Tesla Model X Front Suspension Noise – Complete Guide 2024

Tesla Model X Front Suspension Noise

Tesla’s premium electric SUV with all-wheel drive is called the Model X. Since the 2015 third quarter, it has been on the market. The gulling falcon doors were a trademark, and rightly, so—when they opened and closed. However, the Tesla Model X is prone to a few widespread issues. So what is Tesla Model X front suspension noise issue?

The Tesla Model X suffers from the same widespread suspension issues as its predecessors. When navigating turns, bumps, or uneven roads, the suspension may make creaking, clunking, or squeaking noises. The malfunctioning parts might be located anywhere in the front suspension system. Fore-links, after-links, sway bar links, and, most often, the upper control arms on the Tesla Model 3 all suffer from shredded bushings or worn-out ball joints.

Noise TypePossible Causes
KnockingWorn-out control arms, damaged ball joints
RattlingLoose sway bar links, worn-out strut mounts
SqueakingWorn-out bushings, lack of lubrication in components
GrindingWorn-out ball joints, damaged brake components
Tesla Model X Front Suspension Noise

The air suspension problem is another kind of suspension issue, but a far less typical one. Air leakage from the air spring modules (struts) or the valve block (air distribution block) is a common cause of failure in air suspensions.

When traveling over bumps and dips in the road, the air spring modules may hear a rattling noise. Moisture accumulation within the air compressor contributes to premature failure of the air spring module and the air compressor. Let us check out the full details.

To What Extent Do Tesla Model X Front Suspension Noise Often Fail?

Perhaps you found your way here after learning that Tesla is investigating hundreds of thousands of vehicles for suspension problems or because your own Tesla has shown symptoms of the problem and you have been forced to resort to online research. You have found the correct location.

ModelYear RangeFront Suspension IssueReported Frequency
Tesla Model X2015-2021Front Control Arm FailureLow to Moderate
Tesla Model X2015-2021Ball Joint WearLow to Moderate
Tesla Model X2015-2021Strut Mount FailureLow to Moderate
Tesla Model X2015-2021Squeaking or Creaking NoiseLow to Moderate
Tesla Model X2015-2021Steering System VibrationsLow to Moderate

How often do Tesla suspensions fail?  Weak Control Arms: Tesla Model S and X’s control arms (the connecting point between the front wheels and the body frame) have difficulty managing severe accelerations, particularly when traveling uphill. We will analyze the reasons and potential fixes. Consequently, there will be a great deal of trembling and vibration.

Steering Rods Damage occurs when the ball joints get too sloppy or fall free from the socket, separating from the control arms. Model S vehicles manufactured between 2012 and 2017 will likely have this problem.

Breaking of the Front and Rear Links: These suspension links often develop fractures. This might lead to the suspension failing and becoming unresponsive. Both the Model S and the Model X suffer from this issue.

Difficulties with High-Voltage Systems

Problems with the high-voltage system affect all-electric cars. Like the flagship Tesla Model S, the high-voltage battery coolant-heating unit is the most prevalent cause of Model X breakdowns. When the Tesla X detects a problem with the high voltage system, it automatically turns off as a safety measure, much like every other electric car.

What challenges do high-voltage systems face? The poor quality of the Model X’s construction, and in this instance, the airbags, might be its most significant flaw. The airbags are an essential safety feature designed to keep the driver safe by reducing the severity of any injuries sustained in the event of an accident. Pre-orders for the Tesla Model X were fulfilled between 2021 and 2022.

Tesla Model X
Model Year

It is very uncommon for the airbags not to go off, especially in American-made automobiles. Because of this, they have been contacted for maintenance to fix the problem. That is to say, and the Tesla X has a safety defect at low to moderate speeds when an accident occurs.

A significant chunk of the faulty Model X, estimated at 30,000 cars, is likely manufactured at Tesla’s facilities. The next step is to evaluate and fine-tune the safety features already in place, such as the airbags. In an accident, if you are not moving swiftly enough, you may get injuries that might have been avoided.

Of course, Tesla has said that the NHTSA-identified problem does not affect consumers now. Remember that the security measures must be calibrated effectively since they are the passengers’ own. Tesla claims that this only affects the other passengers and not the drivers.

The Tesla Model X Is Not The Most Dependable Sport Utility Vehicle

Tesla was nonetheless responsible for initiating and carrying out the recall, notwithstanding the federal government’s statement to the contrary. Complaints regarding the touch screen’s functionality prompted NHTSA to launch an investigation in June 2020.

After reviewing hundreds of complaints, the federal government said in November that it had upgraded the investigation to an inspection. On January 13 announced that it had concluded that there was an issue warranting a recall.

What sports car is more reliable than the tesla model x? The Tesla Model X SUV, like the Tesla Model S and Model 3 is cumbersome due to its excessive mass. As a result, the Model X Tesla was allegedly experiencing suspension problems. Such that further investigation by the NHTSA was warranted.

This speaks volumes about the durability of the Tesla Model X. Tesla’s product range is always being improved. For example, the Tesla Model X has the same recurring problems yearly.

Poor Ride Quality And Suspension Problems In The Tesla Model Y

While Tesla is a relative newcomer to the car business, it has had over a decade of head start on its nearest rivals. We have first-hand knowledge of the company’s automobiles and can attest that they are sporty, and loaded with cool features. However, the road ahead may be rocky in your 2022 Tesla Model Y. One reason the SUV could be better for some is its suspension.

