Tesla Model X Suspension Upgrade – Complete Guide 2024

Tesla Model X Suspension Upgrade

For 2023, Tesla has included upgrades to the suspension and other areas in producing non-performance Model Y and Model 3 cars. With the Model X’s Adaptive Air Suspension, you can adjust the vehicle’s ride to be as soft or firm as you choose. What is the Tesla Model X Suspension Upgrade?

The Tesla Model X Suspension Upgrade is the technique that keeps the distance in height between the vehicle’s front and back axles consistent even when loaded. If you require more ground clearance when driving on a steep driveway or ramp, through heavy snow, over huge speed bumps, parking curbs, etc., you may manually increase the ride height of your Model X to accommodate the terrain.

Tesla Model X Suspension UpgradeDescription
Performance SpringsLowered suspension springs for improved handling
Adjustable CoiloversHeight-adjustable coilover suspension system
Air Suspension UpgradeEnhanced air suspension with adjustable ride height
Stabilizer BarsUpgraded front and rear stabilizer bars for better stability
Performance ShocksHigh-performance shock absorbers for improved damping
Lowering KitsKits to lower the ride height for a sportier look
Strut Tower BraceReinforcement bar to increase chassis rigidity
Polyurethane BushingsReplacement bushings for improved suspension response

The Pinnacle Tesla Suspension Improvement Is Now Available From Unplugged Performance

The new Ohlins X UP TTS performance suspension system is the pinnacle of Unplugged Performance’s Tesla suspension upgrades Right now; the suspension is one of the most useful additions you can make to an electric car. Due to their heavier curb weight, performance vehicles benefit greatly from a well-tuned suspension system that allows the driver to control the vehicle during extreme turns and bumps.

Tesla Stock Suspension

This performance arrangement is entirely different compared to the standard suspension on a standard Tesla. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y base models use basic suspension setups. When the wheel travels up or down, a liquid-filled cylinder resists compression, and a spring pushes the cylinder down to reset after each bounce.

Tesla Model S and Model X have far more intricate suspension systems. To adjust the height and hardness of the ride, the driver may inflate or deflate a little rubber bag housed inside a spring at each wheel. In the case of Tesla cars, camera sense allows them to respond to the road surface the car “sees.”

Here is an example table showcasing historical stock data for Tesla:

Tesla Model X Suspension Stock

Compared to the standard suspension on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the Ohlins suspension is more like the factory setup. The spring is still placed over the cylinder to be compressed in the “Coilover” suspension setup. Still, the compression rate of the spring, the compression rate of the cylinder, the ride height, and much more are all adjustable and tailored to your vehicle and the track.

The Air Suspension In Tesla Vehicles Will Adapt Automatically To Changes In Road Height

Air suspension provides a more comfortable ride than standard spring suspension. Tesla’s new adaptive air suspension has great controls that let you fine-tune the ride to your liking.

Will Tesla cars’ air suspension automatically adjust to changes in road height?  Suspension adjustments may be made in a dedicated submenu of Controls in both the Model S and Model X. You may check out your ride height, compression, rebound, and body acceleration under the ‘Suspension’ area. While driving, you can see everything as it happens.

The vehicle’s ride height may also be adjusted between four different limits. The vehicle’s ride height is flexible, ranging from 6.1 inches to 8.9 inches. As Tesla’s auto-folding mirrors remember their last parking spot when you leave, your car can do the same thing with the ride height. When you reach that point, the car automatically adjusts its suspension to the height you set. This helps approach and exit steep driveways where the car may otherwise scrape the pavement.

New Model X Suspension Specifications From Tesla

Before the Chinese-made cars get a mechanical update, Tesla will release a revised version of the related Model X crossover to accompany the improved Model 3. Reuters heard from reliable sources that construction of the redesigned crossover vehicle, internally known as Project Juniper, would begin in October 2024.

According to the report, Tesla has contacted vendors to get price estimates for the updated Model Y’s exterior and interior.

