Tesla Model S Error Codes (Error Messages)- Complete Guide 2024

Which are the Tesla Model S Error Codes?

Tesla Model S codes are part of the 5xx range of Tesla Model S response codes. Maintenance codes issue error messages when there is a server problem.
tesla model s

When this error code appears, it is very likely that the Tesla server application is under maintenance. When you get a Tesla Model S error message on your Tesla, you need to understand why it’s showing up. you’ll also need to contact Tesla’s support team after trying everything you can. If there is a problem with your Tesla model, these error codes will appear. Which are the Tesla Model S Error Codes?

Tesla Model S codes are part of the 5xx range of Tesla Model S response codes. Maintenance codes issue error messages when there is a server problem. When you see maintenance error codes on your Tesla models, the problem is most likely with the web server. When this error code appears, it is very likely that the Tesla server application is under maintenance.

Like all Tesla vehicles, the Roadster continuously records data. Lots of diagnostic information is stored for analysis and troubleshooting.

Listed below are the error codes that will show up on the vehicle’s LCD display (VDS) and a description of what’s involved with them. Use the search window to find your error or warning.

Getting Tesla error messages on your Tesla app is not inappropriate; it relies heavily on technology to keep functioning.

Therefore, when something happens inside its processing system, it will start sending you messages. so you can give him an immediate response.

This fact complements what Tesla uses to maintain its high-performance systems. In addition, in addition to the Tesla model server error code message, Tesla operates on over-the-air (OTA) updates.

tesla error codes

How to Reset Tesla Model S Error Codes

Although it doesn’t happen often, your Tesla may malfunction and require a reboot. The touch screen may become unresponsive, or a generic error code may persist and never clear.

In such situations, you need to know how to reboot or reset your Tesla. After all, Tesla was meant to drive, not wait at a service center.

The proven and true IT solution to Have you tried turning it off and then on again? hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s almost as if tech gurus think restart is magic.

In fact, rebooting your Tesla is pretty easy. This guide covers both hard and soft reset options for each Tesla model and provides troubleshooting tips.

We’ll also briefly cover the dreaded eMMC failures and warning signs to look out for if restarting your Tesla doesn’t help.

Tesla Model S/X Full Soft Reboot

This reboot, also known as a deep reboot, deep reset, or power cycle, can only be performed when the vehicle is parked.

If the touchscreen is working, try option 1 first. If your touchscreen is unresponsive, you can try Option 2.

Tesla Model S Error Codes

Park with the door closed

Go to Controls > Security > Power Off

Don’t touch anything (brakes, doors, steering wheel, touchscreen, etc.) for at least 2 minutes (but sometimes it’s best to wait at least 5 minutes).

After 2 minutes (or 5 minutes), hit the brakes hard or open the door to resume work.

How to Reset Tesla Model S Error Codes

BMS_f008Car may not restart
BMS_w008 Car may not restart
BMS_w009Service is required
GTW_w017Electrical system power reduced
GTW_w018Power reduced (Car systems shutting down)
Tesla Model S Error Codes

How to Prevent Tesla Model S Error Codes from Occurring

Tesla app charging interrupted error message:

This happens when the car has finished charging but we are still charging trickle. Most likely, this error message is caused by switching between single-phase and three-phase charging.

Try setting the charger to only offer single-phase or three-phase charging in Easee Cloud. If you cannot find this setting, contact us in chat and we will help you. 

Note that if you are also charging another car that requires single-phase charging, the Easee charger must be in single-phase or automatic mode.

Scheduled Start/Recharge

Tesla Model S Error Codes

This can create problems. We recommend that you disable this option. Is the car starting to charge itself again?

A bug in Tesla’s firmware causes cars to start recharging, even when Smart Charging tries to stop it.

Activate and deactivate scheduled departures/recharges again.

Asymmetric Load on Stages

If you have a Model S that charges in three phases on your computer network, you may experience unbalanced loads on all three phases. Easee will only prevent the most loaded stage from exceeding the set value.

There is no way around this, as the car charger has limited this. The only vehicles capable of symmetric charging on a three-phase computer network are Tesla Models 3 and Y.

Models S and X will still have higher charging rates up to 8.5kW.

Evacuate Vampires

A common question from customers is whether our integration with Tibber will lead to the disappearance of vampires.

