Tesla Model Y Resale Value After 3 Years

Tesla Model Y Resale Value After 3 Years

Is Tesla one of the first names that come to mind when you think about electric cars? One of the first manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs) to become well-known was Tesla. They presently market the most well-liked EVs in the nation. So What will be the Tesla Model Y resale value after 3 years?

The Tesla Model Y has been known to have good resale value due to its popularity and high demand in the electric vehicle market. However, please note that resale values can vary depending on factors such as market conditions, mileage, condition of the vehicle, and region. It is recommended to consult updated sources or market analysis for the most accurate and current information on the Tesla Model Y’s resale value.

Year of PurchaseResale Value Percentage

The mileage range of Teslas is one of the primary factors that keep them valuable even years after the original purchase. While the typical human only travels 13,500 miles per year, most Teslas have a lifespan of over 500,000 miles.

Tesla Model Y Resale Value: Factors To Consider

Purchasing a car might be more challenging and expensive than it has ever been in the past due to the unique conditions that the new and used automobile markets are both in now. Since demand for Tesla models is so high and Tesla is one of the few automakers that has successfully navigated the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak and the chip shortage, this is particularly true with Tesla’s models.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model Y

If you are in the market for one, you’ll likely have to wait a very long time to receive a new Tesla Model Y. Because of this, used Tesla car costs are exceptionally high; in some circumstances, even if you get the car right away, you may spend more for a used model than a new one. It’s crucial to carefully review a used model’s specifications to make sure it has the features you need and want.

Tesla occasionally adds new features that have nothing to do with software. However, this is far less frequent. It might make on-the-fly vehicle hardware changes rather than relying on model years. Other times, Tesla may be able to manage parts shortages with hardware and functionality tweaks.

In any case, there is a strong chance some of the newest features available in a brand-new Model Y will not be present if you purchase a used Model Y. Such characteristics are broken down by cleaner watt, so you can choose the ones that matter to you the most. The lack of some features may persuade you to stick with the latest version. On the other hand, you will not care about the features enough to wait, and a second-hand copy will do just fine.

Electric SUV Resale: Model Y Vs Competitors

Tesla is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles worldwide. Since the introduction of the first Model S, an attractively designed, fuel-efficient electric automobile with incredibly quick acceleration, the business led by Elon Musk has experienced growth.

The stock is well-known on Wall Street thanks to its great total return of 7278% over the past ten years (73 times your initial investment). One of the most successful mass-market automakers today is Tesla. And Tesla is well positioned for continued expansion with high growth in electric vehicles, battery storage systems, and solar panels.

Calculating Model Y Depreciation After 3 Years

The figure below depicts the predicted depreciation during the ensuing ten years. These results are applicable to vehicles that, on average, cover 12,000 kilometres a year and are in good condition. Additionally, it counts on a new-car selling price of $59,232. Here you can estimate the Tesla Model Y’s projected resale value using this depreciation calculator.

Tesla Model Y Decreasing Value

Years OldDepreciationResidual ValueResale ValueMileageResale Year

· Tesla has created solar panels, electric automobiles, and battery systems using cutting-edge technology. Its batteries are heated and cooled using cutting-edge technology, dramatically extending battery life.

· Consumers are responding favorably to these technological developments, and Tesla has grown to become the industry leader in electric vehicle production.

· Recent price reductions on cars are making them more affordable, and in January, demand outpaced supply by a factor of two.

· Tesla has several competitive advantages over rivals, and the stock is a good investment now that it is trading in a favorable range.

Which Negative Factors Affecting Model Y Resale Value

Tesla reduced the price of each of its models by as much as 20% in various areas in January, which boosted sales and caused inventory to fall, but also had unfavourable consequences. Everyone who purchased one before the price was reduced claims to feel defrauded, especially considering how the new price will affect the value of their vehicle. You can search every details on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU106-bIMgY

According to Marianne Simmons, a self-described “Tesla fan girl” from Naples, Florida, who paid more than $77,000 for a brand-new Model Y Performance in September 2022, Automotive News

Jack Bradham, 46, of Charlotte, North Carolina, who ordered a Model Y Long Range late last year and initially anticipated receiving it in early 2023, is another unhappy Tesla customer. He received a call from Tesla informing him that he could pick up his car around Christmas, and he did so, paying $69,000 for a car that would have cost around $12,000 less had it been delivered a few days earlier.