It is not obvious what upgrades are in store for the crossover, but the Model 3 refresh, known internally as “Project Highland,” will likely have new bumpers and taillights. According to a recent report by Reuters, the revised Model 3 would also include modifications to reduce costs and increase manufacturing efficiency. Production is expected to begin in September.

Suspension ComponentSpecification
Front Suspension TypeIndependent double-wishbone suspension
Rear Suspension TypeIndependent multi-link suspension
Suspension ControlAdaptive Air Suspension
Adjustable Ride HeightYes
Front Stabilizer BarIncluded
Rear Stabilizer BarIncluded
Front Shock AbsorbersElectronically controlled adaptive damping
Rear Shock AbsorbersElectronically controlled adaptive damping
Front SpringsAir springs with automatic load leveling
Rear SpringsAir springs with automatic load leveling
Suspension TravelN/A
Active Suspension SystemAvailable as an option (Tesla Active Suspension System)

Ahead of this rumored refresh, Tesla announced its modifications to the Model X’s double-wishbone front and five-link independent rear suspension in a translated statement on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Tesla claims to have increased the shock absorbers’ upper support rigidity by 50% while improving their compression damping to lessen the damping force of low-speed impacts.

Its (roughly translated) slogan is “Low-speed driving is not bumpy and high-speed cornering is more stable,” implying that the end effect is a smoother ride at higher speeds. Tesla claims the Model X is now more suited for the racecourse. The driver may experience road input “more comprehensively and directly” than before while protected from collisions.

Tesla Model X Suspension Upgraded Improves Ride Quality And Control

Tesla China has secretly implemented Model X upgrades at the Giga Shanghai factory. Giga Shanghai’s Model Y production vehicles have had improved suspension for the last couple of months.

tesla car locked out his owner Mario Zelaya

What do we need to know about Model X’s upgraded suspension improves ride quality and control? The business said on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media network, that the Model X’s suspension had been upgraded to provide a smoother ride.

The Model X suspension’s elastic and damping components were fine-tuned to achieve this. The upgraded suspension of the Model X would smooth out the ride at low speeds and provide more control at higher ones. Production of Model Y units at Giga Shanghai began with the improved suspension system installed on January 1, 2023.

Several posters describing the upgrades made to the Model X by Giga Shanghai were posted on Weibo by Tesla China. A rough English translation of advertisements supplied by Tesla China for the Model Y reveals that the all-electric crossover benefits from suspension upgrades in many ways.

For example, the Model X’s suspension has had 2N/mm-5N/mm taken out of its spring stiffness. The ride will be smoother and more pleasant because of this. The Model X’s suspension has been tuned to reduce the intensity and duration of vibrations, making the ride more comfortable for the most vulnerable passengers.

Increased Adaptive Suspension Height for Model S and X on Uneven Surfaces

With the release of version 2022.20 over the weekend, Tesla began updating its electric vehicles with new software that can automatically identify difficult road portions.

Although Elon Musk has hinted that all of Tesla’s cars would soon have this customer-requested feature beginning in early 2020, it is now only available on the Model S and Model X. Autopilot, the company’s head honcho at the time promised, would generate “micro maps” of local road detailed information like potholes and regions with an uneven pavement surface, so that Teslas could steer clear of them.

ModelAdaptive Suspension Height Adjustment on Uneven Surfaces
Model SAvailable
Model XAvailable

The updated Tesla Model S and Model X can now detect impending potholes and uneven terrain ahead of time, increasing ground clearance to protect the passengers’ suspension and comfort.

This is the first step towards allowing Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Beta to avoid hazardous road conditions. So yes, Tesla has just adjusted the suspension for such terrain. Adaptive suspension is currently not an option for the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Thus, this feature is out of reach for those vehicles.

The 2022.20 update adds an audible chime when the light turns green, or the car in front of you begins to move (unless Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer is activated, in which case no chime will sound). Before the 2022.20 software update, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) package was required to access the Green Traffic Light Chime.

