Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement-Complete Guide 2024

What we need to know about Tesla Model X 12V battery replacement? 

The Tesla Model X 12V battery is located in the front trunk of the vehicle and can be accessed by removing the plastic cover.
tesla model x

Although lithium-ion chemistry is standard for traction batteries, lead-acid 12V auxiliary batteries are still widely used in today’s electric automobiles. That is likely since 12V lithium batteries are more costly than their 9V counterparts are, and there are many other, more pressing areas in which efficiency gains may be made. What we need to know about Tesla Model X 12V battery replacement?

The Tesla Model X 12V battery is located in the front trunk of the vehicle and can be accessed by removing the plastic cover. Replacement can be done by disconnecting the old battery and connecting the new one, making sure to follow proper safety procedures. The approximate cost for a Tesla Model X 12V battery replacement is $300-$500, but it may vary depending on location and labor costs. It is recommended to have a professional technician perform the replacement. It makes them more suited for Electric car applications. It should also alleviate some of the weaknesses of lead-acid batteries.

The lithium-ion batteries price is the only real drawback, although the overall cost of ownership may be the same or even cheaper. Some Electric car owners may want to use aftermarket components to upgrade their lead-acid 12V batteries to lithium-ion on their own.

12 Volt Battery Replacement


Understanding the Basics of Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement

You should spend more than $300 to replace the 12-volt battery in your Tesla Model X. That may be covered under Tesla’s warranty. The Tesla Model X is a high-end sport utility vehicle (SUV) with innovative technological features operated via a massive touch screen infotainment system and two smaller display displays in the back of the vehicle.

How, however, are they kept operational? The lights, doors, windows, and touch screen in your Tesla are all powered by this 12-volt battery. Once every few years, you will need to replace it, but your auto insurance will not pay for it. Find out how much a new one will set you back and some helpful hints for doing the battery swap yourself.

The cost to replace the 12-volt battery in your Model X is estimated to be roughly $300. However, this may vary depending on the mechanic’s pay rate and the need to purchase specialty components. If your Model X is still covered by its manufacturer’s warranty, getting a new 12-volt battery installed could not cost you a dime. Each Tesla has a New Vehicle Limited Warranty lasting eight years or 50,000 miles. Hence, if your Tesla is less than eight years old, the manufacturer should pay the cost of a new battery.

Take your Model X to a Tesla service facility or an authorized Tesla mobile technician to get the battery changed under warranty.

Signs that Tesla Model X 12V Battery Needs Replacement

Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement
Tesla model x

Diagnosing and fixing problems with one’s gadgets and property is a valuable asset. It aids in the management of current events by keeping one abreast of the most recent developments in fashion, functionality, and technology.

If your car’s battery dies while you are driving down the road, having some background information regarding car batteries and electrical systems would be helpful. One aware of these things at that time can successfully navigate out of hazardous circumstances.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Your fuel economy, measured in MPG, may gradually decline over time. This is a clear indication that the battery is malfunctioning. Using more petrol than normal might indicate that your car’s battery is not receiving a full charge or is losing charge more quickly than usual.

Start The Engine

Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement

The battery may die when your car’s engine does not start as quickly as normal. It is one of the main causes of a battery dying quickly.

A car battery may last anywhere from three to five years, depending on how often it is used and how well it is cared for. Nevertheless, the battery life is affected by various circumstances, such as the driver’s behavior, the environment, the road, etc.

Cost Concerns

There is probably something wrong with the battery if the display indicates an irregular charge. During driving, the battery life should not be wildly varying. In addition, there is an issue if the battery is not keeping its charge. For instance, the battery should not still be low after being charged at night.

Problems with charging may sometimes be traced back to a faulty electrical socket.

Tesla Power USA is the greatest battery brand in the world of automobiles, and it provides all the benefits above. Tesla Power USA provides top-tier batteries with maximum power for all vehicle models, guaranteeing trouble-free performance. Tesla Power USA’s expert team has developed and produced batteries using cutting-edge methods to provide an unmatched driving experience, even on the toughest roads.

