Tesla Low Voltage Battery Location

Tesla Low Voltage Battery Location

As you know Tesla is including good battery technology in their cars. They are putting in a standard battery as well as a second additional battery to power up the essential accessories like a music system, door unlocking and locking, Ac vents, and many more. Where is the Tesla Low Voltage Battery Location?

As from the information or by the Tesla manufacturer Tesla Low voltage batteries typically have 100V of power. The battery has less pressure as well as less power as compared to the standard Tesla battery. The main purpose of the Tesla standard battery is to deliver power to kick the engine while the 12V battery is used to power the Tesla accessories.

This is also true that low voltage battery discharge energy slower and tend to trouble start-up loads. The battery requires additional assistance to take instant power from the grid. It is one of the major flows of low-voltage battery systems.

Whenever, the battery of the Tesla goes below 20% the 12V low voltage battery keep powering the small motor, and all the function like lights, windows motor, wipe motor, etc. Later in the article, we have some more information related to the Tesla low-voltage battery. So, make sure to read them too.

Purpose Of The Low Voltage Battery In A Tesla

Almost all electric vehicles have a bigger battery to power up the whole motor. The larger battery has massive travel miles which attract the users most. Do you also wonder why Tesla has a low voltage battery of 12V with a large massive battery?

As explained above the EVs like Tesla comes with two electrical systems. The major work of the high-voltage battery system is to deliver high power to the motor engine to travel long miles while the purpose of low voltage battery in Tesla is to power up the low-voltage electronic system. The 12V battery is responsible for powering the low-voltage equipment as mentioned above.

The 12V low-voltage battery also enhances the user’s safety and comfort by delivering power when it is necessary. The technology is very simple, Tesla has included two batteries in their cars for two different purposes. If the whole pressure jumps to the single battery then it may hamper the battery potential as well the performance of the battery.

So, Tesla brings two battery packs to increase the battery power and potential. The 12V battery of Tesla is a lead acid battery that acts as a primary source of power for the Tesla low voltage system. The low-voltage battery ensures the proper and safe functioning of the headlight, Taillight, Ac, windows, etc.

Accessing And Replacing The Tesla Low Voltage Battery

Accessing and replacing the Tesla low voltage battery is full of a hassle because most of the users don’t have any idea about it. So, do you also searching for the steps to replace Tesla’s low-voltage battery?

Battery Removal

  • Before the battery removal of the vehicle make sure to park the vehicle and lower all the windows.
  • Open the front truck of the Tesla vehicle and leave a door open to enter your vehicle when necessary.
  • Disconnect all the charging cables from the charging port as it may also cause a short circuit in the car.
  • Move the driver as well passenger seat in the forward direction.
  • Under the rear seat of the vehicle press the tab to lift the seat of the vehicle. This makes the seat separate from the base and makes your battery installation easier.
  • Now, disconnect the wire and remove the seat cushion and fall it aside.
  • Go to the front trunk and remove the underhood apron by inserting your finger into the panel. Pull the loosened clips aside it.
  • Remove the cabin duct and set it aside.
  • Ensure powering off the vehicles by navigating the touchscreen of the vehicle.
  • Disconnect the low-voltage cable and pull down the lever arm of the low-voltage battery connector.
  • To disconnect it from the penthouse pull the connector upward.
  • Using a 10MM screw lose the nut of the low-voltage battery to pull it out.
  • Unplug the vent tube from the negative and positive sides of the battery.
  • Release the battery by losing the nut and making it out of the cage. While taking out the battery ensure that the battery doesn’t slip into the vehicle. Use the battery handle to carefully move it.
  • Insert the new battery pack of low voltage lead-acid battery and ensure to plug on the positive as well negative terminal of the battery.
  • Secure the battery nuts properly and go through all the steps of pulling it out.

Note:  This procedure for low-voltage battery replacement is only intended for vehicles in North America only.

Signs Of Low Voltage Battery Issue And How To Troubleshoot?

If you as a Tesla owners have the deep knowledge and functioning of the Tesla low voltage battery, then it is clear that you can easily counter serious issues in your battery. Do you know what are the signs of low-voltage battery issues?

No doubt, Tesla is very great at updating users with new technology and delivering more power and performance. But the main power source of EVs is battery power. So, to ensure the proper functioning of the motor the battery should stay away from the issue. Some of the serious signs of low-voltage battery issues are highlighted below.

