Tesla Model 3 SR Range 

Tesla Model 3 SR Range
Tesla Model 3 SR Range

The demand for Electric vehicles is continuously increasing as it is the beginning of long commutes. Electric vehicles are suitable for all environments and ideal for dealing with all kinds of weather like extremely hot and extreme cold. To make the daily commutes longer of the EVs driver, Tesla has done very surprising things. What is Tesla Model 3 SR Range?

Tesla has launched Tesla Model 3 SR range which has a high potential to take you Up to 438 km. The Tesla vehicle is known as one of the long-range vehicles. Acquiring long-range vehicles is the beginning of EVs as the range is one of the most critical factors that a buyer looks for in any electric vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 SR range has the lowest range of 313 km, up to 195 miles. The name of the Tesla Model 3 variants changes time by time. If you are actually searching for the long-range Model of Tesla then the SR+ model may impress you because it has the highest range.

ModelLowest RangeLong range 
Tesla Model 3 SR range 195 miles/ 313KM400- 438Km

Far beyond the range of the Tesla, the battery of Tesla also features the great potential to take you the long way. Tesla continuously updates their software to increase their range as well battery potential. The Internet has lots of data about the EPA range of the Tesla Model 3 SR Range but the real range of the Tesla Model 3 SR range has a little deviation from the EPA.

For your information let me confess, Tesla Model 3 comes in three different variations in range. Those who have range anxiety go for the expensive model like Tesla Model 3 SR range while those who are happy to go to the office and vice-versa they opt for the middle-range variants.

People are opting for the more affordable model of Tesla 3, the reason is simply that they have clear in mind that they can easily travel up to 350 km to 400 Km on a single charge which is more than enough for their daily use.

While the people who always wonder about long trips opt for the more expensive model which has the ability to sprint 100km/hr in less than 3.3 seconds. You can cover your whole trip just with a single charge.

However, the drivers/owners have to make a decision for themselves about what fits them most based on their personal experience, budget, circumstances, and many more. But to clear up your confusion we are always ready. So, we prepared a detailed list of information on the long-range Tesla Model 3 SR range. Make sure to go through it.

Tips To Maximise Your Tesla Model 3 SR Range.

Just imagine your music blasting during long trips. AC is chilled and you all are on your way to your destination but suddenly you notice that your Tesla battery is running out of charge and there is no charger on standby. Do you know how to maximize your Tesla Model 3 SR range?

  • Don’t make any sudden or rapid acceleration

The chances are very high that your Tesla battery may lose more power during sudden or rapid acceleration. The activities totally impact the overall health of the battery.

The best way to increase the battery efficiency of the Tesla Model 3 SR+ range by eliminating battery defects is to avoid rapid or sudden acceleration. You should keep the focus on accelerating your pedal smoothly as it avoids any damage to the battery and maximizes battery efficiency.

But if you are thinking you can put sudden changes in your mind don’t worry. Tesla has enabled the chill mode features for users who want a smooth driving experience.

  • Use Chill Mode

As we discussed above Tesla has enabled chill mode for smooth acceleration behavior. Cill mode is one of the most important features of Tesla which squeeze some more miles from the Tesla battery.

Driving at a moderate speed level doesn’t put any pressure on the Tesla battery and extends the range of the Tesla. Chill mode limits the vehicle’s acceleration by releasing instant torque to the vehicle to increase overall efficiency of the vehicle.

 If you want to enable this feature then follow the steps.

Go to the setting> Check control option> Driving> Acceleration

  • Use Regenerative Braking

Whenever your Tesla vehicle is moving and your feet are not on the accelerator pedal of Tesla but you want to reduce the speed of Tesla, then make it slow using the accelerator pedal instead of using the brake pedal.

The reason is simple, Tesla has built the features of a regenerative braking system that surplus the battery charge by giving the power back to the battery.

The charges which are generated during the regenerative braking system go back to the battery which acts as a power and takes vehicles to a longer distance. It helps in managing longer miles as it also increases battery efficiency.

Every little help to the battery means a lot for the EVs. So, using the regenerative braking system while accelerating maximizes the battery efficiency.

  • Maintain Tyre Pressure

People are not paying attention to the tire pressure of the vehicles which slows down the battery efficiency and causes loss of range. As per the information and reports maintaining the right tire pressure in your vehicles increases the vehicle’s efficiency. Hence EVs cause a lesser drain of battery power but what if you don’t have adequate pressure levels in your vehicles?

