Tesla Model s original battery condition after 10-year usage (20-year usage, 5-year usage, 2-year usage)

The Tesla Model S has the world’s largest and most powerful lithium-ion battery which is about 60 kWh to 100 kWh and the range is estimated approximately 375 Miles to 403  in a singMilesrge which is insanely good. Then what will be the Tesla Model S’s original battery condition after 10-year usage?

Tesla manufactures some of the model s cells in partnership with Panasonic and some internally but now we talk about the tesla model s original battery condition after 10-year usage (20-year usage, 5-year usage, 2-year usage).

After driving for 20 years your Tesla model s degradation is about 18% when it crosses 20 years or almost 300,000 Miles that’s pretty good. After Crossing 100,000 miles tesla’s model S degrades by about 4% and for 200,000  its degradation is about 10%.It depends on the owner after crossing 300,00 miles the Degradation can be less or can be more so if you take good care of your battery it will last for a very long time.


Following is the tesla model s original battery condition after 10-year usage (20-year usage, 5-year usage, 2-year usage) table:

Years/milesTesla model s battery degradation
2 years / 26,000 Miles5.5%
5 years / 80,000 Miles6%-7%
10 years / 160,000 Miles10%
20 years / 320,000 Miles18%
Tesla model s battery degradation

Well, this is not the exact tesla model s battery condition table it may be different for you because it depends on how you treat your battery.


It depends on you how you treat your tesla model s battery, how much you plug your battery, the charging behavior how many of you plug your tesla model s battery in at night when you go to the bed and then unplug in the morning when you wake up this is the worst habit that you do.

According, to Elon Musk your tesla battery should easily last 300,000 miles to 500,000 miles or 1,500 battery charge cycles. The 300,00 miles to 500,000 miles is between 22 to 37 years If you drive an average of 40 miles per day But if you take good care of your battery then only your tesla model s battery will last for 22 to 37 years tweet.

Tesla  Batteries are happiest when you use them between 30% to 70% state of charge its harder on a battery when you drain it to 0% and charge it to 100% so, constantly you are pushing your battery to 100% again and again.

What Happens to Tesla Model S Battery After 8 Years?

After 8 years, the range of your tesla model s car would have decreased and it would have also degraded a bit if your car has done 160,000 miles so, your car has degraded about 11% to 13% depending on you 11% is quite good. You can also replace your battery if you want.

Tesla’s policy says, that If your battery has degraded more than 70% or your battery is damaged within 8 years of warranty, or 100,000 to 150,000 miles then tesla will repair or replace it for free.

How Long Does A 2013 Tesla Model S Battery Last?

Why is this topic important battery degradation is a concern for consumers looking to buy an electric vehicle one of the big questions for an electric vehicle is how long does a 213-tesla model s battery last before you have to replace it so, for most buying a new car is generally big expensive and after purchase, there’s going to be maintained and other things to pay for as well how but what about electric vehicle how many miles does a tesla model s last and when should you expect to replace the battery in your tesla?

Well according to, to tesla the current battery is designed to last for 300,000 miles to 500,000 miles Tesla is also working on a 1 million-mile battery so, it’s important to know that the average tesla battery degrades around 8% to 10% after crossing 200,000 miles which means it still 90% of its peak performance even after all of those miles which means it will easily last till 2035.

I’ll list four ways to protect the health of your tesla model s battery whether you’re charging at home or using superchargers these tips will increase your range and improve your battery.

  1. You want to make sure you keep tesla plugged in whenever possible.
  2. You’re going to want to pre-condition your battery or heat it through the tesla app before going to the supercharger.
  3. Don’t charge over 90% or let the battery fall under 20%.
  4. Use regenerator braking.

These tips will help your tesla battery stay happy and healthy for the long term.

How Much Does It Cost to Refill A Tesla Model S Battery?

Everyone wants to know how much it costs to refill a tesla model s battery we will also little talk about how long it takes to charge a tesla model s battery 0% to 100% well, you don’t have to charge your tesla model s battery more than 90% and less than 20% this is only for your knowledge first we will talk about how much it cost to refill your tesla so, let’s get straight into it.

It depends on your car model and how much it costs. for tesla, models s if you charge with a supercharger, it cost around $14 to $18.

This is a table of how long it takes to charge your tesla model s battery from 0% to 100%.

