Amazing Electric Car Without Battery that will blow your mind

Electric car without battery

Have you ever thought that an electric car without battery? Is it even possible? Well, no longer suspense that it is possible. So it’s really amazing if an electric car without a battery will blow your mind. So are you ready to know what and which are electric cars without battery?

As a whole, an electric car without battery doesn’t need to be plugged in and it runs on different types of energy. It can be fueled with special types of fluid, or it can be running on solar energy, or maybe using different types of technology. Electric cars like QUANTiNO Twentyfive, Lamborghini, and Aperta Motors are working without batteries.

The possibilities are endless. But do you know what current technologies are available that make an electric car without a battery possible?

Here we will talk about the cool stuff about electric cars without batteries. How they work, how the electric car without battery is made, and what are the different ways it is possible.

Here is the table that shows different concepts of an electric car without battery and the technology used in them.

Car /Institutes/StartupsTechnology
QUANTiNO Twentyfivenano Flowcell
LamborghiniCarbon Fiber Nanotubes
Japan’s Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei CorpElectrified Road
Aperta MotorsSolar Energy
Oil Corporation In India and the Israeli clean energy startupAluminium Air Battery
Different concepts of an electric car without battery and the technology used in them.

Everything, we are going to have a look at. Are you excited? I am. So let’s jump right into it. 


Is an Electric Car Without Battery Possible? 

Electric car without battery

While electric cars are being accepted worldwide, there is still some resistance that is stopping users from being able to afford electric cars. One of the main problems associated with electric cars is the cost of the electric cars and the charging time. 

But indeed, electric cars without batteries are possible. There are some startups and concepts that are focusing on electric cars without batteries. As it is said

I am too much of a skeptic to deny the possibility of anything.

Thomas Henry Huxley, Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley

There are various startups and research like Aluminum Air Batteries, hydrogen fuel cars, solar cars, nanoFlowcell, and carbon fiber nanotubes which make it possible to have electric car without battery. 

Most electric cars are using Lithium Ion batteries. They are expensive, and heavy, and also cause a load on the environment (Mining of the resources to make a battery).

The new age technologies such as an electric car without battery tell us that batteries are becoming the old technology in electric cars. 

Are Batteries Becoming an Old Technology in Electric Cars?

The efficiency of any asset, service, or product determines its future. The traditional concept of the electric car is to have a battery that runs the electric car. But electric car batteries are efficient until something more efficient comes. 

Electric car batteries are probably on the way to becoming old technology now. Electric car batteries are not evolving at the speed that they potentially could.

Electric car batteries provide a good range, and good features and are long-lasting too. But electric car batteries have some problems associated with them. If we look to the future of electric car batteries, they need a fast evolution.

3 problems associated with a traditional electric car battery 
Difficult to Make, Fit, and Handle 
Long Charging Time 

Electric car without battery

There are three main problems with the electric car battery. 

  • Difficult to make, fit, and handle

Electric car batteries are not easy to make. There is a need for lithium, cobalt, and other materials needed for it. These sources need to be mined from the earth and then need to be processed. This impacts the environment adversely. 

Electric car batteries are heavy and difficult to handle. They need special equipment for handling.   

  • Expensive 

One of the important aspects is the cost. The cost of an electric car battery is in the thousands of dollars. They are really expensive to purchase and replace.

  • Long time to charge as compared to fueling a gasoline car

The charging time of electric cars is another problem that users face. The electric car batteries take hours to charge. Many times users feel that can't they just fuel up an electric car like gasoline cars.

When we think about the problems associated with electric car batteries, we can clearly see that electric car batteries need improvements.

So it is time to upgrade electric car battery technologies to the next level and make them more affordable, compatible, and less time-consuming to charge. 

Considering all that, electric car batteries are now becoming old technology and need to evolve faster than other technologies. 

What Are Possible Advancements To Batteries In Electric Cars? 

Advancements in electric car battery
an electric car without battery

Solid-state batteries can be said to be the new technology coming to electric car batteries. They can contain more energy density than normal lithium-ion batteries.

If you want to know more about solid-state batteries check out our detailed article on solid-state batteries.

