How To Put Air In Tesla Tires? – Complete Guide 2024

How To Put Air In Tesla Tires? - Complete Guide 2023

Most Tesla owners have lots of myths about inflating tires. Most people believe that there may be some different ways to inflate the tire of the latest Tesla Model S.  Putting air in Tesla tires is one of the best ways to increase the vehicle’s performance as well as increase the lifespan of the tires. So, do you know how to put air in Tesla tires?

Well, there is no different way of putting air in the Tesla tires. The method of inflating the tire of every vehicle including Tesla is almost the same. You can take your car to the nearest gas station by removing your tire valve you can put air in the Tesla tire. All you just have to put the air nozzle in the tire valve.

Tesla ModelFront Tire Pressure (psi)Rear Tire Pressure (psi)
Model 34242
Model S4545
Model X4141
Model Y4242

However, there may be little variation in the steps of inflating Tesla tires. The tires of all the Tesla Model S keep inflating until it reaches the recommended tire pressure in the vehicles. For your best information let me tell you, Tesla has a tire pressure monitoring system which detects the right pressure in your air and makes your vehicles safe. 

However, the other tire pressure and loading information is labeled in the Tesla tire information. You may check for the recommended tire pressure and load. People get confused about how proper tire pressure on Tesla vehicles makes you safe.

A proper level of tire pressure in your Tesla vehicle makes you safe from any accidents and decreases the chances of overheating in the tires which may easily arise due to the deflated tires. 

Tesla doesn’t need any introduction for the vehicles even for the Tesla tires. Every component of Tesla vehicles is made of high-quality material. So, you can definitely expect a higher lifespan of the Tesla tires.

Later in the article, we discussed all the methods to inflate the Tesla tires at the recommended tire pressure level and all the Tesla tires doubts the users. So, if you want to read more information about the Tesla tires, make sure to go through the whole content.

How To Inflate Tesla Tires?- Step-by-Step Guide

Filling air in the Tesla tires is not rocket science and doesn’t have any addons in the activities over the other car tire filling. Whenever you feel that your Tesla tire is out of the air, all you have to do is visit the nearest gas station and follow the steps highlighted below.

  1. First of all, locate the tire valve cap and remove it. Make sure to properly remove the valve cap, it may also get damaged while handling.
  2. Get the tire nozzle pump from the gas stations and make sure that air is coming through the pipe. If the air is not coming in the pipe, consult the owners of the gas stations and resolve your problem.
  3. Once the air starts flowing in the pipe insert the gas pump nozzle into the tire valve. Make sure that the pump nozzle is properly inserted into the tire valve.
  4. You have to press start to supply air to the tires.
  5. Now, the very important thing you have to do is fill the air in the tire up to the recommended level. To maintain the recommended pressure in the tire you may refer to the owner’s manual or on a sticker fitted inside the driver’s frame.
  6. Once the air gets filled in the tire up to the recommended level, open the pump nozzle from the tire valve and put it on the pipe holder.
  7. Now, you are ready to take your vehicles to the road, as you are ready with your tire.

Note: Always fill the air in the tire up to the recommended level as an overinflated or deflated tire may lead to wear and tear of the tire and sometimes also serious accidents.

Why does Tesla Tire Pressure Matter?

Tesla has a good reputation in the market and this is the only reason why Tesla is taking constant peak sales worldwide. Maintaining the right pressure in the Tesla tire is very essential as it delivers instant torque to the vehicles and supplies more power as well as performance.

The right level of tire pressure also makes your driving smoother. Do you know what happened due to the variation in Tesla tire pressure?

Let me tell you one of the most common issues with underinflated tires, Underinflated tires are one of the serious causes of tire failure in Tesla. When a Tesla with an underinflated tire, it generates lots of heat in the tire because of the more friction between the road surface and the tire.

The overheating in the tire increases creaking, damage to treads, and a very high possibility of blowouts. There may also be problems with the Tesla steering as it may decrease the Tesla steering control. You will have less control over your vehicles if you run over underinflated tires.

Tesla Recommended Tire Pressure

TeslaLow Tire Pressure Recommended Tire Pressure
Driving Range VariationDecreae of Range Up to 0.3% to 1%264 Miles/ 42PSI

According to the reports and study by NHTSA, they claimed that the low tire pressure in your Tesla may decrease your driving range up to 0.3% to 1%. This is a recent report by the NHTSA, as they suggest maintaining the right PSI in the Tesla tires to obtain a good range.

Let’s understand with an example, suppose you are running a Tesla Model 3 which has the ability to cover up to 264 miles, your tire pressure is at the recommended level which is 42PSI.

But if you run your Tesla Model 3 with underinflated tires, you may lose roughly around 4 miles. Yes, it is not a huge mile but for those who want to travel long, it matters. You must have noticed that all the latest models of Tesla don’t have spare tires.

You must be wondering what its advantages are. For every Tesla owner, it is the best thing to reduce the risk of tires without a spare tire. Thanks to the Tesla, easy replacement and easy inflation of tires.

Does Tesla Use Foam-Filled Tires?

If you are unknown to the foam-filled pneumatic tire then let me confirm that foam-filled tires are one of the best solutions over the air-filled tires to avoid the risk of any hole and leakage.

It has many advantages over the air-filled tire as it avoids all the risk of losing air pressure and avoid any cut and holes in the tires. As per the reports, it is stated that Tesla tire is not 100% foam or not 100% filled with air.

Actually, it is a combination of both the mixture.  When we talk about one of the most common advantages of foam-filled tires is it emits very less noise as compared to air-filled tires? This is the very main purpose Tesla use in their vehicles. 

It is also true that traditional cars don’t offer much calmness as EVS does. This is all because of the highly dense foam-filled tires.

Most people have much attraction to foam-filled tires and have the desire for silent driving. The foam-filled tires can take you through remarkable acceleration with very less noise as compared to the air-filled vehicle tires. 

You must be wondering whether the new model of Tesla has acoustic foam tires or not. Yes, some of the latest Models of Tesla like Model X and Model S have sound-dampening acoustic foam tires. 

Does Tesla Use Nitrogen In Tires?

No, it is never stated by Tesla that they use nitrogen air in their EV tires. They claimed that they use normal air in the tires. Nitrogen air in the tires may be the best option for the Tesla manufacturer as it increases the vehicle’s performance and longer lifespan of the tires over the normal air in Tesla tires.

As yet, there is no evidence that Tesla uses a mixture of nitrogen air in their vehicle’s tires. It may be a good idea for Tesla to use nitrogen and it is expected to see Tesla use nitrogen air in the tires.


Putting air on the Tesla tires is a very easy process. The process is almost easy like the other vehicles’ tire inflation. You don’t have to visit a professional for doing so.

While the tire inflation in the latest Tesla Model, make sure to keep the air pressure at the recommended level to avoid any future accidents. It is recommended by Tesla to keep air pressure between 40 to 45 PSI. 


Can I put air in my Tesla tires?

Yes, you can definitely add air to your Tesla tires if you ever noticed that your Tesla tire is lacking in pressure. Putting air in the Tesla tire is almost an easy process like the other vehicles’ inflation. You can also check our content above for a detailed guide.

What happens if your Tesla gets a flat tire?What happens if your Tesla gets a flat tire?

Whenever your Tesla gets flat tires it means it is attacked by the puncture Or low-pressure level. You can put air in your Tesla tire up to the recommended level and wait for a while. If the air again blows out you have to consult a puncture professional to repair your tire. 

What PSI should Tesla Model Y be?

It is recommended to keep the tire pressure level between 40 to 45 PSI. 

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