Tesla Model X Battery Replacement

tesla model x battery replacement

As you know Tesla is not only building electric cars, they are making a technology-powered electric car for the users. The users are very impressed by the technology that Tesla is delivering. This has increased the number of sales of Tesla worldwide. Tesla is capable of delivering increased range through their best battery pack. Do you know about the Tesla Model X battery replacement?

The Tesla Model X battery replacement cost is approximately $20,000 to $25,000, depending on the specific model and location. The battery replacement process can take several hours to complete. It is recommended to have the replacement done by a certified Tesla service center to ensure proper installation and warranty coverage. The new battery will provide a similar range as the original battery when it was new.

The Tesla Model X has one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world. The model has a battery pack of 75Kwh but the Tesla software has been restricted to use only 60Kwh. The Model battery is equipped with lithium-ion which has the potential to hold power for a long time and add more range to the vehicles.

Talking about the Tesla Model X battery heater which comes with the tendency to deliver heat to the cabin as well seat. The Tesla model loses around 40% of the traveling range because of the cold weather. But now not to worry because Tesla has now innovated a new technology to deliver constant heat and cold as per the outside temperature.

Model X has a resistive heating system element having the tendency to blow out the heated air. This technology saves the battery power and prevents the battery to cover more miles, unlike the other EVs. Later, in the article we are going to discuss more about the Tesla Model X heating mechanism.

Model X Heater Function And Mechanism Explained

You must be wondering how your Tesla Model X is generating heat in the cabin to sustain the real environment temperature. Nearly all the vehicles including Tesla have heating elements in the vehicles to heat the cabin as well as draw excess, make the engine cold, and make supercharging faster. Do you know about the Model X heater function?

Generally, all the cars of Tesla are designed to combat heat and its heating system is designed to be more innovative and more efficient. The built-in car heater heats the car and also comes with additional heating features. The impressive features of the Tesla heating system are a seat warmer, cabin heating, and a heated steering wheel.

The Tesla Model X warms the cabin through a resistive heating system where electricity is sent through the resistive heating element as a result of blowing out the heated air. The Tesla Model X has a built-in heat pump that uses nearly 1Kw of stored energy from the Tesla battery to blow the heat of nearly 3KW.

The Model X of Tesla is found more efficient than any other model of Tesla because you all know the heater function is directly dependent on the consumer’s life and the regional temperature.  According to the reports and information a EVs car like Tesla loses around 40% of the total energy called range just because the battery of Tesla keeps the car temperature at normal level. This causes more energy loss.

To make the Tesla Model X more efficient in all weather and temperature, a heating element is innovated in the Tesla Model X. The innovative system reduces the amount of the effect on the battery caused by the temperature and saves the battery range as well energy wastage. This technology has also contributed to increasing the global sales of Tesla.

Tesla is paying constant attention to the unique needs of the users and delivering what they desire in the Tesla EV. However, many other questions arise apart from this like what is the Model X heating mechanism and more. So, to solve your query, the answer is highlighted below.

Heating Mechanism Of Tesla Model X

When the outside temperature of the Tesla is colder than the normal level, it exchanges heat from the cabin as well as the seat with the heated air and makes the temperature parallel with the outside temperature. There is a resistance heater that sends resistive heat to the car. To understand more about the Tesla Model X heating system we are taking the example of one of the most popular and selling models of Tesla Model 3.

As you know Model 3 is a fully compact sedan designed to carry 4 to 5 passengers. The model is the first very commercial car that has the highest selling globally just because of its performance and relatively low price.

Tesla Model 3 has gone through continuous changes in innovation and technology and is equipped with an advanced level heating system to deliver sufficient heat to the passengers as well as co-passengers. It is designed to consume less energy by the energy-saving mechanism and deliver heat to the cabin.

This model uses extra heat energy from the battery and informative unit and stores it before it gets wasted. The mechanism increases the overall efficiency of the vehicle as well as doesn’t hamper the vehicle range. More about it, it has two modes of heating. The auto mode maintains the desired heat of the cabin as well the manual can be handled as per the user’s need.

The same mechanism is being followed by the Tesla Model X.

Comparing Tesla Model X Battery Heater Replacement To Other Electric Car

It is very true that most electric cars expect Tesla to lose around 50% of the traveling range during the winter season. As per the report, Tesla is more efficient in dealing with the winter climate, unlike the other EVs. This is just because of Tesla’s innovative heating pump. Do you know how the Tesla Model X battery heater is more effective than the other EVs?

Many electric cars start to lose their range in the winter season as their heating system is not enough to save the battery energy and consume it for a longer time. While Tesla is much ahead in this game. Tesla constantly keeps innovating new technology and innovating energy saving heating systems to heat the car cabin.

A decrease in the range causes more anxiety to the users especially when they are planning for a trip in a colder climate. They can’t perform their trip in the colder season. So, to remove the hassle the users Tesla brought an effective heating system as well as battery energy saving for a longer time.