It results in the fast drainage of batteries and reduces the range of vehicles. So, it is always recommended that tires must have inflammation of 42-45 PSI or 290-310kPa. However, the tire pressure also depends on the different models of Tesla. So make sure to follow Tesla recommendations too.

  • Charge your equipment at home, Tesla Battery is not a power bank

Yes, you must be wondering what a small wattage of equipment like phone charging can do to the battery. For the EVs adding a small percentage of battery power also means a lot. People aggressively charge their phones with the Tesla battery and comment on the reduced range of Tesla.

Yeah, if you are willing to extend the Tesla range then you have to avoid charging your appliances with the Tesla battery. The Tesla battery is not a power bank for you. So, try to charge your phone with your home charger. The activities can save some essential charge that leads to the increasing range of Tesla.

  • Best charging practices

It is very important for all EVs including Tesla to follow the charging routine. By taking care of a few things in your Tesla, you can maximize the Tesla range. Best charging practices are also among them.

Best charging habits increase the overall efficiency of the vehicles as it also helps in maintaining the battery power for a long time and keeps charging time more accurate. Best charging practices increase the battery’s health over time and result in adding more miles.

It is also true that all the EVs batteries degrade over time but degradation is a slow and natural process that can’t be eliminated under any circumstances but yes, it can be preserved by taking care of your charging routine.

How long you should keep your charging plugged in or what percentage you should charge your Tesla is highlighted below.

  • Maintain charge between 20% to 90%

Most experts and Tesla owners suggest that keeping the Tesla charging between 20% to 90% avoids high or low Soc( state of charge). It is very safe for battery health and causes less drop in the battery %. Charging your Tesla battery with the slow charger and only up to 90% holding the charge for a long time gives less reduction in the battery percentage. 

If it is possible don’t let your Tesla battery go above 90% or below 20% as it is very bad for the Tesla battery. If you are planning to go on a long trip, then you can charge your Tesla battery up to 100% but always avoid more frequent charging up to 100%. Most of the owners saw great results by following these charging practices.

  • Remove Unnecessary weight

Just like the body the lesser weight you carry the lesser calorie you burn. The same happens with Tesla electric vehicles, if the weight is less in the vehicles, it will burn less percentage of battery power.

Removing unnecessary weight for the Tesla can increase the battery efficiency and may add more miles to the battery. The battery has to do tough work to carry the heavy load, leading to a loss of efficiency. Making the vehicle weight lesser can happen by removing roof racks or bars which you don’t need.

Any effort you make in reducing the aero drag of the vehicles will add more miles for the same battery power.

  • Stay away from a fast charger

What you heard is 100% right. You must be thinking about how a fast charging method can decrease battery efficiency. Yes, as the fast charger charges the battery fastly it also loses the battery power more easily.

 So, if you want to maximize the battery power and increase the overall battery efficiency then you have to go with the slow charging method. A slow charger may take multiple times to charge the battery but it may be safer and cheaper as compared to a fast charger. Slow chargers never impact battery health and are found to be more efficient.

Tesla Model 3 SR Range Vs Standard Range Comparison

Tesla Model 3 SR Range

The Tesla Model 3 SR range has the ability to cover up to 358 miles of range in a fully charged battery. No doubt, Tesla Model 3 SR range vehicle is long but it is not more efficient than the Tesla standard range.

The battery and charging system of the Tesla Model 3 SR range is not more efficient than the Tesla standard range. The SR+3 has dual all-wheel drive which can easily take you out from the rough terrain. The speed of the vehicle’s sprint from 0-60km in just 4.4 seconds. The vehicle has a top speed of 145mph.

Tesla Standard Range

The Tesla standard range has the potential to cover 272 miles of distance without stooping at the charging stations. You don’t have to look for the nearby charging station if your only destination is office to home or home to office.

But the vehicle is more efficient than the Tesla long-range model. It has only rear-wheel drive and can sprint from 0 to 60 in just 5.8 seconds. It only travels 86 miles lesser than the SR+ model.

The Impact Of Weather Condition On Range

Driving electric vehicles in extremely cold or hot temperatures reduces the range of the vehicles. According to the reports by AAA, it was found that cold weather swaps about 25% of the tesla range while hot weather swaps up to 33% of the range.

ModelWinter Impact On RangeSummer Impact On Range
Tesla Model 3 SR range25% of the range33%-35% of range

You all know changes in the weather greatly affect the range of the vehicles. The efficiency of the vehicle is mainly noted by how many miles you get with your Tesla battery and how much you are expecting for the battery. Weather affects ICE cars and somewhat it is a complicated situation for EVs like Tesla.