Last, the update adds a new function called Seat Belt System Enhancement, which utilizes Tesla Vision to fasten seatbelts sooner “in a wider array of frontal crashes.”

Tesla has equipped the Model S and X with a road-sensing suspension system using an over-the-air upgrade. The Model S and Model X can now automatically adjust their adaptive suspension to difficult road portions, according to Tesla’s newest 2022.20 over-the-air software update.

Tesla’s standard air suspension in the Model S and X can automatically adjust its height for the future road surface, a function named Tesla Adaptive Suspension.

This means that the Tesla Model S and X may now adjust the air suspension parameters to compensate for road bumps, making the ride more pleasant. The car’s digital instrument cluster will notify drivers when the air suspension has been changed.

Tesla Vehicles Can Only Mitigate The Effects Of Road Irregularities Like Potholes

Information concerning difficult stretches of road will be generated by upgraded Tesla Model S and X cars and shared with other updated Model S and X vehicles. Luxury manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Genesis also include road-sensing suspension technology.

A green traffic light chime, improved seatbelt pretension function, and the option to reset tire settings following a tire rotation are just a few of the enhancements included to the Tesla Model S and X as part of the current 2022.20 over-the-air software update.

ModelSuspension System Features
Model SAdaptive Air Suspension, Smart Air Suspension (Optional)
Model 3Independent suspension with coil springs
Model XAdaptive Air Suspension, Smart Air Suspension (Optional)
Model YIndependent suspension with coil springs
Suspension System Features For Different Models of Tesla

There has yet to be a word on when Tesla will reintroduce the Model S and Model X to the Australian market. Both models’ pricing was deleted from Tesla’s website. However, deposits and orders are still being accepted.

There Is Now A Pothole Detection System Included In Tesla Evs

According to Electrek, Tesla has released an upgrade to its software that enables its cars to check for potholes, damaged pavement, and other issues. Subsequently, it may use it to create “rough road map data,” which can activate the adaptive suspension in compatible automobiles.

What is the pothole detection system included in tesla evs? Musk talked about this feature in 2020, and this looks to be the beginning of its implementation. As the vehicle downloads preliminary road map data created by Tesla vehicles, “this adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability,” the release notes explain. That means when more Teslas are on the road, we should get data that are more accurate on potholes and other road hazards.

YearPrice From*Price To*

Elektrik points out that the ride height change is limited to Tesla vehicles with adaptive suspensions, namely the Model S and Model X. Although the Model Y and Model 3 do not have adaptive suspension, it is unclear if they also perform rough road scanning. Each Model 3 and Model S can take pictures with eight different cameras.

When it comes to scanning for potholes, Tesla is not alone. Certain manufacturers, including Ford, have suggested features that can identify specific potholes and instantaneously damp the suspension. However, by adjusting the ride characteristics over known difficult road portions, Tesla’s technology might be far more practical.


The Tesla Model X is available in Indonesia with an electric motor. Tesla’s latest sport utility vehicle is offered in four distinct trim levels. CVT gearboxes may be ordered for your Model X. The Model X is a 5-seat SUV that measures 5037 millimeters in length, 2270 millimeters in width, and 2964 millimeters in wheelbase.


How comfortable is the Tesla Model X?

With the Model X’s Adaptive Air Suspension, you can adjust the vehicle’s ride to be as soft or firm as you choose. The technique keeps the distance in height between the vehicle’s front and back axles consistent even when loaded.

When exactly did Model X acquire air suspension?

In 2019, Tesla included an adjustable air suspension technology as standard on its “Raven” model. This allowed the driver to choose between the more relaxed Standard mode and the more exciting Sport mode.

Is the Tesla Model X suspension being recalled?

To repair suspension components prone to fracture and break, Tesla has issued a recall of 30,000 Model S and Model X cars delivered in China between September 17, 2013, and January 15, 2018. These flaws increase the risk of skidding out of control and getting into an accident

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