Coming to the effective Tesla is much more effective in holding range for a longer time, unlike the other electric car. As per the report heating pump of Tesla is well-designed to deliver constant heat to the cabin without hampering the battery power. Any other cars start losing more power while bringing the car’s temperature to an ideal temperature. This can be easily seen in colder weather.

You must be wondering why Tesla is more effective. For your information Tesla uses reverse heating as well as reverse cooling systems when the outside environment is hotter then it harvests heat and pushes it when the outside temperature is cold. The heat pump only uses the energy available outside to warm the cabin. No other manufacturer has done these types of innovations in their EVs. However, Volkswagen is looking to take a breakthrough in the Tesla heating design.

So, from the recent stats, Tesla loses only 30%-40% of the battery range during the winter season while most of the EVs easily lose up to 60% of the total range. The loss in the range is highly impacted by the heating technology.

Tesla Model X Battery Heater Maintenance Tips For Extended Lifespan

If you are wondering how to increase the lifespan of the Tesla Model X battery heater then you should look at the information highlighted below. Some valuable maintenance tips can surprisingly improve the battery heater lifespan.

  • Don’t let The Battery Get Too Cold

As you all know cold is a big enemy of the Tesla battery. Not only Tesla but all the EVs range are also hampered by the cooler climate. So, if you want to increase the lifespan of the battery heater you have to avoid taking your car to the colder temperature for a long time. Taking your car in colder temperatures causes more work for the battery heating element which definitely sucks power and reduces the battery efficiency.

  • Don’t Let The Battery Get Too Hot

During the extremely hot temperature, the battery uses more energy to cool the entire system of the vehicle. This is referred to as Vampire Drain. This activity of the car loses around 2-4% of the battery charge per day. It is always recommended to keep your Tesla below 85F temperature. So, to avoid Vampire Drain, park your vehicle in the shaded area and leave the vehicle plugged in.

  • Fully Charge Your Battery Every 3 Months

Charging your battery every 3 months if the vehicles are not being used is a good practice to keep the battery temperature balanced. It keeps the potential as well as the performance of the battery. This practice is also known as the term battery balancing.

Tesla Model X Battery Heater Warranty

Tesla is one of the iconic cars and when we talk about the Tesla warranty, it offers an impressive warranty period to the users. However, Tesla has limited warranties on their cars but they offer warranties like Basic vehicle warranty, Safety resistance system limited warranty, and Battery and drive unit limited warranty. So, do you know about the Tesla battery and drive unit’s limited warranty? If not read below.

The battery and drive unit warranty of the Tesla Model X is up to 8 years and miles coverage of up to 150,000. If the car’s battery faces any issue within this period then the Tesla will be solely responsible for any changes.

If the vehicles reach a limited warranty and you are having an issue with the battery then you have to pay extra money in return for fixing the issue. The Tesla warranty covers manufacturing defects too. If you have reached the minimum battery degradation of up to 70% under the warranty frame, the chances are more that Tesla will end your problem.

However, some other possible issues which come with the Tesla Warranty are MCU issues, Drive shaft failure, Leaking rear door seats, etc. The warranty frame and mileage of the Tesla are competing with the Jaguar.


All the latest cars of Tesla including the latest Model X have a battery heater and coolant. The main work of the battery heater is to blow warm air into the cabin with all the safety limits. The Model X of Tesla uses heating resistance to deliver resistance heat to the cabin. The innovative battery heater consumes less power and saves the battery fuel and makes it more effective for later use. The battery heater system uses a maximum power of 6Kw.


What are the signs of a failing Tesla Model X battery heater and how to diagnose them?

Some signs of Tesla Model X battery heater failure are, Your Tesla will not be able to maintain the outside temperature with the vehicle’s temperature. It starts sucking more power out of the battery and causing it to lose range or you may get more heat or cold than normal if the battery heater is failing. The common reason for this may be a broken heater blower motor, a problem with the heating element, or a failed heater blower.

How to replace the Tesla Model X battery heater and what are the costs involved?

The battery heater of the Tesla Model X can be only replaced by an expert technician as it involves lots of complications. The total cost of the Tesla battery heater replacement can be around 160$ to 200$.

What is covered under the Tesla Model X battery heater warranty and for how long?

All the defects in the Tesla battery are covered during the Tesla warranty. The warranty of Tesla lies up to 8 years or 150,000 miles of travel. There are a lot more covered under the Tesla Model X battery heater warranty which is discussed above in the article.

What is a Tesla Model X battery heater and why is it important?

The main work of the Tesla Model X battery heater is to combat the temperature and maintain the standard temperature of the vehicles. During the extreme hot the vehicle needs to cool the cabin and while the extreme cold the vehicle needs to warm the battery and cabin. The battery heater is very important to maintain the inner temperature of vehicles as it may cause lots of issues for the users.

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