Chevy Bolt Battery Degradation

The Chevy bolt comes to the market in 2017 with a 60 kWh battery, one of the best ranges of 238 miles, and an excellent 200 horsepower. 238 miles is pretty good and more than as compared to Nissan Leaf Reval, its range was rated for only 107 miles in 2017, and now there, is one question what type of battery does chevy bolt use? The chevy bolt uses nickel-rich lithium-ion. So does the chevy bolt battery goes degrade over time?

Yes, like the battery in a phone, EV batteries Degrading Over Time. But according to auto manufacturers, they’re designed to last for a vehicle’s lifetime. For most drivers, it’s estimated the battery will last from 8 to 12 years. When capacity hits about 80%, drivers feel some reduction in their range and their power.

If your battery has also crossed 100,000 miles and you want to know how much your battery has degraded so, let me tell you how to find how much your battery has degraded after crossing 100,000 miles.

Here, the method for it is pretty simple you have to charge to full then drive as much you can to get the battery down below 15% to 20% at most, and then just calculate based on the energy that you used to get to that point.

Following is the chevy bolt battery degradation:

0 to 10,000 Miles66 KWh
10,000 to 20,000 Miles60 KWh
20,000 to 30,000 Miles59 KWh
30,000 to 40,000 Miles58 KWh
40,000 to 50,000 Miles58 KWh
50,000 to 60,000 Miles58 to 56 KWh
60,000 to 70,000 Miles56 KWh
70,000 to 80,000 Miles55.5 KWh
The chevy bolt battery degradation

How Long Will The Batteries Last In A Chevy Bolt?

It all depends on the owner and how they treat the battery the way energy is added the way to remove and how many charging cycles the battery experiences. Look after your battery and your battery look after you it isn’t uncommon for chevy bolt or other electric cars with a hundred thousand miles on the odometer and experiencing battery degradation of less than 10 percent.

Now the question is how long will batteries last in a chevy bolt? So, The chevy bolt is guaranteed to last the batteries at least 100,000 Miles or 8 years with their new batteries.

After completing 100,000 miles the chevy bolt battery lost its potential the odometer was considered high mileage. It starts degrading therefore, it won’t have the same ability as when it was new.

You can protect the battery from degradation by taking good care of it like charging only 12 hours, don’t drive your car if your battery percentage is less than 20%, don’t charge your battery up to 80%, and don’t charge your car every night. These things can extend your battery life by 40% which is excellent

Should I Keep My Chevy Bolt Battery Fully Charged?

I think those who have Electric vehicles (EVs) want to extend their battery life But there must be a question in their mind should I keep my chevy bolt Battery fully charged or not?

If you have to extend your battery life you have to keep your battery between 20% to 80% as routinely as possible which means don’t drive your car if your battery is less than 20% and don’t keep your vehicle plugged in even when the batteries are above 80%.

Because, when you charge Chevy Bolt batteries at 100% the battery starts degrading over time you might not notice it the first time, but the battery will lose its range over time.

Should I Plug In My Chevy Bolt Battery Every Night?

In simple terms the answer is NO,  most owners of electric cars plug their chevy bolt batteries every night but it is wrong if you charge your EV cars every night they can cause a lot of damage to your battery and can shorten the lifespan of the battery

When you charge your battery overnight. It overcharging means the charging as needed to your battery becomes more than that so your battery will lead reduction and gets overheat that’s why your battery gets damaged. So, you shouldn’t plug your chevy bolt batteries every night.

12- an hour of charge gives you 48 Miles of the pretty good range so, what do you need to charge your chevy bolt Battery every night you have to plug your chevy bolt every three days or so. Also, You can save money with this.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Battery In Chevy Bolt?

Before talking about how much it cost to replace the battery in the chevy bolt first, we need to know whether it is safe or not Because even if you replace the battery, if it is not safe, then what would be the use of replacing it? So let’s find out if it is safe or not.

The shortest answer is yes, but after replacing the battery with a chevy bolt It’s life is reduced much faster than a new battery which is ridiculous but if you are thinking to replace the battery with a chevy bolt so, it’s safe you can.

Now come to the point that how much does it cost to replace the battery in the chevy bolt? In 2017 according to Chevrolet replacing the battery with a chevy bolt cost $262/KWh but in 2022 it comes to $250/KWh for a 66KWh battery of a chevy bolt cost almost $16,000 to $19,000 including labor.

Battery Replacing Cost:

Chevy Bolt 201766 KWh$262 / KWh
Chevy Bolt 202266 KWh$250 / KWh
Nissan Leaf 201340 KWh$101 / KWh
Nissan Leaf 202062 KWh$113 / KWh
Battery Replacing Cost

According to auto manufacturers, they are guaranteed to last the battery about 8 years but The current prediction is 10 to 20 years as it evolves It may also increase in the coming years.

