Why Tesla owner locked out of the car?-A complete guide 2024

“My opinion: Tesla shut down my car over the air because my videos after refusing to pay for a new battery.” Writes Mario Zelaya in a TikTok post.

Tesla owner locked out of the car as his battery died just before the 75000th mile. The Tesla car owner in Canada was locked out of his car because its battery died. He claims that the battery died before just 75000 miles. Mario Zelaya locked out of Tesla.

Tesla is the most talked about and leading company in the electric vehicle field. The company is planning to extend throughout the world. The news tells us that tesla also plans to open a refinery for the lithium-ion battery in texas.

Away from the positive sides of this EV giant, is there any Darker side to it? Recently a Tesla owner in Canada made it to the news when he was locked out of the car after the battery dies before the 75000th mile.


Who is Mario Zelaya?

Mario Zelaya has 34000 strong following in TikTok. He became a highlight when the Washington examiner reported about his issue.

Mario Zelaya

He shared the story of the 2013 series S beginning in August. An electric vehicle was once his dream car when he purchased it for over $105000 dollars. But Now he calls the same car a “piece of trash” now in his social media posts.

What is the Case Exactly by Mario Zelaya? Why was Mario Zelaya locked out?

The entire issue started, with a reason for his claim. As per Zelaya is that its battery died in less than 75000 miles. After less than 75000 miles of his tesla series s odometer, its battery died.

In such a condition, you need to know how to charge a dead tesla battery fast.

If he needs to replace that battery then it will cost $21000 for it. His car is not under warranty as the car is 1 year out of the warranty period. After Mario Zelaya was locked out of tesla, He shared this thing in his TikTok post.

Why Tesla Owner Locked out of the Car When the Battery Died in Less Than 75000 Miles?

The frustrated owner opens up in a TikTok post and brings light to his claims and statements. He also talked about why the company may have locked him out of the car. Here is his Wednesday TikTok post. The tesla owner locked out of the car and made a TikTok post.

“My opinion: Tesla shut down my car over the air because of my videos after refusing to pay for a new battery.” Mario Zelaya wrote in his Wednesday TikTok post.

After his post his account was temporarily banned, he claimed and said now his account has been removed from the ban on Wednesday.

What Difficulties Did Faced by Tesla Owner Locked out of the Car?

The owner decided to sell his car as it is and at whatever price it gets. But the documents were within the car and the car was locked. It was difficult to get them. He found another way and ordered the documentation for the $30. Mario further shows his anger against tesla in a new post.

What does Mario Zelaya say further? Mario Zelaya Locked Out

The disappointed tesla owner said further that “Tesla is trying to sweep it under the rug. They won’t give any explanation why their battery died.”

“I will never buy another tesla again.” He continued. “They are brutal cars, Brutal manufacturing, and even worse. They are 10-year-old company.” The frustrated owner used harsh language about the company’s cars.

He tried to support his claim by giving an example of another tesla owner who allegedly faced a similar problem and now switched to Ferrari V8.

There are no statements from the tesla about this issue. The whole thing has spread throughout the audience over TikTok and the media. The TikTok post that Mario Zelaya made on TikTok reached almost 10 million people. Which is the highest reach of posts he has made.

This is not the First Complaint against Tesla Cars. Tesla Owner Locked Out Of The Car

Tesla is always in the news for various reasons. Along with the new innovations and Elon Musk, Tesla is surrounded by various complaints. Tesla is facing a lawsuit for its autopilot claims to be misleading. There are lots of videos complaining about the tesla cars.

What do tesla car owners complain about?

There are several complaints about the expensive services of tesla. Tesla charges a lot for small services as per various complaints. Along with that, there is a complaint about the tesla mechanics and servicing staff. The charging Maintainance of tesla is also said to be a problem, allegedly.

Electric car catches fire!

Electric car catches fire

News of electric vehicles catching fire has been coming from many countries. This is the issue of concern. Even the brands like Hyundai have faced issues with their car.

Recently in Quebec city, Hyundai Kona EV caught fire in the parking lot. Way before this incident the company recalled some 77000 Kona EVs due to the risk of bursting in 2020.

Also in China, in the first quarter of 2022, 680 cases of electric car catching fires are reported. Most cases were of BYD, a giant in the EV section. Worldwide such cases keep coming every year.

What are the Disadvantages of an Electric Car?

The main disadvantage of an electric car is its cost. Electric cars are expensive and their batteries are also not cheap. Also finding charging stations, the charging times of cars, the limited driving range, etc. are the problems with EVs.