  • Engine Light:

As you know the main purpose of low-voltage batteries is to power up the essential equipment. So, it is very important to keep your eye on the engine light. If the engine light is becoming blurry then it is a serious indication of the battery problem. The blurred or dim vision of the light is a clear indication that your battery has worn out and high chance of dying soon.

  • Foul smell:

Like all other battery if the battery got damaged or dealing with a serious issue they start smelling. When the battery got leakage they start delivering a foul smell. The battery can be hampered by corrosion or any other factor but once the battery start smelling, you should visit the battery professional for countering the issue.

  • Engine crank:

The crank in your engine is also an indication of the low-voltage battery issue. You might be wondering how you can admire this issue. If the engine of your car is taking longer time than usual then it is an indication of the engine crank. It is an indication of the weak battery or the battery has worn out. If the factors continuos, then the battery may be dead soon.

  • Dim Headlight:

As discussed above, powering the headlight of the car is also a work of the low voltage battery. But what if your headlight is less visible in the nighttime? The beam of light is a clear induction of the 12V battery health. If the light beam is high then your battery is perfectly right but if it goes too the dim, there may be an issue with the low-voltage battery. The countering of the issue can be easily done by keeping an eye on the light of Tesla.

  • The lifespan of the battery:

The low voltage battery issue can be also seen once your battery has reached the average lifespan. Yes, the average lifespan of the battery also determines whether your battery is alright or needs replacement. It is always recommended that once your battery has acquired the average lifespan you should replace them with the new battery pack.

The activity keeps the proper functioning of the car. There are numerous factors that impact the battery lifespan like driving habits, road consciousness, etc. However, the regular maintenance of the battery may also increase the lifespan of the battery.

Pros And Cons OF DIY Tesla Low Voltage Battery Replacement


  1. You can easily purchase the battery from the market and install it in your vehicles.
  2. Using the guides and following the steps you can easily replace low-voltage batteries in your home without visiting for professionals.
  3. Replacing low-voltage batteries by yourself may be less expensive as compared to the battery professional.
  4. You have the freedom to put the right and matched battery in your vehicle.
  5. Replacing your battery by yourself will give you much satisfaction.


  1. A 12V low-voltage battery is packed with a complicated wire. So, any unknown complication may put you at risk.
  2. As you are not an experienced professional, the wrong connection to the battery may damage the whole system.
  3. If the wire and battery are not fixed properly, then it may cause serious problems in the vehicle.


A 12V low-voltage battery in the Tesla car is very crucial in powering the low-wattage electronic system like infotainment, Air conditioning, Wipe motor, and powering headlights. Low voltage battery is just located below the driver seat which can be easily seen by pushing the driving seat to the forward direction. A low-voltage battery act as a secondary battery for the Tesla. A 12V battery functions all small motors around the vehicles. The battery is made from lead acid for good performance and durability.


How often does the Tesla Low voltage battery need to be replaced?

Most of the owners and Tesla owners say about the replacement of the 12V low voltage battery of Tesla. They stated that the low voltage battery of Tesla may last for 3 to 5 years depending upon how it is treated. If the battery is not well treated you could end up needing a replacement. Some of the other factors which affect the battery lifespan are driving habits, Temperature, and maintenance of the battery. If it is regularly maintained it may last for a longer duration.

How can I tell if Tesla’s low-voltage battery need to the replaced?

There are lots of ways through which you can get an idea about the replacement of your low-voltage battery. Some of the factors are, if you are noticing your Tesla is struggling to combat seasonal challenges then it is a clear indication of it. If the car engine is taking a long time to start and the lights begin to flicker then there are high chances of battery damage and needing replacement. If you are facing more issues like an Alternator issue, bad battery, drained battery, or starter problem, then you should replace your battery.

Is it safe to jump-start a Tesla with a low-voltage battery?

It is never safe to jump-start your Tesla with a low-voltage battery as it may not able to deliver more power to necessary equipment. But if you are stuck somewhere middle of the road then you may use the power of a 12V battery to jump-start your Tesla. Jump-start of the car can be possible if the primary battery pack is completely depleted but avoid doing it frequently as it may cause a 12V battery issue.

What is the cost of replacing the low-voltage battery in a Tesla?

A recent report claims that if you are going to replace a low-voltage battery in Tesla then you have to spend between $100 to $400 for a new battery pack of 12V. However, the price of a low-voltage battery also depends on the model and brand of the vehicle. But in the case of Tesla, it is a little higher. This is a varying cost for all the standard cars of Tesla but if you go to purchase the low voltage battery for a premium Tesla, it is expected to cost up to $1000.

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