But if you don’t care about your chevy bolt battery every day you put in charging at night if you are charging your chevy bolt battery for more than 12 hours, and you are driving your car when your battery is less than 20% so, you’re ruining your battery yourself.

What is the weight of a Chevy Bolt battery?

The chevy bolt battery produces about 200 horsepower to the front wheel which can easily run up to 264 Miles on a single charge its battery capacity is 60 to 66 KWh depending on the model year and the battery chemistry is Lithium-ion 288 cells and awesome power to push the car the acceleration is 60 Miles per hour in just 7 seconds.

Now the question what is the weight of a 66 KWh chevy bolt battery the weight of a 66 kWh of batty is 947 lbs. And the 60 KWh battery weight is around 960 lbs.

Are Chevy Bolts Reliable?

Are chevy bolts reliable or not you can find them in this table which is below

overall vehicle satisfaction4.6/5
drivers would give it 5 stars67%
The Range of chevy bolt4.59/5
value for price4.64/5
driver’s comfort4.04/5
on board range estimate reliability4.56/5
the driver gave it 5 stars67%
maintenance and charging costs4.89/5
Are chevy bolts reliable  or not

As you can see the rating of chevy bolt which is pretty good and People like chevy bolt now little bit we talk about its features people the most common and famous features which people like are as follows:

  1. Acceleration
  2. Clean energy / no gas
  3. Value of price
  4. Quiet ride


Chevy bolt battery gives pretty good acceleration like a flash People like its acceleration and the power of the battery by pushing the car is about 0 to 60 mph in only 7 seconds, that’s why people like its acceleration.

Clean Energy / no Gas

Chevy bolt battery is also well-known for its horsepower the energy produced by a sing battery that is capable to give 200 horsepower to its front wheels. Its range is up to 258 miles on a single charge and according to Chevrolet, it can cover 100 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Chevy bolt is pure you’ll never have to go gas station because it doesn’t have an engine or gas tank that’s why the chevy bolt is a pure EV car.

Value Of Price

I think, now the question must come to your mind when is the starting price of the chevy bolt? Chevy Bolt’s starting price is very cheap you will be amazed to hear the price of chevy Bolt almost everyone can buy a Chevy Bolt it’s starting price is $25,000 which is less than the Nissan Leaf. Nissan leaf’s starting price is $27,400.

Quiet Ride

Chevy bolt interior is made up of high-quality plastic you can also say hard plastic the surface of the chevy bolt interior is too soft to touch it feels good. Chevy bolt gives a quiet ride because it is an electric car but it is soo quiet that it doesn’t make any type of noise. So, it is clear that the chevy bolt is a good electric car.

Are Batteries Covered Under Chevy bolt Warranty?

Again, You can make the battery last longer than its warranty by treating your battery well before, talking about the battery warranty First, talk about battery life depends on how you’re driving your car, how many miles you drive, and how much time you plug chevy bolt these are something that matters for your battery life.

Now, comes the question are Batteries Covered Under Chevy Warranty? Yes, batteries are covered under the chevy bolt warranty which is 8 years or 100,000 miles.

By the way, after crossing 100,000 miles your chevy bolt battery starts reducing its range and the power chevy bolt starts to degrade after 100,000 miles that’s why you have to replace your battery after crossing 8 or 10 years.

What Is Wrong With The Chevy Bolt Battery?

With so many advantages there are also some disadvantages of chevy bolt Battery mow first we talk about what problems does the chevy bolt have?

The following are chevy bolt problems:

  • Airbag
  • Lane Departure
  • Battery fire

These are some common problems in chevy bolt let’s talk about them.


As you know how much important airbags are to us but due to some mistakes In the chevy Bolt car the driver’s frontals airbags to the steering did not open properly Hope the dealers fix it as soon as possible.

Lane Departure

Lane keeps assisting with lane departure warning providing gentle steering wheels input and alerts it helps and prevents you from unintentionally out of your lane so, chevy bolt lane Departure system was not working it does not provide steering wheels input or any alert.

Battery Fire

The chevy bolt Battery was catching fire from 2017 to 2021 because the pretensions exhaust gases come in contact with fiber on the Bolt’s floor and ignite that’s why the battery catch fire. But now it has been fixed by manufacturing defects so, now it is safe for us.

How Long Will the 2023 Chevy Bolt Battery Last?

The 2023 chevy bolt Battery is manufactured in the United state by LG Plants In Michigan, the second, thing is how far the 2023 chevy bolt Battery go. Its range hasn’t extended as much as it was before which means its range on a single charge is 259 same miles. We do not see any changes in the 2023 chevy bolt Battery still as it was before its range, charging time, capacity, and lifespan are all things are same.