We’ve made a lot of changes to make sure we keep the vampire consumption to a minimum, but with smart charging in action on the car, you’ll feel a little consumed due to the way it’s active.

We’re constantly working to reduce the number of connections we make to cars, and also check to see if the car is in “sleep” mode to avoid unnecessarily waking the car.

If you have a built-in charger in our app, try enabling smart charging only on the charger and not on the vehicle. We’ll always retrieve the last battery state when we schedule a charge, but won’t wake the car.

It seems that some Tesla owners have had a negative experience with their vehicle not being able to charge due to strange and somewhat unhelpful error messages.

The most common include variations on Cannot charge Service required or Charging port requires service.

There are actually many variations of these types of errors, but they seem to appear quite frequently and are a hot topic of discussion among Tesla owners. 

Prevent Tesla Model S Error Codes

Error Code Color End-user Message 
RedBattery Problem Service Required
BlueMaintenance Service Required
YellowDebug-Only Msg
OrangeDebug-Only Msg
Error Code Color 

Common Tesla Model S Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Tesla server error code 540 indicates a connectivity issue between the Tesla app and the internet.

Tesla servers have been known to crash when website traffic is heavy, so there may be an issue with Tesla. However, if it’s an error on your end, reset the WiFi connection to fix the problem.

Tesla Model S Error Codes

What is a Tesla Model S Server Error

A Tesla Model S server error is an error code that appears when there is a problem with the internet connection between the Tesla app and its servers.

The Tesla Model S error code does not request a software update as the error message may still appear regardless of the version of software you are currently using.

A 540-server error on a Tesla Model S is quite different from a 500-server error. Both error codes are caused by poor internet connectivity between Tesla and its servers.

However, a 500-server error can lock the driver out of his vehicle completely. How to fix error codes on Tesla Model S?

Various solutions depend on the specific error and its cause. Below are various solutions to fix the Tesla Model S error based on the cause.

1. Poor Internet Connection

A poor internet connection is the main reason why Tesla models show error codes.

Before troubleshooting internet connection problems, you should first check if the problem is on your side.

If that is your side, you can try some of the solutions below.

Restart Tesla

Find your Tesla settings.

Power off the vehicle. Power cycle the car. You can also press the power button until you see “reboot options” and then click it to reboot the vehicle.

Tesla Model S Error Codes 
Tesla model s
Tesla model x

Soft Reboot 

Press and hold the two scroll wheels on your Tesla steering wheel at the same time for 10 seconds.

Wait for the touchscreen to go completely dark before releasing your finger from the scroll wheel.

The screen will automatically refresh within 10 seconds to 1 minute. (Sometimes the wait may take longer than 1 minute but no longer than 2).

What Is a Soft Reboot

Reset Option The touch screen reset, and the full vehicle reset.
Model Tesla model S 
Battery 12V Battery 
Soft Reboot


The Tesla Model S error message appears when there is a server disconnect between the vehicle and the Tesla app. There are also several possible reasons, including: B. Multiple data requests from third-party apps.

This means that a third-party application is spamming your Tesla model to receive status updates or interfering with communication with the Tesla app.

Even if a Tesla owner uses a third-party app with the correct credentials, the vehicle still displays a Tesla Model S error code.

This happens because Tesla doesn’t recognize third party apps. So it’s in the best interest of Tesla owners. 


What Should I Do If I Encounter a Tesla Model S Error Code?

First and foremost, unplug anything connected to your Tesla’s USB port. I can’t tell you exactly why this helps, but it’s a known issue and a good place to troubleshoot. should be the first step. Tesla reboot.

Can I Still drive my Tesla Model S if I Encounter an Error Code?

Yes, you can continue to drive. However, you cannot activate your car using your mobile phone. You can start your car with options like key fob and Tesla ring. It’s important to fix the 540 error code as soon as you see it. 

How can I reset an error code on my Tesla Model S?

Resetting an error code in a Tesla vehicle often requires specialized diagnostic tools or software. It’s recommended to contact Tesla customer support or visit a Tesla service center for assistance with error code resets.

Can I continue driving my Tesla Model S if an error code appears?

It depends on the severity of the issue indicated by the error code. Some error codes might not affect the drivability of the vehicle, while others may require immediate attention. Refer to the user manual or contact Tesla customer support to determine whether it is safe to continue driving or if you should seek assistance.

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