Tesla Warranty 4 Yr/50,000 Mi Basic, 8 Yr/100,000 Mi Powertrain

Tesla Warranty 4 Yr/50,000 Mi Basic, 8 Yr/100,000 Mi Powertrain

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty that applies to your vehicle covers the standard vehicle warranty, the warranty on the supplementary restraint system, and the warranty on the battery and drive unit. So what do you need to know about Tesla Warranty 4 Yr/50,000 Mi Basic, 8 Yr/100,000 Mi Power train?

Your car is protected for four years or 80,000 kilometers under the Basic car Limited Warranty. Your car is protected for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers with the Supplemental Restraint System Limited Warranty. Any Tesla-made or -supplied component that fails during typical usage due to a fault in materials or craft is covered by Tesla’s warranties and will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer.

Look at the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for more information. Only Tesla vehicles purchased on or after the date specified in the New Vehicle Limited Warranty are covered by this summary; Tesla vehicles purchased before that date are covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty in effect on the date of purchase. Your Tesla Account houses the terms of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

ModelThree-year depreciation
Tesla Model 310.2%
Tesla Model S36.3%
Tesla Model X33.9%

Tips For Car Maintenance To Prevent Warranty Issues

  1. Protect Your Vehicle As Much As Possible From Parking-Lot Heat

The most common risk happens when people leave their cars parked in the sun without plugging them in. If you install an automatic temperature management system, your electric car’s battery life will drastically reduce.

Maintain a consistent temperature range throughout the operation by parking your electric vehicle in the shade or plugging it into an outlet when not in use since the thermal management system will only operate while utilizing grid electricity.

  1. Maintain A Battery’s Ideal Charge Level When Storing It For An Extended Period

The battery life of electric vehicles declines whether the vehicle is parked or stored with a full or empty battery. Invest in a timed charger and leave your electric vehicle plugged in if you don’t intend on using it much or going far.

If you leave your car with a full battery and park it in one spot for a long time, it will have difficulty staying charged. One option is to adjust the charger to maintain a charge level between 25 and 75 percent on average, never quite reaching full capacity.

  1. Reduced Need For Brake Service

Electric vehicles have fewer braking system services that need to be maintained compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles. Regenerative brakes are often used in electric vehicles, and they return the energy produced by decelerating the wheels to the battery pack.

The electric motor of an EV briefly reverses direction as the vehicle slows down. By rotating counter-clockwise, the electric motor is converted into a generator. This adds a charge to the battery, which provides energy. It wonders for the brakes’ longevity and the battery’s power output.

Manufacturers have developed features like regenerative braking, single-speed gearboxes, and electric motors to keep electric vehicle costs down.

  1. Fast Charging Should Be Avoided

Fast charging is quite helpful if your batteries are about to die. However, it puts a lot of pressure on your EV battery by pumping a lot of current into it quickly. Eight years of regular charging will offer you 10% greater battery life than eight years of rapid charging. However, the difference is not readily noticeable.

Product and performance10 years10 years, plus a cycles or throughput clause
End of warranty capacity70% at year 1060% at year 10
Labor for repairs/ replacementsYesNo
Shipping of partsYesNo

The “Navigating The Fine Print Of Tesla’s Warranty Agreement

Tesla launches new extended warranty program in the US

Drive Tesla

Warranties are not exactly the most enticing or user-friendly pieces of legalese. Many wonder what the warranty truly covers because of the lengthy and complicated language.

Do I need to know anything else? We want to make it as simple as possible by reading the warranties of the leading solar battery manufacturers, confirming the details with them over the phone, and highlighting the most salient points of each in a series of articles.

tesla car locked his owner

The Tesla Powerwall is widely regarded as the catalyst for the widespread adoption of home solar batteries. Tesla’s Powerwall moved home battery storage into the general market, much like the company’s successful rebranding of electric automobiles. Since its announcement in 2015, the Tesla Powerwall has remained one of the most popular household storage products.

Tesla’s warranty is among the best in the business compared to its competitors. Importantly, in addition to the standard ten-year guarantee, Tesla now includes a unique unlimited-cycle warranty on the Powerwall. In addition, its Powerwall is backed by round-the-clock service.

Most Powerwall problems may be fixed remotely without sending a technician to the site since they are software-based rather than hardware-based. It’s important to remember that because of the reliance on online software updates, Tesla will not fulfill their guarantee if the Powerwall has not had a continuous connection to the internet during its lifetime.

If your battery system has a flaw or excessive deterioration, you should be able to claim compensation under the product warranty provided by the manufacturer. It is important to be able to detect any problems with your batteries and get them fixed as soon as possible, preferably before installation. Products with longer warranties are preferable because they provide buyers with more security.

