Tesla Error Code Cp_A163 – Complete Guide 

Tesla Error Code Cp_A163 - Complete Guide 

As demand for tesla buyers is increasing day by day but there are some tesla error codes. So do you know about Tesla error code Cp_A163?

Tesla Error code Cp_A163 is related to the charging port on Tesla vehicles. It indicates a communication error between the vehicle and the charging equipment. To resolve this issue, try unplugging and reconnecting the charging cable, ensuring it is properly inserted. If the problem persists, contact Tesla customer support for further assistance and potential troubleshooting steps.

Since the car has detected that the driver is leaving or has disappeared, it has put itself into Park (P). This is typical behavior for vehicles in a wide range of conditions. If the following is true, your car will put itself into Park:

  • Inactive auto parking system
  • In neither Forward nor Reverse gear is your car moving faster than 1.45 mph (2.5 km/h).

More than 2 seconds have passed since we saw any sign of action from the driver. The actions of a driver consist of the following:

  • Activating the brakes and the gas
  • Using physical controls to direct a car.

And two of the following are also true:

  • The driver’s seatbelt was found to be unfastened.
  • The presence of the driver is not confirmed.
  • There was an open door alert for the driver.

Common Tips And Tricks For Tesla Error Code CP_A163

just recieved my model S after 51 days in the shop. Just found some parts DUCT TAPED together. Is this normal? Rear left wheel side. Is there a supply chain issue for clips?


Our updated advice will be of use to you. Therefore, we have reworked it. Particularly at Tesla, there are many little secrets that aren’t in the book.

Engaged Autopilot

It would help if you sometimes made small adjustments to the wheel to keep the autopilot from turning off again. You may also keep the autopilot on by pressing or scrolling one of the scroll wheels.

The Use Of Rushing Current

Hold the gear selector down for around 3 seconds, and the car automatically goes to the highest gear.

To adjust the wipers, push the button next to the turn signal lever until it clicks, and a menu of possibilities will show on the screen.

Turn Off The Seat Warmers:

The Tesla app allows you to disable the seat heating function immediately. You can turn off the seat warmers on the Tesla app by pressing and holding the driver’s seat.

Temperature And Ventilation Controls:

The seat and steering wheel heating may be turned on and off using the Tesla app and the climate control.

The climate menu may be accessed by swiping up from the black bottom bar of the screen. If you’re in a hurry and behind the wheel, you may utilize this feature to go in whichever direction you swipe quickly.

Seat Heating May Be Set To Automatic:

Seat heating now has an automatic setting in the climate menu. The front seat warmers in your Tesla will automatically turn up or down in temperature as needed.

Cleaning and maintaining leather is essential. Particular attention must be paid to the maintenance of white leather. 

What Other Tesla Owners Are Saying About Error Code CP_A163?

All tires should have their tread depth checked. When driving normally, your rear tires will wear out before your front ones.

So Tesla Error Code CP_A163: What do other Tesla owners have to say? If you want your tires to wear evenly, you must regularly rotate them. Hydroplaning and loss of control may occur in wet conditions if tire rotation recommendations are ignored. When tires are not rotated regularly, they wear out faster and must be replaced sooner.

why Tesla recharge fast? common benefits of Tesla, Tesla is charging at charging station

Tyre rotation is a service that should be scheduled using the Tesla Mobile App or a third-party service provider when:

There is more than a 1.5mm gap in the tread depth of the front and rear tires. Since your last oil change, you’ve put more than 6,250 miles (10,000 km) on your car. New tires may need to be installed if the rear tread depth is too low for a tire rotation to remedy.

After having your tires inspected and serviced if required, update your vehicle’s tire configuration to tailor your vehicle’s settings to your tires, and the warning light should go away for at least 6,250 miles. Care & Maintenance of Tyres has further details.

Do not substitute this warning for regular tire tread depth inspections. This warning should only appear if your car determines it is well beyond the time for replacing the tires.

Error CodeDescription
Cp_A163Communication error between the vehicle and charging equipment.
Pp_B250Powertrain malfunction.
Cc_C123Climate control system failure.
Bp_D789Braking system error.
Ic_E456Instrument cluster malfunction.
Nv_F789Navigation system failure.
Error Code other than Tesla Error Code CP-A163

This warning was developed specifically for Tesla tires and is not guaranteed to function with other tires, especially those of a different manufacturer or size. On cars with tires that are not Tesla-approved, they may not appear at all or may display too soon. Wheels and Tyres have further details on the best tires to use.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Tesla Error Code CP_A163?

There are standard procedures that must be followed at every garage, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. These should be checked, approved, planned, and scheduled before the repair begins.

Fixing Tesla’s CP_A163 error Code: how long does it take? When an accident occurs, policyholders often contact their insurance provider, who will either request that the car be inspected or arrange for a body shop to do so and give images and a repair quote. Many rides on whether or not the body shop is part of the approved network of that insurance provider.

The approval procedure might be delayed if the insurance company has to send someone out for a visual examination if they don’t. A well-operated business, however, will know to keep the number of necessary re-inspections to a minimum.

Upon First Glance

After passing inspection, your car should begin making preparations for the future. You’ll be scheduled at a time that works with your schedule and the availability of the components you need. In the past, Tesla has had serious problems with its components. They have made significant progress over the last year, demonstrating their dedication to resolving the issue.

Car Delivery, Disassembly, and Inspection

You will bring the automobile in on the scheduled day after the necessary components have arrived at the shop. From here on out, everything should go swimmingly, but that is not the case. The repair firm must now disassemble the vehicle to inspect it for damage. Most of the time, more damage is discovered during previously invisible disassembly. The approval procedure, part order, and part waiting begin again. This might be frustrating if you are waiting for a component experiencing a lengthy delay. Many repair businesses will check beneath easily accessible components to reduce this issue, although not all broken components can be replaced.

We can finally begin fixing it now that we have everything we need. The Tesla is a very complex car; repairing it requires specialized training, tools, and parts. Because of the special skills and tools needed to repair Tesla vehicles, only a certified collision repair company can service them. A procedure’s speed might be slowed by a lack of a skilled technician or the absence of necessary tools.

Computer System Reset and Thorough Scanning

While we’ve finished the vehicle’s bodywork, there’s still more to do before returning it to its pre-crash state. A full computer diagnostic check and code reset are for your Tesla. Your Tesla will only work properly once you do this scan using a Tesla scanner. Non-authorized service centers do not have access to Tesla factory scanners.

Once the vehicle’s computer has been reset, the vehicle is prepared for final quality control, suspension adjustment, and delivery cleaning. Depending on the results of the inspections, this might cause delays.

ModelBattery warranty
Model 3 Standard Range8 years or 100k miles
Model 3 Long Range/Performance8 years or 120k miles
Model Y Long Range8 years or 120k miles
Model Y Performance8 years or 120k miles
Model S8 years or 150k miles
Model X8 years or 150k miles


Teslas owners are always urged to have the most recent software installed on their vehicles. Those having issues with their Tesla vehicles are encouraged to contact customer support or go to a local service center.


Does Tesla Error Code CP_A163 Affect All Tesla Models?

Most vehicles can be serviced quickly and effectively without taking them off the floor if the service flow is optimised. Collision Centres owned and operated by Tesla or approved by Tesla can be contacted for minor repairs and collision damage.

Can I Prevent Tesla Error Code CP_A163 From Occurring In The Future?

The most important strategic recommendation for Tesla is to boost production efficiency. The business’s long-term goals include increasing its presence in existing international markets and entering new ones to sell semis and public vehicles.

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