprising their customers with new and effective battery efficiency. Currently, they are working on new technology to bring more battery-efficient cars.

Electric Cars On Highway Vs Electric Cars in City

The mileage range of the EVs car is more economical in the city rather than on the highway. This is just the opposite of gasoline cars. Electric vehicles hold different inertia than gasoline cars.

You must be aware of the energy-regenerating features of electric cars. While accelerating the pedal of electric vehicles generates power which brings back more power to the battery. And this case is normally counted over the city roads full of traffic.

But if you go straight on the highway it only uses battery power rather than generating it. So, it is concluded that EVs are more efficient in the city over the highway.


Electric vehicles are generating a huge response from users. Users are aggressively shifting to electric cars. The EVs are very economical which allows their users to move freely around the city just by charging. The range is the crucial factor in electric cars. But some manufacturers sell a good range of electric cars. Tesla is one of the best manufacturers of electric cars and offers a good range of all models


What determines the range of an electric car?

The range of an electric vehicle depends on many factors such as the battery, driving condition, and the wattage of the battery. These factors determine the range of an electric car. As it is said the lithium-ion battery is known for the best performance in electric vehicles as compared to any other battery. The lithium-ion battery has the potential to restore electricity. So, if you are looking for a good-range electric car, you must surely look at the battery section.

Why do Tesla cars have a long-range?

You all know what is the main motto of Tesla in terms of electric cars. Tesla is known for the best-powered electric vehicles. Tesla has surprisingly activated the world with battery power. Generally, all the models of Tesla have a higher potential to cover long range over the other electric vehicles like Nissan, Chevrolet, etc. The main reason behind this power is the battery performance of Tesla and its technology. When we talk about the Tesla Model S, has the highest peak of range efficiency.

Why is Elon Musk not allowed to sell cars in India?

According to recent tweets, Elon Musk stated that India levies a 60% import duty on electric vehicles and this is the main reason for getting hold of this project in 2019. The import duty on electric cars is over 100% as priced at more than $40,000. Tesla has stopped selling their cars in India because of the high import duty. The latest tweet on this is” TESLA IS NOT GOING TO PUT ANY MANUFACTURING PLANT TO ANY LOCATION WHERE WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL & SERVICE CARS.

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