If you visit the appropriate subreddits and forums, you will find that thousands of people who purchased a Tesla in the latter half of 2022 still feel the same way today. Many people are expressing their displeasure and annoyance at not being able to do much about it.

Predictions For Model Y Resale Value In The Future

Teslas are still a smart investment despite their initial depreciation compared to many other vehicles, especially those powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs), sometimes petrol cars. A Tesla depreciates as soon as it is bought, just like any other vehicle. Various crucial elements, including lower depreciation, continuous improvement, demand, and warranty protection, bring this on.

You know how popular Teslas are if you have ever tried to purchase one. Most Tesla customers must wait a few months before they can take their brand-new EV for a spin. Even when the supply chain is poor, demand for Teslas remains high. Due to this, used Teslas may be reasonably priced.

The annualized production pace of Tesla is currently at 1.2 million. The Austin and Berlin factories’ ramps will likely move more quickly due to Tesla’s prior expertise with ramping factories. Given that the Berlin facility receives permissions and goes online before Q2, it is not a stretch to assume that the two factories can produce 500k vehicles in total in 2022. This sad paradox will result in more deliveries from those two plants in 2022 than all of Tesla’s sales combined in 2020.

Myths And Misconceptions About Model Y Resale Value

Many prospective automobile purchasers are concerned about the long-term worth of electric vehicles.

The generally used car market makes it challenging to predict precisely what will happen to values, and prices are all over the place, given how battery technology depreciates and evolves. Redcurrant’s index of popular used EV models indicates that in December, the average cost of an EV was roughly $32,750.

TV, print, social media, and the real world all feature a lot of Tesla myths. This is due to several factors.

Myths come in two categories:

1. False and misleading material that is purposefully shared to misinform an audience is called malicious myths.

2. Non-malicious Myths – False information propagated by people who think it is true.

Although the first group (which is malignant) may be modest in size, it has powerful entrenched interests in the financial industry. However, it’s crucial to note that there are strong myth-spreaders (influencers) in both categories and that the latter group can be approached and its misconceptions cleared out.

The actual goals are to:

1. Provide information to and exert influence over the second group—those who have been deceived, misinformed, or lack the knowledge and context we do.

2. Try to assist unbiased media organizations using this information to offer a more accurate picture of Tesla.

3. Provide all Tesla fans with the knowledge and proof necessary to support us in this effort.

A wealthy person who spends $5 million on a yacht is wasting money that may be used to benefit someone else.

People often overlook that 5 million paid for 5 million worth of labor. In other words, 5 million dollars were paid to thousands of people, from the lumberjack who cut the wood from the farm to the truck driver who brought it, to the carpenter who nailed the last nail and painted the last coat, and hundreds more in between.

Directly involved workers who built, transported, and delivered the yacht then spent their pay on products and services they required and desired.

The wealthy man’s money for the yacht was not dumped into a pitch-black abyss where it would never be seen again. The money continued to pay for jobs as it traveled throughout the economy.


The Tesla Model Y has shown strong resale value in the past. Tesla vehicles, in general, tend to retain their value well due to their high demand and reputation for innovation in the electric vehicle market.

However, it’s important to note that specific resale values can vary depending on factors such as mileage, condition, market conditions, and regional preferences. To get the most accurate and current information, it’s advisable to consult up-to-date sources or market analysis.


How can I maximize the resale value of my Tesla Model Y after three years?

All Tesla models come with factory floor mats. However, they can collect sand, mud, snow, and other debris, especially in the winter, so keeping them clean will increase your car’s market value. Many Tesla owners choose All-Weather Floor Mats to guard against harsh winters, camping, and other activities that tend to leave a mess on the floor.

Should I upgrade my Tesla Model Y before selling it after three years?

Tesla advises that you update your vehicle’s software as soon as possible. Keep Wi-Fi active and connected whenever feasible to guarantee the quickest and most reliable delivery of software updates.

What are some common misconceptions about Tesla Model Y’s resale value after three years?

Issues with vehicle speed control and avoiding forward collisions top the list of issues 2023 Model Y owners are bringing up with the NHTSA. Most people concentrate on ghost braking, a typical Tesla problem better known as unexpected, erratic braking.

Is it better to use a Tesla Model Y for personal or business use regarding resale value after three years?

The demand for these automobiles rises due to Tesla’s well-known brand and perceived exclusivity. The price of petrol, the available features (all-wheel drive, sedan versus larger vehicles), the accessibility of battery charge stations, and the allure of the “green” movement are the main variables influencing demand for all EVs.

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