Charging TypeCharging Time
NEMA 5-153 Miles of range  per hour
NEMA 14-5018 Hours
Wall connector8 to 8.5 hours
Supercharger25 to 30 Minutes

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tesla Model S Battery?

Do you need to replace your tesla model s battery when you are faced with the problem of a dead battery and being unable to start your car Then you will have to replace your battery we will talk about replacement costs and tips to know when your battery needs to be replaced.

Tesla isn’t very open about their parts pricing list and there is no general guide to how much each repair or replacement costs however, Current battery prices average about $137 per kWh now the replacement of a full tesla model s battery is about $13,000 to $20,000 that appears to be quite high.

How do you know if your Tesla model s battery needs to be replaced?

Following is a tip to know when your battery needs to be replaced

  1. A sudden drop in driving range of more than 20%.
  2. Degradation of range over the 30% warranty criteria.
  3. Failure to hold a charge at all.
  4. A notification from tesla that there is something wrong with the battery.
  5. Quick discharge after charging.

These are some common issues with your tesla model s battery that need replacing.

How Do You Check The Health of A Tesla Model S Battery?

Most of you know the Tesla’s Batteries are Lithium-ion based and just like your smartphone Batteries they degrade faster if you charge them to 100% it’s just not about battery degradation Elon Musk has gone on to explain that regen braking also doesn’t kick in at a full charge this means the car is less efficient in general at a higher state of charge regen braking can extend your Tesla’s range by as much as 30% in the most extreme cases so, charging your battery to 95% might be almost as good now we check the health of a tesla model s battery.

To see your tesla model s battery health click on ‘software’ and then you’re going to hold on  ‘model’ for about three seconds and enter service then you’re going to get some warnings and then  ‘enable’ it then tap on ‘battery’ go into ‘high voltage’ then you can see that the battery health.

How Much Battery Life Does a Tesla Model S Lose Per Year?

How much battery life a tesla model s loses per year depends on how you are treating your battery first we will talk about which factors can reduce your battery range and driving efficiency.

  1. High speed and instant torque.
  2. Outside temperature.
  3. Air conditioning.
  4. Sentry mode feature.
  5. Natural battery behavior.

These were some common issues that reduce your battery range over time. If your tesla model s battery has crossed 200,000 so, it starts losing around 2% to 3% a year again, it depends on you how much you can save your battery by reducing its range and driving efficiency by good take care of your battery like you don’t have to charge your battery every night, keep your battery charge between 20% to 90%.

Does Tesla Model S Battery Drain in Cold Weather?

The biggest downside of driving a tesla in winter is that its range gets reduced for lithium-ion batteries to function optimally there is an ideal temperature range and the battery management of tesla models works to keep a battery within that tolerance not too hot and too cold and during the winter the main thing is keeping that battery pack warm.

so, keeping the battery pack warm keeps you warm while you’re in the cabin which of course consumes energy that normally would be spent powering the motors and driving you on the road but it does not fully drain your tesla model s battery in cold weather.

How do you maximize the range of your tesla model during the winter season:

  1. Keep it plugged in whenever possible.
  2. Pre-condition the battery before driving.


Tesla Model s original battery condition is a hot topic nowadays. According to, to Elon Musk tesla model s battery, can easily last up to 300,000 to 500,000 miles after 20- years of driving your tesla model s has degraded only 18% to 20%. If you are charging your car to 100% so, your car starts degrading in a few months avoid charging your battery till 100% Don’t drive your car if your battery percentage is less than 20%, and charge your car to 90%.


How can I make my Tesla Model S battery last longer?

You can make your tesla model s battery last longer with an everyday charging routine you should keep your battery between 20% to 90% charge your battery with a wall connector at your home and only charge with a supercharger or dc fast charger when necessary don’t plug your battery every night it can damage your battery by over time.

How many complete charges can a Tesla Model S battery take before it has to be replaced?

According to Tesla models only degrade by 10% even after crossing 200,000 miles it can easily last around 200,000 miles to 500,000 miles before replacement which is between 22 years to 37- years a tesla mod s battery is 1,500 cycles complete before it has to be replaced.

How long can a Tesla sit without charging?

If you are going anywhere and leaving your car unplugged so, there must be a question in your mind how long can a tesla sit without charging if you are leaving your car for a month it drains around 15% tesla recommends it is safe if you are unplugged your tesla for extended periods and before leaving your car you should charge your battery between 75% to 80%.

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