Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping- Complete Guide 2024


Tesla has gained enormous popularity throughout the years. One of the main interesting things about the Tesla is it offers impressive technology to the user and all the latest monitoring system control to have a look at your Tesla. One of the most awaited queries of the users is why their Tesla air pressure keeps decreasing even with no puncture. So, do you know the exact reason why Tesla tire pressure keeps dropping?

Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping because air pressure in the Tesla car may depend upon many situations, A Tesla tire car loses its air because of the misaligned wheel mounting, damage of the step caps, or missing stem caps, because of the rim issue. There may be other factors like gas leaks, temperature problems coming in extremely hot and cold weather, or sometimes a gradual decrease in the tire PSI. These are some of the common reasons why Tesla is drooping air for the tires

Possible Causes when Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps DroppingSolutions For Tesla When Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping
Tire puncture or leakageCheck for any visible punctures or leaks. If found, repair or replace the tire accordingly.
Faulty tire valveInspect the tire valves for damage or leaks. Replace the faulty valve if necessary.
Temperature changesFluctuations in temperature can affect tire pressure. Regularly check and adjust as needed.
Faulty tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)Visit a Tesla service center to diagnose and repair any issues with the TPMS.
Improper tire inflationEnsure tires are properly inflated according to the recommended pressure in your vehicle manual.
Aging or damaged tiresIf tires are old or damaged, consider replacing them with new ones.
Rim damage or corrosionInspect the rims for any signs of damage or corrosion. Repair or replace if necessary.
Causes and Solutions for Tesla When Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping

Tires With the Right PSI

You should know that tires play an important role in taking vehicles to increased performance. If the tire is equipped with the right PSI, then one can stop you from experiencing the enhanced performance of the Tesla. One of the interesting facts about the correct PSI is, it removes all the ways of causing wear and tear on the tires. Your tire must be fitted well to keep a good connection with the road. Tesla has greatly concerned the market with making smart cars. No doubt, it also included many simplest things in the car to make driving easier.

Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Talking about the detailed monitoring of the Tesla smart cars, it has integrated a smart monitoring system in their cars to keep an eye on the situation. It alters you with all the Tesla failures whether it is battery failure or Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping. The monitoring of the tire pressure has also gone through advanced engineering which detects all the defects in the tire pressure and triggers a warning light.

A system alert Tesla can easily notice Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping and make an alarm if the tire is punctured or damaged. You should never ignore low air pressure alerts in the Tesla tires as it may lead to a heavy chance of decreasing the vehicle’s performance as well as rough wear and tear of tires. You must be wondering to know detailed information about what is causing your Tesla tires to lose air.

So, after doing our research across the internet we have compiled a list of data that suggests the leaking of air in Tesla tires. So, I recommend you go through the exact reason why the tire goes flat.

6 Reasons: Why Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping?

Sometimes Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping is a natural process. Usually, these types of scenarios come when you travel to the hot or cold weather. It is obvious that the Tesla tire lost some air. But if you are countering these problems multiple times then here are some factors of why Tesla tires go flat.

S.NThe reason Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping
1Damaged Valve
2Damaged or Bent Wheel
4Temperature change
5Damaged Tire
6Regular Wear and Tear
The reason Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping

1.     Damaged Valve

Let me first know what exactly the tire valve is. The tire valve is one of the necessary components of the tires which allow the air to pass in. It allows for the refilling of air with an air pump or any specific machine for air filling. When the valve gets completely closed, it blocks the passage of air through it. This means no air can come out if it is completely closed.

One of the main reasons for Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping is the damaged or worn-out valve. It causes a slow leak which is a slow process of losing air pressure. Generally, it loose very little air when it is actually compared with a tire puncture. The damaged air valve allows the air to move in from the tire when the car is parked or moving. Air can easily escape from the damaged valve. The valves get damaged while driving at high speed because they are made of rubber or plastic.

As they get hit by the strong stone, it gets damaged. So, if your Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping slowly then you should first check your air valve. One important thing, some people make big mistakes by over-tightening the tube with the valve. So, try to eliminate this mistake.

2.     Damaged or Bent Wheel

Generally, the wheels of cars including Tesla are made up of alloy or aluminum which causes corrosion or rust in the wheel area. Over the passage of time, external elements like air and water make the wheel rust which might cause your wheel to lose its shape.

Mounting the tire on the edge of a rusted rim might cause the wheel to lose its original shape and result in the loss of air. A wheel that is no longer in shape means your tire can’t hold it perfectly. It will definitely create space which will eventually lead to the escape of air from the tire.

An accident can also cause bent wheels which can also contribute to the air leak in Tesla tires. When the wheel bent it poor the sealing surface of the tire with the rim and occupied a gap to lose air. So, if you want to perfectly avoid this problem, you should go through replacing your Tire wheel.