Now let’s talk about how long the 2023 chevy bolt Battery will last so, the answer is the same 8 years or 100,000 miles we don’t see any change in this either.

This means the 2023 chevy bolt battery will last around 2031, 2022 will be 2030, 2019 will be 2029, 2018 will be 2028, and 2017 will be 2027.

How many Charging types are in the 2023 chevy bolt Battery?

Here we will discuss how many charging types are in the 2023 chevy bolt battery. These three charging types first, 120V, second, 240V, and third DC fast Charg which is too fast and excellent 120v charger can charge 4miles per hour 240v charger can charge 39 Miles per hour and the last and fast one is DC fast charger which can charge up to 100 miles per hour.

Charging TypesMilesHours
120 V:4 MilesIn one hour
240 V:39 MilesIn one hour
DC Fast ChargeUp to 100 MilesIn one hour
How many Charging types are in the 2023 chevy bolt Battery

What Causes Reduced Chevy Bolt Battery Life?

There are many reasons to reduce the chevy bolt’s battery life but we will focus on some common and most famous reasons that can reduce your chevy bolt battery life here is some common reasons charging time, range, and battery percentage. These were some reasons that reduced your chevy bolt battery life so, let’s talk about it.

Charging Time

Charging time is one of the most common reasons that reduce your chevy bolt battery life by how long you keep your battery on charge. If you charge your battery daily for more than 12 hours then it will degrade your battery over time and can reduce your battery life.

Because, If you charge any battery daily more than its potential, then its life seems to be shortened over time.


manufacturers say, that if you want to run your battery more than its warranty so, So you have to give more attention to its range. This means Battery loses 6% to 8% of its capacity after passing 100,000 miles.

Battery percentage

Battery starts losing its life when it is used on less than 20% of charging this is one of the famous reasons by the Chevy bolt reducing its life.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Chevy Bolt Battery Damage?

One of the most common issues you may hear, is what is the most common cause of chevy bolt battery Damage? Why does it go damage? So, here we talk about the most common causes of battery damage. The battery gets damaged when it is not used for the purpose for which it is made and is used in something else or the battery size is not suitable for that application, the vehicle needs excessive power. The battery does not fit properly in the vehicle when the battery cable is not clean, and low charge and acid stratification.

All these are the most common reason why the battery gets damaged. The battery gets damaged due to lots of other reasons but these were some of the common reasons by which your battery gets damaged That’s why you should take care of all these things. If any of these things happen to your chevy bolt battery then you need to go to a mechanic immediately to save and too long last your battery life.

What Company Makes The Battery for the Chevy Bolt?

It must have come to your mind that who is the owner of the Chevy Bolt Battery? Either what company makes the battery for the chevy bolt? So, let’s find out the answer to both of these.

The chevy bolt is an electric battery that is produced by general motors under the Chevrolet marque. The chevy bolt battery is a lithium-ion battery with 200 horsepower and 259 miles of range on a single charge.

The chevy bolt battery is made by LG Chem. He completed development and the first time he made a lithium-ion battery was in 1999.

How Far Can An Chevy Bolt Battery Go On 1KWh?

How far the chevy bolt can go in a single charge depends on its kilowatt-hour This question must have come to your mind how big is a 1 KWh battery? Let’s talk about the dimensions of the 1 kWh battery the dimensions(L×B×H) of the 1 kWh battery are about 400 mm x 160 mm x 90 mm.

1 KWh of Chevy bolt battery is too small but its range in a single charge is about 4 Miles of driving range and you can charge it via a Level 2 JuiceBox charging station.

Now we will know how far tesla and chevy bolt can go with a 1 kWh battery through the following table

Chevy Bolt Battery KWhChevy Bolt RangeTesla Battery KWhTesla Range
1 KWh4 Miles1 KWh4.56 Miles
7 KWh28 Miles7 KWh31.92 Miles
40 KWh160 Miles 40 KWh182.4 Miles
66 KWh264 Miles75 KWh342 Miles
can  tesla and chevy bolt can go with a 1 kWh battery

Can You Upgrade Your Chevy Bolt EV battery?

When your battery warranty expires or it completes 100,000 miles, of its range it automatically starts decreasing its potential then it must have come to your mind can I upgrade my battery?

If ever such a situation comes so, you have to replace your battery but Unfortunately,  Updraging your battery is very risky, so you cannot upgrade your battery

How Bad Is The Chevrolet Bolt Battery Problem?