How to Replace Tesla Model X 12V Battery: A Comprehensive Guide

Although Tessla are efficient, a 12V battery is required to power the car’s electronics (including its lights, windows, doors, and dashboard). Hence, you must maintain a healthy battery.

How do I change the 12V battery in a Tesla Model X? You may change the 12V battery in your Tesla Model 3. However, getting in touch with Tesla’s service center or mobile service is the simplest alternative. A Tesla-trained technician can replace your battery quickly and without damaging your vehicle.

Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement
Tesla Model X 12V Battery
Tesla Model X 12V Battery

If you are still interested in giving it a go, know you will spend at least an hour on it. What you will also need:

  • Turn off your Tesla and throw open the blinds or curtains.
  • Turn off the main power. To prevent electrocution, the high voltage must be turned off. If you unzip your rear seats, you can get to the high-voltage cable. Take off the opaque black cover. A substantial black cable with a thin metal end fitting is on display. If you pull this cable, the high voltage will be turned off.
  • Roll up your sleeve. After the door is unlocked, the plastic protection over the windscreen may be removed.
  • Take the plastic cover off the passenger side air vent and pull it out.
  • Take off the screws holding the battery brackets in place. The bolt on the driver’s side must be removed first, followed by the bolt on the passenger’s side. The massive central bracket must also be removed.
  • Get rid of the minus plug. The black or negative terminal should be removed first to prevent any sparking.
  • Take out the original 12-volt battery.
  • Install the fresh battery.
  • Put the pieces together. After you’ve installed your new battery, the centre bracket has to be fastened.
  • Connect the positive terminal first, then the negative, as in the first set of instructions.
  • Put the battery back together with the bolts on the driver’s and passenger’s sides.
  • The plastic cover and vent should be reattached.
  • The high-voltage plug must be reconnected.
  • You should be ready to go after reconnecting the high voltage.

Like a fully charged battery, solid vehicle insurance coverage is vital for your Tesla. For maximum safety of your Tesla. In a matter of seconds and at no cost to you, the Jerry app will have compiled estimates from 50+ of the best insurance providers, including Nationwide and Travelers. If you’ve decided on a plan, they’ll assist you in cancelling your previous coverage, too.

Pros and Cons of DIY Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement

Long-Range Effects

Battery switching is most useful for high-energy-demand vehicles, which often have large batteries. Vehicles that need extensive daily commutes often employ this sort of technology.

Free of Cost

There is no need to wait for the battery to charge while switching out batteries. Because of how quickly you can detach and rejoin, you can return to the road in no time.


There Is A Cap On Supply

Currently, most swap meets can be found in major cities because of the high demand for such a service there. It may not be ideal if you are in a remote part of the country with no ready access to one.

Unique Automobiles

You may be unable to use this service if you have a non-hybrid vehicle needing a battery change. Electric cars with removable and replaceable batteries are the ideal candidates for use at swap stations. This service may not be available if your vehicle has a non-standard battery.

The Future of Tesla Model X 12V Battery and Its Impact on Replacement

Large sums of money will need to be invested in a well-known piece of technology: batteries, if our vision of an electric, emission-free future comes to fruition. Like the batteries used in modern smartphones, lithium-ion cells are often used in today’s electric vehicles.

So what does the future of electric vehicle batteries look like, given that consumers want greater ranges, quicker charging, and greener, more lasting batteries? The battery for tomorrow’s electric cars may look quite different from todays. In a worldwide competition to create the most affordable, lightweight, energy-dense, and durable battery packs, R&D labs are testing various technologies. There will be a shift in the battery chemistry used in EVs in the not-too-distant future.

Metals, including lithium, cobalt, and nickel, are often used in electric vehicle batteries. After finding success in several consumer electronics since its introduction in 1991, lithium-ion batteries have become the standard in electric vehicle applications.

