Can I have a Pre-charged electric car battery in my car? Is it a Smart Decision? And Is It Safe ?-An ultimate guide 2024

Charging an electric vehicle takes time. What if we can have a Pre-Charged electric car battery in a car? Is it a legit way? Here we discuss all the stuff about that. You might be concerned about this question. So do you want to know can I have pre-charged electric car battery in my car ?

Yes, you can have a pre-charged electric car battery in your car, but it’s not a good idea. Having a Pre-charged battery in your car can cost you money as well as safety.


Is Having a Pre-Charged Electric Car Battery in My Car a Good Idea?

Having a pre-charged electric car battery in the car is not a smart decision. We explain here in Four points why buying an extra battery pack is not a smart decision. You will get answer for yourself about should I have pre-charged electric car battery in my car.

  • Need

There is no absolute need for an extra pre-charged battery if you have an electric car. The company’s warranty the electric car batteries can last up to 5 to 8 years. And in reality, they can last up to 10-20 years without replacement. But The Concern about an emergency is obvious.

What if the car battery discharges in a situation where there is no charging station nearby? That time you can call SOS on your car, and the assistance will come and supercharge your EV battery till the limit it needs to reach the nearest charging station. Unfortunately, that would also take some time.

  • Cost

Electric car batteries are not cheaper. They can cost anywhere from $0 to $20000. So spending so much amount for just a thing that mostly not going to happen, is a question. While charging a vehicle costs you less than it.

Comparison of Charging Cost And Battery Cost for Electric Vehicles

Electric Car CompanyAvg Cost of the electric car battery (per kWh)Cost to charge battery (Cents per mile)
Ford$45-  2504.85-5.54
charging cost and battery cost for electric vehicles
  • Safety

The various electric car batteries are made up of different builds. Their storage conditions are also different. Some batteries catch fire in heat. Some batteries get deactivated in cold conditions.

So if your car exposes to different climates then there is a risk of catching fire in the car. Keeping substances that can catch fire is always hazardous.

  • Process

Keeping a Pre-charged battery for an emergency can be a good concern, but using that battery in an emergency is also difficult.

  • Electric car batteries weigh more, so they will require lifting equipment.
  • You need to lift the car to unscrew the previous battery and replace it with another one.

This takes time and requires equipment. This can be feasible for you if you are a mechanic.

What To Do When Your Electric Car Battery Run Out of Charge?

Can I have Pre-charged electric car battery in my electric car

The range anxiety of electric car owners is obvious. In case the battery of electric car run out of the electric car battery, then don’t panic, here are a few things you can do.

  • Look for alerts

The electric cars are equipped with alerts whenever your battery is crossing a certain limit. So keep an eye on that.

  • Go to a side lane

If you are on a highway, and you notice that the car is out of charge then you should move towards the roadside so that if it stops you will be safe.

  • Call SOS

The electric car’s insurance provides you roadside assistance from companies. So you can call and they will reach you. Charge your car with superfast chargers till the limit where you can drive to the next charging station. There you can charge your car fully. This can take time.

  • If no option, ask for help

The help from someone for toeing your car can make you get out of the situation. The thing you need to take care of is that you need to tell that your vehicle is electric, so the traditional way of toeing can damage your car

Is Battery Swapping an Option rather than Charging Stations?

Social media is filled with the question that why can’t we directly go and replace an already charged battery with a new one? Here battery swapping station comes into role.

Battery swapping is an option, and there are already various Battery swapping stations worldwide. But wait, there are hurdles in the path, that are needed to be cleared.

Take the example of Chinese brand Nio Reckons, it has 860 battery swapping stations within china and completed more than 7 million power swap transactions. It has sites in Europe too.

What Happens in Battery Swap Technology?

In charging stations, The current system is that you need to go to the charging station and charge your electric vehicle battery for 20 to 30 min. And then you can use it.

While on the other normal gasoline vehicles don’t need to wait for half hour for filling the gasoline. Just go, pay and refill.

Now can a similar thing happen with EVs?

In battery swap, we just go pay and swap the battery. Keeping the original battery on charging and installing the newly charged battery in the car. And Further on the next battery swap station, we can replace this discharged battery with another fully charged battery.

Simple, right? But it is not so.

Obstacles in the Battery Swapping

There are also some obstacles in the way to implementing it in the long term. Such as,

  • Quality of battery and risk

The basic problem that is talked about battery swapping is, how can we trust the quality of the other electric car battery? Every time we change the battery, we risk our electric car’s performance. The new battery might be old.

Sacrificing a new car battery and replacing it with a battery that we don’t know how many times it is used and which car used it, is not a good idea. The crappy and old batteries will be always in question regarding safety too. 

  • Weight of the battery

EV Batteries weigh more than 1000 pounds for various electric cars. There is a need for specialized systems and equipment for lifting the batteries.

  • The Installation Process itself

For many, electric cars the batteries are positioned at the bottom of vehicles. So to swap electric car batteries, the vehicle needs to be lifted. The screws need to be removed and then a new battery is installed and then fitted with the help of the screws. This can take time.

Obviously, with time we can reduce the time taken for it. But for now, it takes time and requires special procedures and equipment. And another concern is that, if everything is assembled perfectly or not needs to be checked.

  • The expensive batteries and their storage

EV batteries are really expensive. The cost is around $12800. Every time replacing these expensive batteries, makes a threat of theft for companies. Also, it makes room for inventory challenges. The storage and handling of the batteries are other challenges.


Having a Pre-charged electric car battery in the car is possible but not feasible. The smart idea will be to keep the original battery maintained with good care. And charging costs much less than a new battery.

Yes you can have pre-charged electric car battery in your car. But having Pre-charged electric car battery in my car is not smart decision at all.

Also, we discussed the difficulties in battery swapping. Here we also shared some tips on what to do when the car battery run out of charge. Hope you have got answer of can I have Pre-charged electric car battery in My car?


What happens if you run out of Battery in an Electric Car?

When the battery in an electric car runs out of charge, the car will stop. There are two batteries in an electric car. One is the normal lead acid 12-volt battery, responsible for turning on the vehicle and powering some other parts.

While the main lithium-ion battery powers the wheels to spin and the car to drive. So if the battery run out of charge, your car will stop.

Does an Electric Car have Backup Batteries?

Electric vehicles do not come with extra batteries to help you out if an electric car battery dies. The reason is simple, the manufacturers can’t afford to produce an extra set of batteries for each vehicle.

What is Range Anxiety?

According to Wikipedia, Range anxiety is the owner’s/Driver’s fear that a vehicle has insufficient battery capacity to cover the road distance needed to reach its intended destination. This is a famous term related to EVs.

How Much Time does it take to Charge an Electric Car?

On average, an Electric car takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge. The charging time depends on the charging point and battery capacity.

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