Chevy bolt is a hybrid electric vehicle but while the chevy bolt may be a sign of thing to come chevy bolt has been plagued by problems since its inception it has a battery problem the  battery start overheating and catch fire which is very scary But now there is nothing to fear because chevy has fixed its battery problem

The company has replaced 58% battery which is destroyed by fire in all bolts of chevy bolt EV and chevy bolt EVs And told the customer that he can take service from their local dealership.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Electric Car Battery?

How long do electric car battery last is dependent on the owner and how they treat their electric car battery It can be less and also can be more If you keep your battery well such as plug-in on a time plug out on a time, your chevy bolt Battery should not be less than 20% and not be more than 80%, charge your chevy bolt battery 12 hours every three days and avoid extreme heat when the battery is less than 20%? Keeping all these things in mind, you can extend the life of Your battery.

According to auto manufacturers, they are guaranteed to last the battery about 8 years but The current prediction is 10 to 20 years as it evolves It may also increase in the coming years.

But if you don’t care about your chevy bolt battery every day you put in charging at night if you are charging your chevy bolt battery for more than 12 hours, and you are driving your car when your battery is less than 20% so, you’re ruining your battery yourself.

Which EV Is Most Reliable?

Chevy bolt makes a very good case for being the best affordable electric vehicle anywhere in the United States deep price cuts and appealing features including up to 258 miles on a fully charged battery which makes it pretty good I mean to say chevy bolt is the most affordable EVs in the United States.

especially, based on price to range and how much money you pay for the actual range you get to make them absolutely bargain. That’s why the chevy bolt is the most reliable.

Gm has reduced the price of the chevy bolt small car by $6,000 this new price will be reflected on the sticker in 2023. But one thing that is unlike chevy bolt is the waiting You have to wait 2 months for a small car and 4 months for a big car which is the most chevy bolt.

Tesla model x is also the most reliable its battery capacity is quite good is 75KWh pretty good range and tesla model x batteries can last from 300,000 miles to 500,000 miles if we convert it into years, then this range comes out to be about 22 to 37 year.

Is GM Replacing Bolt Batteries Yet?

 From 2017 to 2021, many batteries were destroyed due to catching fire so, now gm has confirmed that it’s stepping up by offering a significant range boost for those earlier boast electric vehicles how is this going to happen the gm emphasized that the all-new lithium-ion battery models installed in old bolts EV and also providing all new cells featuring gm’s most advanced bolt a new 8- year 100,000 miles limited parts warranty for your lithium-ion battery upon completion.

GM has replaced 1,648 chevy bolt Battery 58% of 2017 to 2021 people’s battery has been replaced which could be good for both EV owners and EV drivers over the long run for 2020 gm nudged up the range of the chevy bolt EV by about exactly that amount to 259 miles from the previous 238 miles through the use of more energy-dense lithium-ion cell LG that brought official energy capacity of the pack from 60 Kilowatt hour up to 65 kWh.

Currently labeled the capacity and the range boost for 2020 followed a running change to the sales pathway through the 2019 model year as gm switched production of the chevy bolt electric vehicle sales from ochan south Korea to Holland Michigan.


According to data, chevy bolt Battery starts degrading over time. after crossing 100,000 miles it starts losing its potential by 6% to 8% and start reducing its range. Manufacturers, say that after 8 years you have to replace the chevy bolt Battery.

To improve your battery life you should charge your battery for only 12 hours and don’t drive your car if the battery percentage is less than 20%. Keep these major things in your mind to save your battery from degradation.


1. Does Chevy Bolt Battery Goes Degrading Over Time?

Yes, But the chevy bolt battery doesn’t start degrading that quickly. it takes about six to 10 years to start degrading. The Battery degradation affects its range and power then slowly it loses all its power and then Eventually, you will have to replace your battery.
But if you treat your battery well so, it will take time to start degrading your battery now how you treat your battery well according to manufacturers charge your battery for 12 hours, don’t drive your car when your battery percentage is less than 20%, do not charge your battery more than 80%, and don’t charge your car every night.
Follow these things to treat your battery well.

2. Chevy Bolt Battery Capacity

The Chevy bolt car has 66 kWh of battery and 200 horsepower which gives power to the front wheel to run up to 258 miles on a single charge which is pretty good it has a rechargeable energy storage system and has a warranty to run 100,000 miles.

3. How Much Will The 2023 Chevy Bolt Cost?

Chevy bolt is one of the best cars just because of its affordable price which is quite good. With affordable price and appealing features chevy bolt EV start from $25,000 and Chevy Bolt EUV starts from $28,195 including delivery fees.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Battery In A Chevy Bolt?

Battery replacement is only needed when your battery is dead or starts Degradation so, so the question is how much does it cost to replace the battery in a chevy bolt it cost around $17,000 to $19,000 including labor.

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