Lithium-ion batteries are more powerful and last three times as long as the standard lead-acid 12V battery in most vehicles today. The lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide chemistry is the standard in the lithium-ion battery industry (NMC). Yet, studies have shown that lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are more cost-effective, safer, and more thermally and chemically stable.

Scientists are investigating lithium-Sulphur batteries to get around the need for rare and costly metals like cobalt and nickel. Once production is ramped up, they have the potential to make electric vehicles (EVs) cheaper than gasoline or diesel-powered automobiles. They also have other advantages, such as higher energy density and reliable operation in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius.

Because of its continued scarcity, geologists are always looking for new lithium deposits. Yet, there may also be options than lithium. For instance, sodium-ion batteries, which are cheaper to produce, are quickly gaining popularity. Nevertheless, sodium is bulkier and less suited to energy storage than lithium.

The solid-state battery is one of the most exciting potential successors of the existing EV battery technology. The organic liquids now used in Li-ion batteries would be replaced with ceramic electrolytes in the battery cells. This has significant ramifications for the design of EV batteries. It significantly lessens the potential for fire and makes more powerful, longer-lasting, and quicker-charging battery packs possible.

Size of batteryModelTrim
60 kWhModel 3Standard Range
75 kWhModel YLong Range
100 kWhModel XLong Range
100 kWhModel SPerformance
size of battery with model

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Tesla Model X 12V Battery.

Using Low-Priced, High-Quality Gas or Fuel

One of the most expensive errors you can make that shortens the life of your automobile is using subpar gas or gasoline. Using high-quality gasoline regularly may add years to your car’s lifetime. Using cheap petrol or oil may damage your vehicle’s engine and parts, diminishing its power and gas economy. Premium petrol should be used only while refueling your car.

Tesla Model X 12V Battery Replacement

Dimming the Lights

If your automobile doesn’t have automated lights, leaving them on when you get out can kill the battery. When a door is left ajar, or the trunk is left open, the lights are at risk of being left on. Using the lights inside and forgetting to switch them off is a major battery drain. Battery life may be preserved by double-checking the interior and outside lighting before leaving the car.


The battery must be watered often, but only with the appropriate amount of water. If the battery is overwatered, the electrolyte will leak out of the cells and into the battery, diluting the electrolyte and decreasing its efficacy. This may occur if the batteries you are watering are partially charged.

Over-watering is risky when fleet managers utilize single-point watering systems with the uncontrolled flow or malfunctioning filling components. If you want your watering system to work properly, following the manufacturer’s guidelines and checking the water level regularly is important.


All electric vehicle batteries are designed to last between 10 and 20 years. They degrade effectiveness over time, with certain circumstances hastening the process, but you should not worry too much about it. But if you get to the point where you need a replacement, the surgery can set you back a pretty penny if you don’t have insurance to cover it.

Avoid quick charging and keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight to extend the life of your battery. You cannot stop it entirely, but you can purchase an extra year or two of life for your car’s battery.


How long does the Tesla Model X 12V battery typically last?

They have an average lifespan of 3 years. The condition of your 12v can only be determined with professional assistance. It’s important to remember that connecting a 12v battery tender to your car might harm the vehicle’s ability to handle the 12v system, which can hasten battery degeneration and an early need for replacement.

How much does it cost to replace a Tesla Model X 12V battery?

Your Tesla Model X’s 12-volt battery replacement should cost you no more than $300. Tesla’s warranty, though, may cover the expense.

How does replacing the Tesla Model X 12V battery impact the vehicle’s warranty?

Every new Tesla comes with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty that includes protection for the 12V battery. The battery in every Tesla model is guaranteed for eight years or 50,000 miles. Return the infant to the car lot; the policy applies to her.

Is There Anything I need to do after replacing the Tesla Model X 12V battery?

There are a couple of different techniques to change out batteries. Visiting a Tesla Service Center is the first and most popular choice. That is the best option if you want your purchase to be protected by a warranty. Customers needing to replace their batteries outside the warranty period can purchase a Tesla battery or one from a third-party manufacturer.

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