Also, the other alternatives to lithium-ion batteries are hydrogen fuel cells and solar-powered cars. 

That all need a unique type of infrastructure to make the adoption possible on a mass scale. The most efficient alternative to the electric car batteries as we can see now is the nanoFlowcell.

The reason nanoFlowcell is getting more famous is that they make use of electric cars similar to current gasoline-powered cars. The nanoFlowcell makes electric cars get fueled instead of getting charged.

So the electric cars just need to go to a bi-ION electrolyte fuel station and get fueled like gasoline cars and done. There is no need to charge an electric car battery overnight. 

Different Concepts of an Electric Car Without Battery

Here are different concepts of an electric car without a battery. Let’s see what the bright minds of the world have brought. These are no longer concepts, some of the startups have already started the production of an electric car without battery. 

QUANTiNO Twenty-five

Electric car without battery 
QUANTiNO twenty five
IMG credits [NanoFlowCell]

The QUANTiNO twentyfive is an electric car (all-electric car) that does not need a battery anyways. It runs on the liquid bi-ION electrolyte fuel used in its nanoFlowcell. This liquid is non-flammable and non-toxic.

You might ask for gasoline and this would be the same. But not, this bi-ION fuel is environmentally friendly. 

So we just need to fuel the car with bi-ION fuel as we do with petrol in gasoline cars. We do not need to charge the car and wait till it becomes full. This car will get fueled at almost the same time as gasoline vehicles are fueled. 

How Does It Work? 

Let’s break it down. Basically, it works on the concept of a typical cell. There are two liquids, one is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. 

Both are filled in different onboard tanks. They are pumped through the semipermeable membrane and then the reaction between the nanostructured molecules (ions) within the two liquids makes the power. This is the basic concept. 

Both liquids contain mostly water and a mix of organic and inorganic salts. These liquids act as the medium for the nano-structured molecules to travel. The reaction between these ions produces the current. 

So whenever you fuel the QUANTiNO twentyfive the fuel will contain both the positive and negative fuels separately.

Courtesy: nanoFlowcell Holdings plc

Features Of QUANTiNO Twentyfive 

  • Top speed of 124 miles per hour 
  • n-AI for advanced vehicle safety control
  • bi-ION fuel is non-flammable, and environment friendly. 
  • It can last around 2000 km i.e. 1272 miles once fueled. 

Facts About QUANTiNO TwentyFive 

Here are the facts about the QUANTiNO twenty five, an electric car without a battery. 

  • In 2016, The QUANTiNO received European road approval from the German TÜV.
  • In 2016, NanoFlowcell®-powered QUANTiNO drove 14 hours non-stop without refilling in the first endurance test, which was a world record for an electric vehicle.
  • In 2020, QUANTiNO covered a distance of 500,000 kilometers, (equivalent to traveling 12.5 times the earth).
  • In 2021, the NFC became a Public Limited Company, under British law. 
  • NFC announces the first electric vehicle without batteries in 2021. 
  • NanoFlowcell has come a long way in its technology and now represents the QUANTiNO twenty-five electric car.

Here is the table that will help you better understand the progress of the NFC's QUANTiNO twenty-five electric car. Have a look.

2016QUANTiNO received European road approval from the German TÜV
2016NanoFlowcell®-powered QUANTiNO drove 14 hours non-stop without refilling in the first endurance test, which was a world record for an electric vehicle.
2020QUANTiNO covered a distance of 500,000 kilometers, (equivalent to traveling 12.5 times the earth).
2021NFC became a Public Limited Company, under British law
2021NFC announces the first electric vehicle without batteries
Timeline for NFC QUANTiNO technology

Possible Impact of QUANTiNO Twentyfive (nanoFlowcell) 

QUANTiNO twentyfive
An electric car without a battery
QUANTiNO Twentyfive

Electric cars are the future. They are no longer future by the way, they are already in the present. We can see enough electric cars on the road already. 

The nanoFlowcell can be said as a breakthrough in electric car battery technology. The QUANTiNO twentyfive represents that technology. The car without a battery is here, and let’s see how it turns out in the future. 

