Cheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

Cheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

The battery is one of the most crucial factors of almost all electric cars. Most electric vehicle owners have battery and range anxiety. The battery is the only one which has the ability to make the EVs move and take you to a higher range. If you are an electric vehicle owner then let me tell you changing or replacing your EVs battery is a very costly part. So, do you know about the cheapest electric car battery replacement cost?

Most of the experts and internet information claim that for the proper battery replacement of the electric vehicles, users have to pay between $4000 to $20,000 while some of the information states that changing an electric car battery replacement costs around $2000 to $10,000.

The price of the battery may also depend on the electric car, battery size, and what types of cells are used in the battery. So, we can’t say any information listed above is a false statement. There are lots of battery manufacturers in the market who supply the cheapest electric car batteries. So, it totally depends on the users what their total investment and budgets are.

Battery Replacement CostCheapest Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost
EVs$4000 to $20,000$2000 to $10,000

Yes, it is also true that changing electric car batteries delivers lots of expenses, there are lots of battery manufacturers who are competing in the market to supply the best battery potential while some of the brands are focusing on making the cheapest EVs battery.

Generally, it is seen that most of the reputed EVs car batteries last for around 10 to 20 years depending on the maintenance and proper cars. It is also said that maintaining and properly caring for the battery may add 5 years of extra life to the battery.

Changing the battery components as well as the battery is really a very expensive part most people don’t prefer to go with at this moment. But if your EVs battery is still under the warranty then you may have to pay a small amount as compared to over warranty.

So, if you are willing to know the detailed information about the cheapest electric car battery replacement cost then make sure to read the whole article because we have discussed lots of EVs batteries and electric car battery replacement cost.

Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

As the world acquires advancements in technology, this has increased the technology in electric vehicles too. The demand for electric vehicles is constantly increasing globally because of the battery potential through which users are acquiring a large range.

Yes, most of the users are totally amazed by the improved battery technology, but what if you have to go through electric car battery replacement costs after 10 to 20 years? Do you know what the replacement cost of the batteries will be? If not here it is.

Replacing a car battery may cost you around $ 4000 to $20,000 while the market has some other cheapest options too but if you follow my recommendation the cheapest battery doesn’t have much potential to take you to higher miles.

EVs BatteryElectric Car Battery Replacement Cost
Tesla Model 3$15,799
Chevy Volt$16,250
Nissan Leaf$1000
BMW i3$16,000

Yes, changing electric car batteries may easily cost $10,000 to $20,000 because the electric car battery replacement cost also depends on Ev’s model and battery size. Sometimes the cost may also vary depending on the market availability.

But here the good news is the quality battery has the potential to last longer than any other battery. When we personally talk about electric car batteries, it has a different flavor altogether. The EVs batteries are not like the traditional batteries.

Electric car batteries lose their charge quickly and have very less degradation. Most of the owners and manufacturers claim that having a good battery pack in the EVs can easily cover up to 200,000 to 300,000 miles in a single life of the battery which will cost you around $4000 to $20,000.

The total cost of electric car batteries is highly likely to depend on the model and car manufacturers. So, for the clear cut of information we have highlighted some models and their electric car battery replacement cost.

  1. Tesla Model 3

Tesla is one of the most reputed electric car manufacturers globally and it has taken constant growth because of the battery power and the performance. So, we have mentioned Tesla Model 3 in the first place.

Talking about the Tesla Model 3 battery replacement, the cost of the battery replacement of the Tesla Model 3 is around $15,799 including all the labor and other essential parts costs. The original cost of the Tesla Model 3 battery is around $13,500. The price varies because of the labor cost because changing Ev’s battery is full of complications and you need to pay a higher amount to the professional battery changer.

The Tesla official website doesn’t list battery specs. All the prices listed above are based on the assumption or estimated amount concluding the internet information. You may also save labor costs while the battery is replaced by doing all the work by yourself. But it is always recommended to visit the battery experts for safety purposes unless and until you are very confident.

  1. Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt is also among the reputed EV car manufacturers like Tesla. It also manufactures good EVs with powerful batteries. The Chevy Volt offers a high range and possesses all the essential features in the vehicle. It gained enormous popularity after Tesla.

The price of the battery replacement of the Chevy Volt is around $16,250 for a 6kWh battery pack. You must be wondering why the battery pack is possessing a higher amount than the Tesla Model 3. So, let me tell you this is the final amount including the labor cost and it is estimated that the cost of battery installation is around $870.