A battery “cycle” is the process of draining and charging it. Your solar battery, like the one in your phone, will lose its capacity to store a charge as you continue to use it. Some manufacturers, realizing this, include a minimum cycle guarantee in their warranties.

But pay close attention to this: Like a vehicle manufacturer may ensure their product for either 10 years or 100,000 miles, many manufacturers may guarantee their product for either the warranty period or a minimum number of cycles, whichever comes first. This implies that your battery’s guarantee may expire early if you use it beyond the specified number of cycles.

Some warranties may include a throughput provision specifying the energy the battery is expected to supply during its service life. The companies often express these guarantees as some MWh. Suppose your battery supplier offers a throughput warranty of 30 MWh, for instance.

In that case, it will remain in effect until the battery has stored and delivered 30 megawatt hours (MWh) or 30,000-kilowatt hours (kWh). As with cycle life guarantees, throughput warranties will kick in only if your battery meets a certain performance benchmark before the warranty expires.

Throughput figures may vary quite a deal depending on the total storage capacity of your system. In addition, if your battery system comprises many battery cells or modules, the throughput of each cell may be specified under warranty (which may be multiplied by the number of cells to get the system’s total throughput).

Tesla does not provide a throughput warranty for residential use, which includes self-consumption, time-based control, or backup. Tesla’s Powerwall has a throughput guarantee of 37.8 MWh for commercial use, which is irrelevant to most households.

If your battery has to be replaced while still under warranty, the company should pay for it. However, just because the manufacturer pays for the new item does not imply they’ll pay for the installation. In truth, many producers do not pay for the time spent on product diagnosis, replacement, or repair.

The installer often provides craft and labor guarantees for your battery installation. However, some manufacturers provide extra coverage through a separate craft guarantee for a select group of qualified installers in their network.

No matter who installs the Powerwall, Tesla will honor its four-year guarantee on the installation’s craftsmanship. Tesla’s warranty is no different from any other in that it includes caveats. Companies impose restrictions on warranties to protect themselves against unfair or unjustified claims, not to make it more difficult for you to benefit from the product.

2-Year ESAWithin 180 Days of PurchaseAfter 180 Days of Purchase
Model S$2,100$2,600
Model X$2,400$2,900

Can You Sell Your Tesla While It Still Has Its Warranty?

Yes. When you transfer ownership of your Tesla, the remaining time on your New Vehicle Limited Warranty will automatically be passed to the new owner.

How to sell your Tesla while it still has its warranty? Motorway puts your vehicle in front of a network of more than 5,000 dealers looking to buy vehicles like yours, including Teslas of every make and model. While most automobiles depreciate over time, Teslas have a relatively high resale value.

A Tesla’s carbon footprint compared to a gasoline vehicle is a clear positive for customers considering their next automobile as the electric switchover draws near and public interest in green energy develops. A large audience of purchasers is simply itching to get their hands on a Tesla.

Things to think about before selling your Tesla. When determining how much your Tesla is worth, you should consider that it is an electric car with a few more features than your average EV.

  • Status of the Battery
  • Fantastic New Updates
  • Manage reactions to the presentation.
  • Suspension-based functionality

While some of these considerations are universal to automobiles, prospective Tesla purchasers may seek a pre-owned vehicle that maintains high standards in these areas. If you want to get the greatest price on your electric vehicle, it could be worth you to get it serviced.

Tesla’s proprietary software necessitates active participation from the owner, setting it apart from the average automobile. If you plan to sell your Tesla shortly, you should erase your personal information by doing a factory reset. The software in the automobile will be reset, and any personal data you enter will be erased.

Tesla WarrantyTerms
Basic Vehicle4 years/50,000 miles
Supplemental Restraint System5 years/60,000 miles
Battery and Drive UnitVaries based on model
Parts, Body, & Paint Repair1 year/12,500 miles


It’s not only a good time to purchase a Tesla but also a terrific time to sell a Tesla since the brand is so in demand. As one of the most eco-friendly vehicles on the market, Teslas will appeal to many environmentally conscious businesspeople when you decide to sell yours.


Is Tesla Offering An Added Warranty That I Can Buy?

If you buy Helvetia’s Extended Warranty while your New Vehicle Limited Warranty is still in effect, you’ll be covered for up to four more years or 50,000 extra miles.

What Is Tesla’s Stand On Warranty Work Performed At Independent Repair Facilities?

High-Voltage Battery* in a Motor Vehicle: 4 Years/50,000 Miles. Attachments for drywall have a 4-year guarantee. Two years/25,000 miles on the touchscreen and MCU (Media Control Unit).

What Occurs To My Tesla Warranty If I Make Changes To My Car?

When you transfer ownership of your Tesla, the remaining time on your New Vehicle Limited Warranty will automatically be passed to the new owner.

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