If it gets accepted on a mass scale in electric cars, what will be its impact? Here are the potential impacts of the nanoFlowcell technology on electric cars, users, and the environment. 

  • Cost of electric cars

Electric car batteries make up most of the cost of an electric car. If the NanoFlowCell comes with each electric car, then the cost of the electric cars will drop by a very big margin (If Considered that nanoFlowcell technology is not expensive). 

Many states and governments have approved the sale and use of an electric cars without batteries, so that users can afford that and swap their batteries at the battery swapping station.

  • Charging times 

Electric cars will no longer will be needed to be charged. They will just get fueled at the fueling station. And can be used at their fuel capacity in just a few minutes.

Currently, electric cars need to be plugged in overnight. A supercharger takes 15 minutes to charge an electric car. While the bi-ION fuel can fill your EV tank in just a minute.

  • Mining for the resources 

The batteries in electric cars need lots of lithium, cobalt, and other earth metals to be mined, refined, and processed. If the electric car batteries get replaced by nanoFlowcell then the mining for such resources will be suddenly reduced by a significant amount and the impact on the earth will be reduced. 

The First Electric Car Without Battery 

A news report in 2016 reports that the japan’s Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei Corp unveiled the first electrical car in the world without a battery. This car will run without a battery and will receive its charge from an electrified road.  There is no current data about this research, the news is as old as 2016.

Self Healing Electric Car With No Batteries

Collaborating with MIT Lamborghini is working on a new technology that doesn’t need a battery in an electric car. The concept is called “Terzo Millennio”. The energy will be stored in carbon fiber nanotubes.

Terzo Millennio

These nanotubes release energy faster than normal electric car batteries. Absolutely the weight of an electric car battery will be cut off and ultimately the weight of the vehicle will also be reduced by much margin. Let's see what happens is the future of this project.

An Electric Car That Does Not Need To Be Plugged In 

Aluminium Air batteries get charged by the air. They don't need to be plugged in anymore. Oil Corporation In India and the Israeli clean energy startup are working on commercializing this concept in India.

The oxygen gets sucked into the cell from the air and then converted to water and current gets produced. Once the aluminum gets corroded, the anode can be replaced with the other anode. So it will be similar to battery swapping. Just difference is that here we need to replace the anode like the battery in battery swapping.

Electric Car On Solar Energy 

Aptera Motors has come up with the concept where the car will automatically get charged when you park it. Solar energy charges the electric car. Aperta says that “it is like parking an electric car and filling 2 gallons of the gas overnight.” Though it also has 100 kW of the pack that claims to have 1000 miles of range. 


Conclusion#1: An electric car without a battery will no longer dream

An electric car without a battery is no longer a dream or hypothesis, it’s here in reality. NanoFlowcell is one of the breakthroughs that made it possible. The traditionally used Lithium Ion Batteries are heavy and expensive with high charging times. 

But now you can fuel electric cars with bi-ION fuel just like gasoline vehicles get fueled with diesel or petrol. The aluminum Air batteries charge electric cars directly through the air. Lamborgini is working on the electric car without a battery and using carbon fiber nanotubes. 

Conclusion#2: Technology unveiled by Japan

Japan has unveiled its technology that charges batteries through electrified roads and does not need a battery. Aperta Motors come up with solar-powered electric cars that get charged through solar energy. 

So there are many startups and research that are continuously going on and we don’t even know about them. Maybe the future is of electric cars that do not need batteries anymore.

Conclusion#3: What will be the future of electric cars?

If you are curious about what will happen in the future, let’s track the future of EVs together and learn together. 

What do you think will be the biggest breakthrough in electric car technology? I am curious to hear from you. 


Is nanoFlowcell publicly traded?

Nanoflowcell is publically traded as it became a public company in 2021 under British law.

Is there an electric car that also runs on gas?

Plug-in Hybrid electric cars are cars that also run on gas. As they have gasoline tanks, and internal combustion engines also, they can run on gasoline.

What is bi-ION fuel made up of?

Bi-ION fuel is made up of salt, water, and electrolytes. It also contains specially designed nano molecules. Bi-ION electrolyte fuel is used in its nanoFlowcell. This liquid is non-flammable and non-toxic.

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