There may be slight variations in the battery price of the Chevy Volt because there is no specific data by the Chevy Volt regarding the battery price. All the price is estimated and the possibility of changes is high.

In 2018, there was a major recall of the Chevy Volt battery because of manufacturing defects. But before purchasing the battery it is recommended to visit different shops and different platforms to know the exact price of the battery. But while doing this be aware of the third-party products which might void your warranty.

  1. Nissan Leaf

Installing a battery in the Nissan is a very affordable and easy process. Let me first talk about the battery price of Nissan. The electric car battery replacement cost of Nissan is only $4,500 which is one the cheapest price of battery over the above-discussed battery. The battery of Nissan is very affordable and there will be no huge burden on your pocket.

The total cost of replacing a Nissan battery is around $1000 including the labor cost. Most of the owners feel that it is worth it for them because their investment is worth it and extends the life of their car.

As always said the price may vary depending upon where you are performing your work. According to the internet information, a user quoted the electric car battery replacement cost of around $15,000 which is the highest amount.

  1. BMW i3

We have only mentioned the popular models in our list because we know about the users as they only search for information about the popular model.

BMW i3 is also among the most popular EVs which has acquired good market response and sales too. The BMW i3 model uses 22kWh batteries which has a cost of around $16,000 for replacing with a new battery pack.

$16,000 is the total electric car battery replacement cost including the labor cost. Changing the battery of the BMW i3 will be more affordable than perceived. Yes, it is very important to match the good quality battery to make it last longer. The price of the battery may also reduce when you select the 17.14kWh battery.

While purchasing the battery of BMW i3 you may inspect different manufacturers’ shops and visit different online platforms. It will definitely give you a clear cut of the battery price so you can save a little bit of money.

Why Do Electric Car Batteries Need To Be Replaced, And After How Long?

An electric car battery needs to be replaced after the time interval of the battery because every product has a time period or life. Just like the electric car batteries also have their own life and it comes near to the average life starts losing their ability and not being able to regain their initial ability. They started to lose their ability and result in less range.

 As you know, the battery is one of the essential components of EVs, so it must be fresh every time otherwise you will not get enough potential for the vehicles.

But if we talk about how long an electric vehicle’s battery may last, it depends on many factors like the battery type, maintenance, and proper care of the battery. If the battery is well-marinated and properly cared for, you may add extra years to the battery.

When we talk about the estimated life of electric car batteries is about 10 to 20 years. After the age of 20 years, a battery gradually starts decreasing its ability to hold power and deliver the best performance. There are lots of reasons why you should replace your car batteries and when you should replace them. Some of the reasons are highlighted below.

  • As you know all-electric car batteries have a large number of cells. As the battery keeps using the charge regularly, the electrodes inside the battery start degrading their power and ability and after some time, it gradually starts losing their power.

  • As the electrode starts degrading the electrolyte solution inside the battery dries up which causes a lack of conductivity in the battery resulting in less performance of the battery.

  • The battery of the battery deteriorates, it allows air and moisture to enter in the battery as you must have heard these are the enemies of battery power and performance. It may further damage the electrodes and electrolytes of the battery.

  • You will gain less power through your battery and your battery will start losing its power more quickly as compared with the initial one.

So, if you are noticing all these things in your battery and you are noticing that your battery power and performance are falling, you should go for the electric car battery replacement cost. You should not wait for the battery to degrade completely as it may also damage other components of the car. Replacing a car battery may cost nearly a thousand rupees per dollar depending on the battery type and market availability.

Electric Car Battery-Lithium Ion

All electric vehicles use a rechargeable battery. Most electric vehicles like Tesla included lithium-ion in their battery pack. The battery pack powers up the motor and the whole electronic components.

The lithium-ion battery has a higher energy density than any other lead-acid battery. The lithium-ion battery has a high tendency to quickly hold the charge and make it last longer over any other battery type. 

Some of the good EV brands like Tesla, Chevy Volt, and Nissan include lithium-ion cells to increase the power and performance of the battery. For your information let me tell you lithium is one of the lightest elements of all elements which causes less weight to the vehicles and results in the fastest acceleration.

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the safest batteries over any other battery. It follows all the safety precautions and protects the users from battery failure or battery damage.

You can repeatedly charge the battery in a short period of time. Recently in the era, new technology is improving the lithium-ion battery which will eventually increase the range and performance of EVs.