The decrease in efficiency is because the cars have to establish normal temperatures for both the battery and cabin of the cars which causes a significant drain. It is found by the reports that during the winter, frequent stops at lesser miles reduce up to 50% of the range because the vehicles have to reheat the cabin.

While the summer hot sunny days result in a 33% range decrease. However, the exact miles of the EVs are done by considering Weather, hills, cargo, traffic, and climate conditions. So, there must be a decrease in the range during the weather charge.

Tesla Model 3 SR Range: Is It Enough For Everyday Use?

Hey, you must be here for the long-range Tesla but you are not clear on which Tesla Model you should go. Not to worry, this is very true that the different variants of our Tesla Model 3 are sufficient enough to handle the user’s needs. Do you know SR+ real range?

Tesla Model 3 SR range has the capacity to more than 300 miles on a single charge. This is the recent quoted information by the Tesla Model 3 SR+ users while the EPA range of Tesla Model 3 SR range is up to 438 km. I think unless you are planning for long trips, the range is well enough for daily usage. SR+ serves more power to spare the long area.

  • Range Comparison: Tesla Model 3 SR+ Vs Model Y

Tesla Model Y claims that they have an EPA range of 283 miles over the Tesla Model 3 SR+’s 305 miles EPA range. No doubt, Tesla Model Y also gains higher miles but when we compare it with the Model 3 SR+, the Model 3 SR+ dominates over the Tesla Model Y.

In fact, both variants of Tesla possess bigger batteries but Model Y is bigger, heavier, and has less aerodynamics as compared to the Tesla Model 3 SR Range.

  • The Future Of Tesla Model 3 SR Range

Tesla is continuously pulling great and latest technology to the vehicles. They are building technology-powered cars to impress users. Tesla makes people believe in EVs because of their longest-range advantages. Tesla is constantly improving the range of vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 SR range.

Recently, Tesla announced the regenerative braking system in the latest model of Tesla which adds extra energy to the battery to cover more miles. According to the latest report, Tesla is going to bring a lithium-Ion Phosphate battery to increase the overall efficiency of the battery. This will add more miles to the Tesla range.


Tesla is known for its long-range vehicles. No, doubt Tesla is competing with the top manufacturer and acquiring the top peak of EVs selling. Tesla Model 3 comes in 3 variants. The latest Tesla Model 3 SR range/AWD is one of the long-range vehicles of Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 SR+ is a bit expensive but Tesla has also budget-friendly options for their users. The EPA range of Tesla is up to 515 but as listed above EPA matrix never include riding in different climate, hill, terrain, mountain climb, etc. So, there may be variants in the real data and EPA data. The Tesla Model 3 SR+ is suitable for all owners who have range anxiety and they are looking for potential change in EV.


What is the real-world range of the Tesla Model 3 SR range in 2023?

The real range of the Tesla Model 3 SR range is up to 250 to 515 Km depending upon the riding condition and outside temperature. The performance of the vehicles in the cold weather is 250 km on highways and 330 km in the city. The vehicles can easily sprint from 0-100Km in just 5.5 seconds. The projected range of the Tesla Model 3 SR range in the summer condition is about to 312Km. The range of the Tesla Model 3 varies with the outside temperature.

How can I maximize my Tesla Model 3 SR Range?

There are lots of tips on the internet which is taken from the real owner’s experience with Tesla. Some of the great ways to improve the range of your Tesla Model SR+ are the use of a regenerative braking system, avoiding sudden or rapid acceleration as hard acceleration may hamper your battery potential, trying to use the Tesla Navigation system, use of chill mode, and avoid carrying heavy load However, above in the article we have created detailed explanation regarding maximizing the Tesla range.

What is the estimated range of the Tesla Model 3 SR+ in cold weather?

Look, the range of every EV including Tesla decrease in cold weather. As per the reports the estimated range of the Tesla Model 3 SR range in cold weather reduces by up to 25% which is you can travel up to 263Km, 163 miles on a single charge. By following some of the important factors, you can actually increase the Tesla Model 3 SR range even in cold weather.

What advancement in technology can we expect to see in the future to improve the Tesla Model 3 SR Range?

As you know Tesla is known for building technology powered cars. So, they keep trying new technology in their cars. Recently, Tesla announced the regenerative braking system to improve the Tesla range. However, in the near future, the possibility is that Tesla will use lithium-Ion Phosphate in their battery to increase the battery potential.

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