Though the companies like tesla are working on cheaper electric vehicle batteries, the costs are way higher worldwide. Also, there is a lack of awareness about EVs. We can say EVs are in their initial stages now.

What does Elon Musk have to Say About This? | Has Elon Musk Twitted about Tesla Owner locked out of the Car?

Throughout the controversies, Musk keeps quiet on this matter. But there are some tweets from him on a similar topic. This is not the only case of the Tesla being locked out.  There are several cases regarding that.

A Tesla car owner tweeted to Elon musk about the not working Tesla app and the car being locked out, and musk replied that he is getting the app checked.

Tesla recently added new features to the Tesla app, and the server went down. Musk said “Should be coming back online now. Looks like we may have accidentally increased the verbosity of network traffic. Apologies, we will take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

In the Past Several Tesla Car Owners were Locked out of Their Cars due to the Tesla App Outage 

There are several cases where the Tesla car owners came into difficulties due to locked out cars. The Tesla app controls many functions of the car. The app gives them keyless access to the car. 

Due to some issues in the Tesla app, several Tesla owners faced their cars being locked out. Several users reported it and some even tagged musk in their tweets. Musk also replied to them. In Sep 2020 Tesla customers faced similar problems. Once the update in the Tesla app led to the server being down and Elon Musk apologized for it.

Do Tesla Owners Get their Batteries Checked when they get Serviced?

Tesla owners do not get their batteries checked when they get serviced. On the official Tesla service and maintenance page, there is mention of the various services they recommend like HEPA, air filters, wheels alignment, and fluid brakes. But there is no mention of batteries and how often they should be serviced. The only option is to replace the car battery.

Are there Any Problems with the Tesla Electric Cars?

Problems with Tesla vehicles are costly maintenance, Charging problems, Builds, and server problems with the Tesla app. Though the Tesla is most talked about EV company, it is known for its expensive maintenance. Regarding servicing also, the issues are reported by owners.

Did Transport Canada actually do an Investigation on Tesla? Tesla owner locked out of the Car Case

According to Zelaya, Transport Canada did an investigation on Tesla. But there is no latest update about that from transport Canada.

While another incident took place in Vancouver, where the owner needed to smash the window out of the car after it caught fire. Transport Canada notified Tesla regarding the cause of the fire. An investigation is going on. 

Highlights from the issue

The Canadian owner made the following allegations over the Tesla:

  1. He was locked out of his car after the battery dies before the 75000th mile, and the car will be locked out until he pays for a new battery which is around $26000. And Tesla did this because he refused a new battery.
  2. The battery died in less than 75000 miles.
  3. Tesla trying to sweep under the rug. Tesla canceled another Tesla owner’s uber credits when the vehicle was under service.
  4. Tesla doesn’t provide a battery check at the time of service.
  5. He tried to sell the car but documents were locked within the car. So he was forced to take another copy of the documents for $30.  

The actions taken by Mario Zelaya were:

  • He shared his problem on TikTok. And made it to the news.
  • Involved Transport Canada in the case and claims Tesla to be investigated.
  • Sold the car as it is to another person.

What is the cost of Tesla Battery Replacement?

The average cost of  Tesla Battery Replacement is $156 per kWh and some labor costs may add up. The cost may be zero if your car is under warranty period. Here is a comparison of electric car battery costs for various electric car batteries.

Electric Car CompanyAvg Cost of the electric car battery (per kWh)Battery type
Tesla$156Lithium-ion battery
Nissan$187Lithium Ion Battery
Hyundai$145.47Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
BMW$118Lithium Ion Battery
cost of battery replacement


The Canadian Tesla car owner had complained after the tesla owner locked out of the car [Tesla Model S 2013] after he refused to pay for the new car battery. His allegations reached the news and there is lots of buzz around it. Tesla vehicles came into question once again after this incident. Mario Zelaya Locked Out became viral headline and thus made into various news articles. The tesla owner locked out of the car have sold his car to someone else as it is.


Are Tesla Vehicles Reliable?

Tesla vehicles are reliable, except for the expensive maintenance. There are several other issues reported regarding the Tesla vehicles, but still Tesla is known for electric cars. You should compare all options within the budget and then decide which electric vehicle to buy. 

What is the Major Problem with Electric Vehicles?

The main problem with electric vehicles is their cost. Another major problem is difficulties with the repairs and finding charging points.

What is Covered Under Tesla Vehicle Servicing?

Within maintenance and servicing of Tesla vehicles HEPA, air filters, wheels, fluid brakes, etc. are included. You can get detailed recommendations regarding it on your Tesla website or app. Batteries don’t get checked within the servicing.

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