The Model Y’s stiff suspension provides responsive handling and pinpoint accuracy, but it comes at the sacrifice of ride comfort over rough terrain. The SUV’s rigid suspension transmits every imperfection in the road surface to the passengers. The ride quality could improve if the Model Y uses the standard 19-inch wheels instead of the optional 20-inch ones.

Make & ModelConsumer Reports Reliability Score
Lexus GX100
Lexus RX76
Lexus RX L76
Acura MDX61
BMW X558
Audi Q745
GMC Acadia 43

Remember that the manufacturer issued a recall for the 2020 and 2021 Model Y SUVs to tighten the front suspension nuts due to these suspension concerns. Control arm, ball joint, and bushing failures were common gripes among drivers. To address the issue of front and rear suspension knuckles cracking and causing the suspension to fail, Tesla also issued a recall for the 2022 model.

However, these are all issues that may be corrected. Ball joints may be resealed by your technician or, better yet, replaced with new components like control arms and sway bars. The squeaking and creaking should stop, but the ride may not improve.

Common Tesla Suspension Issues and Their Resolutions

The problem with the Tesla suspension can only be fixed by replacing the suspension. In most situations, you should seek out expert help. You will likely have to replace components like the control arms, axles, and air suspension system.

What are the Common Tesla Suspension Issues and Their Resolutions? Check your car’s suspension regularly and adjust the nuts as needed. Any lost bolts should be replaced immediately. However, keep in mind that the dimensions must fit the specification. Ball joints that are rusted and not fully loose may be lubricated and not replaced if they are the source of the squeaking noise.

Vibration or Shuddering During Acceleration Is Another Problem with the Tesla Model Y

The Model X is well known for its issue with front-end vibration or trembling. Initially, the vibration is only noticeable at a higher ride height, but eventually, it spreads to the “Standard” or “Low” setting. Despite Tesla issuing many TSBs to fix this problem, reports of it persist on vehicles as far back as 2015 and as far forward as 2021.

Problems With Panel Gaps And Coating

Tesla has been producing the Model X for quite some time, but the company still needs to resolve all of the production quality concerns that have arisen. Minor problems, such as: may be found in even brand new vehicles right off the assembly line.

  1. Inconsistent panel gaps due to poor panel fit
  2. Poorly executed coats of paint
  3. Poor weatherproofing and leaking seals
  4. Various squeaks and groans
  5. Alignment problems with doors and windows

These construction flaws are only annoying and should be fine with the vehicle’s safety and dependability. Of course, the newer vehicles have far better build quality and refinement than the early production cars, but they still might be better, particularly considering the price.

ProblemsModelManufacturing Year
Control Arms and LinksS and X2012 to 2017
Bolts Coming Off3 and Y2012 to 2018
Air Suspension MalfunctionAnyAny

How Much Does It Usually Cost To Fix A Suspension?

Suspension repairs may be pricey, as we have said. The cost to fix a broken suspension often ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. Car type, the price of replacement components, the repair shop you go to, and the complexity of the replacement all have a role in the final price.

  1. Parts: The bulk of the expense will fall on your shoulders. It will cost you some cash to replace the springs and shocks on your car.
  2. The suspension repair mechanic’s time is also a cost. They are paid a sizable portion of the remaining repair cost in return for their efforts.

You should only fix the suspension yourself if you are an auto specialist. An automobile’s suspension is delicate and may easily be broken by an untrained technician. You might spend a lot of money on suspension repairs if you need to know what you are doing. Having a professional technician work on your car’s suspension is recommended. They will be able to steer you in the right way and have your automobile running like new in no time.

Repair WorksCost (USD)
Control Arms and Links600 to 800
Air SuspensionAround 1,000
Axle ReplacementUp to 1,000

When Should I Get A New Suspension For My Car?

In certain cases, rather than fixing the car’s suspension, it is more cost-effective to replace it. How can you recognize this condition in your vehicle? Both are expensive, so picking one may be difficult. The following symptoms indicate the suspension is beyond repair.

  1. You have put more than 50,000 miles on your automobile.
  2. You need help navigating.
  3. You cannot stop the vehicle if you do not use dips and dives.
  4. Therefore, a replacement is vital for your safety on the road and your wallet.


Control arms, fore, and aft links, and bolts are the usual culprits for Tesla suspension issues. It is also possible that the air suspension system is at fault. Cars may exhibit many symptoms when these issues manifest, including full suspension failure.


Where Exactly Does The Model X’s Suspension Break Down?

To repair suspension components prone to fracture and break, Tesla has issued a recall of 30,000 Model S and Model X cars delivered in China between September 17, 2013, and January 15, 2018. These flaws might cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which could lead to an accident.

Why Does The Front Suspension Creaky So Much?

Lack of lubrication in connections such as the tie-rods, suspension joints, and steering linkage causes metal-to-metal wear, which is the source of the squeaking noises from the suspension.

What If My Suspension Is Making A Lot Of Noise?

If the noise comes from the strut mount not being properly fastened to the top of the spring tower or the lower strut mount bolts to the steering knuckle being loose, you may only be able to drive the car safely once the problem is fixed.

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