Electric Car Battery Charging

The real meaning of electric car battery charging is how long can a car go on a single charge. The battery charging of the Evs defines the mileage that a car can acquire in a fully charged battery.

Just like gasoline-powered cars where all the cars come with different fuels tan sizes, similar to the case of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles come with different lithium-ion battery sizes and capacities.

Where the capacity of gasoline-powered cars is measured in liters the capacity of the battery-powered car is measured in kWh which is kilowatts per hour. Generally, a typical battery capacity of 40kWh battery pack is sufficient enough to power a car up to 150 miles or up to 170 miles.

This defines the potential of the battery. According to recent information, Tesla has one of the biggest battery packs of 100kwh which is enough for users to take their car up to 375 miles.

Tesla is going to give a real estimation of the car economy to the rear world range. Currently, the battery pack of Tesla is ruling the whole EV market because Tesla is offering the highest mileage, especially in their Tesla Model 3.

How Do You Recharge An Electric Car Battery?

All the electric car battery is packed with lithium-ion which has a recharging mechanism. Generally, the lithium-ion battery has higher energy density than most of other batteries. The battery can hold power for a long time as well can recharge quickly. So, do you know how electric car battery recharge?

Recharging electric car batteries is done through the EV charging socket. All the EVs are designed to recharge their battery with a normal or supercharger. Tesla has one of the biggest supercharger networks. The EVs charger is most fitted at home or workplace which is of 3KW slow charger or 7Kw fast charger. 

These chargers are capable of charging the Evs approximately in 6 to 12 hours. Generally, a 22KW charger is known as a fast charger or rapid charger. The fastest charging network can recharge the Evs up to 80% of the range in a little hour. The last 20% charging of the battery may be a little slower to prevent damage to the battery.

You can also charge your electric car from a 13-amp charging socket where no designated charging point is available near you. Charging with the 13-amp charging socket may be slower and may also cause damage to the battery by frequently charging with this model because charging demands lots of power that can’t be delivered by a 13-amp charging socket.

So, it is always recommended to charge your EVs with a proper charger or supercharger to avoid any damage to the battery.

How Safe Are Electric Car Batteries?

Going with any battery type safety of the users is one of the most important things. Safety is the very first thing that users look for while the battery replacement or buying new EVs. The manufacturer of electric car batteries is including good technology in the battery to increase their potential and performance. Do, you how safe are electric car batteries?

Nowadays, manufacturers are fitting smart batteries with the BMS technology to prevent the battery from overheating which really hampers on the battery performance. BMS technology indicates when the battery is fully charged or when they get discharged.

It regulates the whole battery technology and prevents the battery from any further damage. High-performance EVs batteries are equipped with an advanced liquid cooling system to maintain the battery temperature because heat is the enemy of electric car batteries.

There are some cases in that EV batteries are catching fire, but there are only a few incidents like this. There are really very small cases of battery failure because all the reputed brands are including good battery packs in their cars.

A study by the US national highway traffic administration found that the battery made of lithium-ion have very less chance of catching fire as compared to other batteries. The demand of the EV is constantly increasing and after some years electric cars will be a great replacement for conventional cars.


The battery is one of the essential components of electric vehicles. It is also true that replacing an EV battery cost huge money. The total electric car battery replacement cost is around $4000 to $20,000. This included all the cost of replacement including the labor cost.

The average battery life of an EV is around 10 to 20 years. If the battery passes age, it starts losing its ability and performance. However, EV battery degradation is a slow and natural process and it must have to be replaced after an interval of time.


How much does it cost to replace the battery in an EV car?

The electric car battery replacement cost is around $4000 to $20,000 depending upon the battery size and the EV model you have. Some source of information also claims that you can easily replace your EVs battery by investing around $2000 to $10,000. However, this is the cheapest electric car battery replacement cost.

Why EV battery is so expensive?

Yes, no doubt about the huge cost of the EV battery. This is all because of the material used in the EV battery. EV batteries use high-quality materials like lithium, cobalt, nickel, etc. These materials are really expensive and not readily available. This metal has to go through the mining process to be used in the EV battery. This is why the cost of EV batteries is so expensive.

Which EV has the longest battery?

Generally, when we talk about the longest battery only one model comes to our mind which is the Tesla Model S. Tesla Model S is widely considered as one of the longest-range batteries. Some other longest-battery vehicles are the BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, etc.

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