3.     Puncture

This is one of the most common reasons for losing air from the tires. There is no rocket science in the Tesla tire. The repair of punctured tires is almost the same for all vehicles including Tesla. A small puncture can lead to a slow air leak while a big one may easily deflate Tesla Tire.

Most of the time, puncture happens when you take your vehicles to hilly areas or over hard or sharp objects. Passing through things like glass, nails, and screws can lead to tire punctures.

The process of determining puncture in the Tesla tire is an easy process. Sometimes, you may have to put in extra effort while determining a small puncture hole in the tire. You can easily determine a puncture in your tires by putting spray over it. If there is any puncture in your tire, it will start spreading bubbles in the puncture area. Usually, a puncture needs urgent repair to prevent any air loss.

You can repair your Tesla tire puncture using the special kit by Tesla or visit the mechanic.

 4.     Temperature Change

Yes, it is very true that changes in the temperature result in the Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping. According to the research, a normal Tesla car can easily lose around 1 PSI for every 10 degrees temperature drop. Lower air density results in an overall decrease meant in the Tesla tire pressure. The outside temperature affects the Tesla tire pressure. You should consider checking the tire treads of the car to see whether it is worn or damaged. A damaged or worn tire loose air pressure at a faster rate.

You should add more air to the Tesla tire when you are entering the low-temperature area. It is recommended that Tesla owners keep visiting the tire pressure level. Always maintain the correct PSI In your tire to avoid recurrent problems of air loss.

5.     Damaged Tire

You must be wondering what happens when you pass through rough roads and potholes. It not only damages your car suspension, it overall results in damage to the tire and rim. Passing through the rough roads puts extra strain on the tires which can also cause a slow leak.

A slow leak is also termed a natural leak, it passes air very slowly but the fact is you can easily travel to the right destination even with the slow leak. All you just have to do is inflate your Tesla tire with the help of a kit.

A pothole can easily damage the tire rim and this rim may stick to the tire bladder causing a leak. So, to prevent slow or fast leaks in the tire, you should avoid passing through rough roads and potholes as much as you can.

 6.     Regular Wear and Tear of Tire

Losing of Tesla tire air pressure can also happen through regular traveling. Regular traveling of the tire causes more wear and tear in the tires which eventually leads to the loss of tire pressure. However, it is a very genuine thing and can’t be eliminated because vehicles are made for traveling rather than being parked in your home.

It is almost impossible to avoid natural wear and tear of the tire but it can be reduced up to the level by maintaining the recommended tire pressure in your Tesla tire. You should keep rotating your tires and avoid any fast steps. You should also have your eye on the wheel alignment, as it is also a crucial factor of wear and tear.

How To Prevent Tesla When Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping?

Tesla is full of technology and the great enhancement in the Tesla technology almost made everything easier for the Tesla owner. In this, you can also use Tesla technology to prevent Tesla when tesla tire pressure keeps dropping. Some of the effective ways are highlighted below.

Monitor Tesla When Tesla Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping

Tesla has a smart monitoring system to track the record of the Tesla tire PSI. You can easily check the live PSI in your Tesla tire. This technology made the work of maintaining the right PSI in the tires easy. The smart PSI monitoring system of the Tesla will alert you in every condition.

Whether your tires are losing air or your Tesla tire is overinflated. In the case of an underinflated tire, you should add air to the tire up to the recommended PSI and in the case of overinflation in the tire, you should lose air. Checking the tire pressure regularly will help in noticing any instant change in the tire pressure which needs to be addressed.

Even if you are getting a new set of tires, then you should also keep checking the Tesla tire air pressure.

Check Tire Valve Stem properly

As we discussed above, a Tire valve is necessary for filling the air in the tire. A corroded or damaged tire valve can be hazardous for the tire and need to be urgently fixed.

You can take your car to the nearest tire shop or garage to repair the valve stem. A mechanic will fix and secure it.


If you are noticing the loss of pressure in the Tesla tires then it may support multiple problems. It may be because of the low temperature, damaged valve, bent wheel, or because of regular wear and tear of the tires. There is a common myth in people’s minds that Tesla tires can only lose pressure if there’s a leak. But if not so, it can be much more possible due to the above-mentioned factors. To know the factors in detail, refer to the first heading of the article.


Why does my Tesla keep losing air?

One of the most common reasons for losing air is puncture. A small or big puncture can lead to the loss of air from the air. A puncture should be repaired to prevent any air loss. However, there are several other factors of losing air in the Tesla which are highlighted above in the article.

How long does a Tesla tire last?

A Tesla tire can nearly last up to 5 to 6 years of use. It may be a little earlier if your Tesla has gone through tremendous traveling. But you can also increase the lifespan of your Tesla tire by avoiding rough roads.

Can tire pressure fix itself?

No, still there is no good technology in the Tesla latest model that can fix pressure by itself without any human interaction.

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